Gubernskie Vedomosti

Courland Provincial Vedomosti

Official Newspaper of the Courland Gubernia

From our Vedomosti Correspondent
Max Michelson, Framingham, Maine©


The undersigned has two lien documents belonging to her and her co-inheritors and registered to [secured by ?] parcels of land located in the II. Quarter of the City of Mitau No. 209 and 210, namely:

  1. Inheritance- and resp. Pay-Off Transaction,, registered 5. January, 1860, whereupon Jette Isakowitz has a a mortgage demand of 500 Rbl. on the above parcels of land;
  2. Obligation by the Heirs of the Feiertags to Charlotte von Rudniew for 1000 Rbl., registered 3. July, 1863.

The above liens were paid off and were received, complete with the signatures of the respective creditors, the Jette Isakowitz and Charlotte von Rudniew. Subsequently however, these paid-up and no longer valid documents have disappeared. Consequently the undersigned is forced to warn all persons not to buy these documents, and she promises an appropriate reward to anyone restoring them to her for the purpose of expunging the obligations in the Mortgage Register.

Mitau, 7. February, 1869.

Marianne Feiertag, nee Wippmann.


Local Section

The Lord and Emperor has on the 16. May, in accordance with a decision of the ministerial committee, most graciously deigned to confer for extraordinary distinction, silver medals with the inscription "for Eagerness," to the head of the Mitau Synagogue, the Mitau Merchant of the 2nd Guild Hermann Rubinstein, and to the in Bauske recorded [inscribed or registered] authorized economist of the Courland Government Prison Committee, the Mitau landlord Salomon Michelsohn, to be worn on a St. Stanislaus Band, Rubinstein around the neck, and Michelsohn on the breast.


III. Tracing of Persons in Arrears to the Crown

On the basis of Article 369, Vol. VIII, Part II of the [Svod ??], Issue 1857, to be traced:

2. Vera (Pesse) Lemke, the converted Jewess, daughter of the late Burger from Windau, Wullf Aaron’s son Lemke, from whom 80 kopeks must be received for stamp paper money for the removal from the Jewish Register of the Town of Windau;

3. David Bernitz, Leaseholder [Arrendator] of the Peltzer Ureten [??] Inn, from whom a trade tax and penalty to the sum of 21 rubles and 50 kopeks must be received;

4. Behr Herz Herzberg and Benjamin Weinberg, sons of Tukum merchants, as well as the Hebrew from Kovno, Leibe Itzig Kahn, from each of whom 1 ruble stamp paper money must be received.

In case the named persons are traced, the listed moneys are to be obtained, paid to the Crown cashier’s office, and a report made, giving the number and date of the receipt for the completed payment.