Estonian Records in the Shefayim Archives

Information from the holdings of the Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews at Kibbutz Shefayim is made available by kind permission of the Association and its Archivist, Shlomo Kurlandchik.

CITY                Dossier   Content

General: Jewish     1         *History of the Jews of Estonia. *Jewish education: various articles
 community in Estonia
Dorpat - Tartu      2         List of Jews of Dorpat and Jewish students. Various memoires and articles
Haapsalu            3         History of a small community
Valka               4         List of Jews and a history of the community
Viljandi            5         List of Jews, memoires and history of the community
Mustvee             6         Only 6 Jews lived here
Voru                7         List of Jews and history of the community
Narva               8         List of Jews from 1935. History of the community
Narva               9         Articles from the newspaper, HaMelitz
Nume                10        History of a small community
Petszu              11        There was one sole Jew
Pärnu               12        List of Jews - history of the community 1919-1939
Paide               13        In the year 1934, 18 Jews lived here
Tallin              14        List of Jews. History of the community. Memoires, articles. "Maccabi Tallin"
Elva                15        History of this small community
Kursaare            16        In the year 1922, 39 Jews lived here; in 1935, 15 remained. History of the community
Rakvere             17        A list of Jews. In the year 1939, 27 families less lived here.

                    18        Yiddish songs
                    19        Magazines: Statstics on Jewish Estonia. Bibliography of books from the year 1937.
                              Nathan Gensh. Zur 25 Yahren Bestehen der Reveler Sinagogue, Tartu 1931.
                    20        List of Jewish fighters in Estonia against the Nazis
                    21        The Jewish community and inter-ethnic relations in Estonia: 1918 - 1940

                    Shoah 1   Yosef GAR: On Murder of Jews in Estonia;
                              M. DVORJITSKY: 1. The Estonian Nazi Regime; 2. Extermination of Estonian Jews.
                              Articles on the Murder of Estonian Jews.
                    Shoah 2   Material on Nazi criminals in Estonia

Photo number        Content - community

1619-1625; 2050     Jews of Dorpat
1728                Maccabi Dorpat
1724-1727; 1778     Jewish schools in Dorpat
1714-1723           Student Union
1614                Jews schools in Valka
1603-1612           Kibbutz Hakshara in Estonia
1627-1631           Jews of Tallin
1632-1634           Maccabi Tallin
1732-1733           Jewish teachers in Tallin
2484                The Big Synagogue
730-731             HeChaluz in Dorpat
1618                Yosef & Rachel VILANSKY
1617                Ephraim EPSTEIN
1616                Ya'akov KAPLAN

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