The Extermination Camps

This section covers the history of all the major extermination centers.

The Forgotten Camps

This section covers the history of several sub-camps.

The Concentration Camps

This section covers the history of major concentration camps.

The List of the Camps:

This huge list contains the names of hundreds concentration camps, external "kommando" or auxiliary camps and, when known, the names of the German companies who used inmates as slaves.

The Language
of the Camps:

The camps had their own language. "Kapo", "kommando", all these barbaric words had a special meaning. This is a kind of "dictionary" of the vocabulary used in the camps.

The Names of the Major Companies involved in the Concentration Camps

Dozen of companies used prisoners in concentration camps for slave labor.

"Just a Normal Day..."

To describe the course of the day in a concentration camp is a difficult exercise.
The following description is based on the common points found in several testimonies of survivors.