Gubernskie Vedomosti

Courland Provincial Vedomosti

Official Newspaper of the Courland Gubernia

From our Vedomosti Correspondent
Max Michelson, Framingham, Maine©
October 17, 1857


Vedomosti 43/57/16

Court Invitation

After the local Hebrew Wulff Nathan Holländer has made known that he has lost an Obligation and Pledge letter for the house located in the 3rd District, No. 33, for 100 Rbl. (S), originally issued on 28th March, 1845, for 250 Rbl. (S) by the brothers Moses and Gersohn Israelsohn to the carpenter Rudolph Forster as No. 56 certified Obligation and Pledge letter. The Mitau City magistrate requests and invites any and all who may derive any claims or demands derived from the above Obligation and Pledge letter, to present and document their claims and demands in a trial-like manner by delivering the original Obligation on the 11th September of this year. The Magistrate hereby adds the express warning that if by the above date no claims or demands are presented arising from the Obligation in question by presenting the original Obligation, the Obligation in question will be cancelled as invalid and will be erased from the mortgage books. Mitau City Hall, 11th of May, 1857.


Vedomosti 44/58/61

Court Invitation

After Frau Fanny Mendelsohn, nee Priester, made the announcement that two documents for her locally situated plot of land, in District I, sub No. 123 A, remain open, although no longer valid, namely:

(1) A security certified on 5th July, 1839 regarding the court placement of the Hebrew Aronsberg, and

(2) Security letter for 3000 Rbl. issued by Jacob Mendelsohn to his wife of the first marriage, Rahel, born Itzig Löwenstern [sic] for her dowry [?] on 8th January 1821, and corroborated on 16th April, 1841,

she petitioned for the cancellation of these displaced documents. The Mitau City Magistrate requests and invites any and all, who may believe to have any pledge or other demand derived from the above documents, to present their claims in question in a trial-like manner by submitting the documents in question on the 20th of September of this year. The Magistrate hereby adds the express warning to this invitation that in the case that no claims are presented and documented by the above date, the obligations in question will be declared invalid, and the mortgage on the plot No. 123 A in District I will be cancelled. Mitau City Hall, 20th of May, 1858.


Vedomosti 55/55/29

From the records of the Mitau City Magistrate

Dated 27th of June, 1855

Upon the command of his Imperial Highness, the Sovereign of All Russia, etc., etc., etc., the Mitau City Magistrate makes public the following


Since at the auction of the courtyard, belonging to the Holzschmidt bankruptcy property, and located in District I, No. 206, the highest offer was made by the Hebrew Laser Levin Kretzer, but as he did not fulfil the applicable purchase conditions in several respects, the curator H. Günther has ordered a repeated auction. On the basis of Point XI of the conditions, the date for a further auction of the above mentioned courtyard, which also carries the name Hirschberg, is set for 31st August of this year, and this date is suitably to be made known. B.R.W.


Vedomosti 26/60/19

Court Sales

[444] Upon the disposition of the Bauske City Magistrate, dated the 21st of this month, the real estate lots, located in the City of Bauske as No. 26 and 206, and belonging to the former Bauske Korobka tax farmers, the late Chaim Chatzkelsohn and Abraham Leibe Dannenhirsch, are to be offered for public sale for the recovery of arrears in Guild taxes and Korobka taxes caused by these persons. The sale will be held on May 19th of this year at 12 noon, at a session of the Bauske City Magistrate, under conditions to be publicized at the sale, but also available for inspection at the chancellery, and the lots will be awarded to the highest bidder. Bauske City Hall, 26th of March, 1857. (No. 947.)