Gubernskie Vedomosti

Courland Provincial Vedomosti

Official Newspaper of the Courland Gubernia

From our Vedomosti Correspondent
Max Michelson, Framingham, Maine©
October 17, 1857


Vedomosti 87/57/38

Upon the complaint of the Hebrew Schlaum Hirschfeldt against the in Sassmacken residing Abraham Mendel Rosenstein, whose current whereabouts are unknown, and based on the disposal of the First Talsen Circuit Court of October 8, the accused is hereby requested to present himself on November 29 of this year, during the usual business hours to the then scheduled investigation of this complaint, and to present his case and respond to the above complaint. In case of the absence of the accused, his objections will no longer be heard and will be forever eliminated, and the items and effects of the accused that were seized by the Sassmacken town authorities will be sold with no further consideration, and the proceeds will accrue to the benefit of the plaintiff. Talsen, 17 October, 1857. (Nr. 2128)


Vedomosti 28/59/15

[483] Upon the command of his Imperial Highness, the Sovereign of All Russia, etc., etc., etc., the Bauske City Magistrate on the request of the guardian of the minor Mendel Schepsel Rabinowitzsch, who was taken to military service in 1842. and who deserted in the following year and has disappeared since, all and everyone, who have demands or claims on any legal basis, or who intend to make same, to the property of the disappeared Mendel Schepsel Rabinowitzsch, of which already 200 Rbl S(ilver) has been paid, against security of the guardian, to the married (engaged?) daughter of the latter, Malka, are hereby requested and invited to present themselves in person on the 29 September of this year, with legally valid powers of attorney and, where necessary, with guardianship, and to document their demands and claims, and to legally validate them., with the warning that after this date nobody will be heard regarding his possible claims, and the property of Mendel Schepsel Rabinowitzsch will be awarded to both his daughters, and the security of guardian Juddel Moschewitz, regarding the previously paid 200 Rbl. S. will be forthwith deleted from the mortgage registers. V.R.W. Bauske City Hall, 28 March, 1859. (Nr. 604)


Vedomosti 30/60/23

[508] Court Invitation

Upon the command of his Imperial Highness, the Sovereign of All Russia, etc., etc., etc., the Jacobstadt City Magistrate on the initiative of the Hebrew citizen and house owner Hirsch Elias Abrahamsohn invites all those who have or intend to make any claims on the below listed open mortgages:

(1) Lease by the Kahal [Jewish Community] with Eisik Brachmann for Karobka-Tax collection, with a promissory security by Hirsch E, Abrahamsohn, dated 30th January 1836, revised 13 February 1836, Nr. 1107, and

(2) Obligation of Hirsch Abrahamsohn to [Land] Lessee Schelinsky under mortgage of the house Nr. 110 and 111 for 100 Rbl. (S), dated 22nd June, 1843, revised 12th November, 1845, Nr. 1547.

And to present and document same in the proper manner, in accordance with the Resolution of 23rd of March, 1860, in person or by power of attorney, and were necessary with counsel or guardian, to the Jacobstadt City Magistrate on the 13th, 16th, and 29th of September, 1860, the only and exclusive scheduled dates. Should any of these days fall on a Holiday, the date is postponed to the following scheduled meeting date. The Magistrate warns that, claims and demands not presented, will later not be heard and the mortgagee will be cancelled and deleted, etc., etc.


[512] Court Announcement

The Jacobstadt Magistrate hereby makes known, that upon the Circular of the Courland Government Chief of 12 January, of this year Nr. 265, the local Hebrew Burger [i.e., belonging to the Burger estate] Itzig Mottel Joelsohn, upon supplying the required security, is permitted to issue currency [payments?] @ 10 15, and 25 Kop(eks). Jacobstadt City Hall, 23 March, 1860. (Nr. 623)