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Prussia and the Baltic States

This course will cover the land of the Baltic Prussians whose German heritage dominated the area of the Baltic Sea. Jewish identity was tied to regional wars, famine, trade and treaties. Mighty rivers ran from interior Russia to the Baltic and formed the changing national borders and determined the lives of Jews and the Old Prussian descendants of the Teutonic tribes.

Jews lived in East Prussia from the 1500s and migrated into the northern Baltic: Kaliningrad (formerly Koenigsberg), Klaipeda (formerly Memel), Lithuania Minor (currently Kaunas), Latvia and Estonia during the period before the partitions of Poland. Many countries ruled these nation-states over the centuries. The fate of the Jews was in the hands of rulers who periodically welcomed them and closed their borders to them.

If your ancestral roots were in East Prussia, Northern Poland, Western Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia  in the German speaking areas of the Baltic Sea, we will work in the Jewish and Lutheran records still in existence for these areas.

Requirements: Students must feel comfortable with computers. Classes are open 24/7.Please send the instructor an application, a brief summary of your research project, to see if it fits within the scope of this class.

Format: This is a personal mentoring program which features online FORUM where you'll be encouraged to post one ancestral branch: here you can ask any question you have. This personal mentoring process is unique to JewishGen education. Out classes have no scheduled times as our students are international, enabling everyone to read/view/post at leisure.

Tuition for this class is $150. Registration will open two weeks before class begins and enrolled students will receive an email from the instructor one week before class begins.

For questions please email the instructor by clicking here:
Nancy Holden
, Instruction Manager

Application: Please send a few paragraphs to tell the instruction about your research project.

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