Gubernskie Vedomosti

Courland Provincial Vedomosti

Official Newspaper of the Courland Gubernia

From our Vedomosti Correspondent
Max Michelson, Framingham, Maine©
April 22, 1854


Legal Sales

Upon the order of his Imperial Majesty, the Sovereign of All Russia, etc., etc., etc., the Mitau City Magistrate states that after the widow Roche Stengel declared her responsibility for the prompt payment of a fine for contraband imposed on Salomon Stengel, and pledged her house located in the IVth district sub (?) No. 83, but now is not in the position to pay, hence the pledged real estate parcel is to be sold at auction. The Mitau City Magistrate brings to the attention of all potential buyers, that the house in question will be publicly auctioned on the 26th of May of this year. Mitau City Hall, the 22nd April, 1854.


General Part

The Courland Provincial Government hereby announces, that the in Mitau registered Hebrews, Salomon Wulf Jacobson, the brothers Kassel, Notke and Yankel Hurrwitz, and the brothers Yoschel Ruben and Moses Ruben Hurrwitz, who have escaped across the state borders, have been legally excluded from Russian Citizenship under Article 1188 of the Penal Code, and whose return to Russia is not permitted. Mitau, the 29th December, 1853. (No. 4311)



The Hasenpoth (Aizpute) City Magistrate hereby invites Hebrews, registered in the Province of Courland, who have the required qualifications for the position of Rabbi, which includes a knowledge of the German or Russian language, to report to the Hasenpoth Rabbinate by 15th March, 1854 with the required evidence of their capability, and to be available for further review of their application. Hasenpoth, 18th September, 1853. (No. 1516).



The Hebrew Itzig is requested by the Blieden Municipal Court to redeem the 8 lof [?] of wheat, impounded at the local landlord Kiuppe Jehkob Giggar, by paying his debt of 22 Rbl. (Silver) to the in Bixten registered Apscheneck-landlord Fritz Heideman no later than the 18th of February of this year, with the comment, that after this deadline the wheat will be sold at auction to the benefit of the claimant to the highest bidder. Blieden Municipal Court, 5th January, 1854. (No. 2).