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TOLEDANO this name means 'FROM TOLEDO' the ancient capital of the kingdom of Castile.

Descendants of Rabbi Daniel TOLEDANO

1. Descendant of a family which was expeled from Spain in 1492. and settled in Salonika. Rabbi Daniel ben Joseph TOLEDANO from whom the two principal lines of the family branched out, born 1570 in Salonika, Greece, and in 1600 he left, with his wife and two sons Joseph and Hayyim, and went to Fez, Morocco, where he became head of a yeshiva. He died 1640 in Fez. He is described in sources as the 'Head of the Castilian Scholars' and as the 'Head of the Yeshiva of Fez'.
2. i Hayyim TOLEDANO b. abt 1585.
3. ii Joseph TOLEDANO b. abt 1590

Second Generation

2. Rabbi Hayyim ben Daniel TOLEDANO b. abt 1585, Salonika, Greece. Rabbi and Dayyan, d. abt 1665, Meknes, Morocco.
4. i Daniel TOLEDANO b. 1600.
5. ii Habib TOLEDANO b. abt 1601.

3. Rabbi Joseph TOLEDANO b. abt 1590, Salonika, Greece. He was Rabbi and Dayyan. d. abt 1680, Meknes, Morocco.
6. i Daniel TOLEDANO b. abt 1606.
7. ii Barukh TOLEDANO b. abt 1607.

Tird Generation

4. R. Daniel TOLEDANO b. 1600, Fez. He was Rabbi and legal authority. d. 1670, Meknes.
8. i Hayyim TOLEDANO b. abt 1620.
ii Moses TOLEDANO b. abt 1625, Fez. d. abt 1700, Meknes.

5. Habib TOLEDANO b. abt 1601, Fez. Rabbi and Nagid. d.1660, Meknes. he was referred to as He-Hasid (The Pious'). He was a signatory to a Takanah of 1640, whose efficacy he strengthened by securing for it a Royal order. Author of 'sefer Sa'are Hokhmah'
9. i Hayyim TOLEDANO b. abt 1627.
10. ii Isaac TOLEDANO b. abt 1635

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