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Independent Study

JewishGen offers Independent Study where you can write your own project. Looking for records? Hit a brick wall? Want to write a newsletter? Hire a researcher? An instructor will work with you to narrow the scope of your project so that you can make progress in three weeks.

Each Research project has a special collection of how-tos and its own set of questions about how or where to research, who to ask and how to gather missing details.

This will be Do-it-Yourself, computer-based, online instruction. Individual readings will be posted according to your research needs. Students must feel comfortable using a computer and searching databases online.

Registration: Tuition is $150. Enrollment is limited (10 students). This class has students worldwide, thus there are no set times; the Forum is open 24/7.

Application: I suggest you write to the instructor before enrolling with your project ideas to see if it will yield results in the 3 weeks of class time. You may create any type of genealogical project: shtetl-based, one surname study, a variety of reports or book. Let your imagination create a project around your research interests.

If your project is family-based research, what is the surname and the given names of those you want to find. (One surname only unless a married couple from the same town). Please give approximate dates and places including when they came to US and where they settled. What clues do you have? What records have you already searched? What are the Objectives you would like to achieve in 3 weeks.

Send your proposed project and/or questions to Nancy Holden, Instruction Manager.

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