Disqualified Voters in Libau 1912

Elections were held for the Russian Parliament (Duma) in 1906, 1907 and 1912. Voting was limited to males, but beyond that there were several means by which one could qualify to vote, e.g., by owning property or a business, and the criteria were not consistent for all the elections. Nevertheless, many Jews qualified. The voter lists were published in the regional government newspapers, Gubernskie Vedomosti, and as has been recognized by other Jewishgen groups, these lists are a valuable genealogical resource. The Gubernskie Vedomosti for Courland was published in the capital, Mitau (now Jelgava), and we have lists for many towns for the 1907 elections. However, the list shown here is one for the 1912 elections, and in fact it is a list of people disqualified from voting in Libau (now Liepaja). Interestingly, it appears that all but two of the names on the list were Jewish.

The original lists are accessible in scanned form via the links below. The lists are in Russian, and a transliterated version appears below as well. Note that the names are listed in numerical order according to their positions on the original lists, and although the order is largely alphabetical, it is according to the Cyrillic alphabet, so you should scan the whole list if you are looking for a particular name. Transliteration from the original Yiddish or German names to Russian and back to the original is obviously dangerous, but despite this and any minor transliteration errors that may have slipped in, the names can be clearly understood. Their value for genealogical purposes is greatly enhanced by the Russian practice of including the patronymic (the name ending in -ov or -ovitch), from which each man's father's name can be determined immediately.

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16-329   331-475   483-739   782-1009   1019-1199  

Transliterated list:

16 Alperovitch, Srul Movshovitch
35 Aizenberg, Schliom Nevachovitch
49 Becker, Sholom Hirshovitch
55 Berg, Modchel Leibovitch
103 Bloom/Blum, Moritz Lazarevitch
116 Bortz, Arie-Leib Nosonov
119 Braude, Vulf-Faivelovitch
150 Bilostotzky, Leib Chatzkelovitch
208 Galpern/Halpern, Hirsh Berkovitch
210 Gamza/Hamza, Israel Shneerovitch
211 Gamza/Hamza, Shneer Shneerovitch
215 Gantz, Judnel Meyerov
225 Gelman/Helman, Isaac Berkovitch
257 Gintzberg, Yelov Leo Gutmanov
265 Hirshovitch, Abram Lazar Leibov
275 Glick, Nochum Nesselovitch
279 Godes, Israel Lazar Movshovitch
285 Goldberg, Hirsh Judelovitch
289 Goldfein, Jankel Hirsh Elev
290 Goldshtick, David Hirsh
294 Gordon, Israel Marcusovitch
295 Gordon, Efraim Shmulovitch
326 Gurvitch/Hurvitch, Abraham
327 Gurvitch/Hurvitch, Hirsh Leibe
328 Gurvitch/Hurvitch, Israel Leibovitch
329 Gurvitch/Hurvitch, Jossel Itzik Movshovitch
331 Gurvitch/Hurvitch, Movsha Leibovitch
339 David, Behr Leibe Markovitch
340 David, Meyer Berelovitch
341 David, Rafael Berelovitch
343 Dame, Zalman Movshovitch
344 Dame, Movsha Nossonovitch
353 Dembo, Tzemach Rubenovitch
359 Denson, Leib Ovshovitch
360 Denson, Ovsha Leibovitch
386 Zak, Movsha Naftalevitch
388 Zak, Efraim Naftalevitch
398 Zang, Jossel Faitelovitch
410 Zebel, Eliya Leiba Aronovitch
419 Zelkin, Elyash Zelikovitch
430 Ziv, Leib Hirshovitch
434 Zilberblat, Hirsh Meyerovitch
366 Zilberman, Mates Efroimov
449 Esemen, Chone Shlemovitch
450 Itzikovitch, Shmul Leibovitch
455 Jozef, Notel Jossel Leibovitch
459 Joffe, Abram Hertzov
461 Joelson, Israel Motel AKA Max Solomonovitch
463 Kabalken, Nossum Simonov
464 Kabachnik, Faivush Shmulovitch
465 Kagan, Kadish Osherov
466 Kagan, Movsha Chatzkelev
467 Kagan, Jankel Hirshovitch
469 Kazlovsky, Nachman Elya Leibovitch
474 Kalk, Marcus Jossel Shmulovitch
475 Kalk, Movsha Itzik Shmulovitch
483 Kahn, Mozes Hirshovitch
494 Kassel, Julius Solomonovitch
497 Katz, Zondel
498 Katz, Meyer Zondel
502 Kachurin, Aron Osepovitch
566 Kostrel, Leib Ovsieyvitch
567 Kostrel, Ezer Ovsieyvitch
570 Kravitz, Abram Movshovitch
571 Kravitz, Boruch Abramovitch
577 Krok, Jankel
600 Kutesker, Edel Berovitch
613 Lapidus, Abram Sholomovitch
630 Levy, Herman Itzikovitch
631 Levy, Israel Samuelovitch AKA Hirsh Itzikovitch
636 Levin, Zissel Faivishev
648 Lemkin, Aizik Jankelevitch
653 Leften, Hillel Iser Michelev
657 Leiboshitz, Velvel Leibovitch
662 Leiberman, Chaim Abramov
673 Lifshitz, Israel Isakovitch
674 Licht, Edide-Deidrich Vigdorovitch-Vulfovitch AKA Blium
675 Lichtenberg, Jakov Chaim Shlomovitch
678 Ludzen, Abram Nochumov
685 Lulov, Rubin Hirshev
686 Lunetz, Abram Shevelevitch
688 Luria, Jossel Jankel Davidovitch
689 Luria, Judah Leiba Shmulov
694 Leyande, Tzalke Iserovitch
705 Margoles, Meyer Vulfovitch
738 Mezroch, Meyer Itzikov
739 Mezroch, Chaim Zalman Itzikovitch
782 Osmiyansky, Meyer Movshovitch
789 Paker (Pecker), Zalmon Marcusovitch
790 Paradis, Mozes Jossel
795 Pecker, Mozes Marcusovitch
801 Pertzin, Evel Itzikovitch
806 Pesach, Bentzel Itzikovitch
831 Presman, Movsha Hillel Abramovitch
843 Rabin, Israel Vulf Chaimov-Itzikov
844 Rabinovitch, Abel Jankelovitch
848 Rabinson, Vulf Lazerovitch
852 Rappaport, Ruben Shmuel Jankelovitch
878 Rozaler, Osher Berovitch
882 Rozengarten, Hirsh Jakovlevitch
883 Rozengarten, Jankel Hillelev
889 Rozenoer, Hirsh Hesselev
908 Rubashkin, Jankel Abramov
909 Rubinshtein, Idel Berelovitch
914 Rutshtein, Jankel Aron Shlemov
919 Salomonovitch, Salomon Hirshovitch
921 Samach, Gershen Zondelevitch
940 Seletzky, Abram Shmulovitch
945 Slobodkin, Cecil Leibov
986 Taube, Judel Lazerovitch
989 Tetz, Shmuel Berovitch
996 Toderovitch, Itzik Eliashevitch
997 Tolochko, Vladeslav Ivanovitch
1008 Toveh, Jankel Meyerovitch
1009 Turk, Joel Hirshovitch
1019 Urie, Josef Hirshovitch
1029 Falkon, Mordchel Bentzelovitch
1034 Faiges, Chatzkel Isser Aizikov
1075 Chazen, Joel Movsha Zondelovitch
1079 Choze, Elias
1084 Tzevyan, Abram Vulfovitch
1085 Tzieg, Kalman Nisson Michaelovitch
1091 Tzerensky, Hirsh Abramovitch
1092 Tzerensky, David Abramovitch
1093 Tzerensky, Shaya Hirshovitch
1098 Charny, Vulf Shmuelovitch
1104 Chernyak, Chaim Aron Meyerovitch
1106 Shaper, Shmul Itzik Movshovitch
1109 Shachnovitch, Shachner Itzikovitch
1111 Schwab, Hirsh Abramovitch
1117 Shevelev, Meyer Lazerov
1120 Sher, Ikik Chaimovitch
1121 Sher, Chaim Berelevitch
1153 Shtein, Movsha Vulfovitch
1159 Schub, Israel Jankelev-Movshovitch
1162 Schulman, Rafael Mendelevitch
1169 Shur, Shmuel Boruchovitch
1180 Ekshtein, Abram Ber Gershonovitch
1188 Ettinger, Michel Josselovitch
1189 Ettinger, Jakov (Jankel) Josselovitch
1192 Eidus, Aron Beinusovitch
1197 Judelmark, Judah Leib Joselevitch
1199 Judin, Jankel Mendel Joselev

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