Gubernskie Vedomosti

Courland Provincial Vedomosti

Official Newspaper of the Courland Gubernia

From our Vedomosti Correspondent
Max Michelson, Framingham, Maine©
June 15, 1854


Acting upon the receipt by the General-Governor of the Baltic Provinces of a Ukase issued by the current Senate, dated June 1, 1984, the Chief of the Courland Government hereby conveys the Very Highest Command, containing the thanks of His Imperial Majesty for their public minded action, to the Hebrew Merchants of Mitau (Liepaja): M. Stern, B. Kretschmann, S. Friedlieb, B. Schmähmann, L. Salzmann, M. Kallmeyer, A. Lippert, L. Klein, W. Eckstein, L. Levinsohn, M. Taube, J. Friedlländer, Marcus, M. Goldberg, and J. Jacobs, who together have contributed 800 Rbl. S(ilver?) for injured warriors (soldiers). Mitau, June 11, 1854. (No. 7031)


February 15, 1855

Pursuant to the report by the Hasenpoth (Aizpute) Magistrate, the Courland Provincial Government hereby gives general notice that the Hebrew Joel Shlaume (Shlomo?) Michelsohn, registered in Hasenpoth, has stealthily escaped across the state border, and on the basis of the Criminal Code Article 1188, is forever barred from Russian citizenship, and his return to Russia is not permitted. The Mitau (Liepaja) Castle, February 8, 1855. (No. 405)


Entry 409 June 1855

In accordance with the Publication and Circular Bulletin of His Excellency the former Civil-Governor of Courland, dated March 12, 1853, the Mitau Police Department invites all authorities (officials) and persons, who may raise objections or demands against the planned trip abroad by the local merchant of the 2nd Guild, Joseph Joel Hirschfeld, his wife Emma, son Theodor, and Mrs. Fanny Dawidoff, belonging to the 3rd Guild, to report such to the Police Department by June 13 of this year. (No. 3046)