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Miriam Weiner Collection: Maps

During 25+ years of traveling in Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine, I have acquired a significant number of detailed “town” maps from various localities, including small towns and villages. Many of these maps were produced by the local town architect and given to me as a “present” by the local Mayor.  Others were presented to me by various historians and archivists in the relevant countries.  Sometimes, I acquired a map in preparation for an upcoming “customized tour” planned for the family of a research client.  In those cases, I created a small handwritten legend in the side margin of the map detailing the location of the Jewish cemetery, synagogue, Holocaust monuments and former Jewish sites, where applicable.

As usual, there is a team who facilitates this and "makes it happen."  My continued respect admiration and gratitude for team members goes to, Jay Osborn who handled image processing, tiling, and map decorations, using MapTiler and OpenLayers code; and Stephen P. Morse, who wrote and executed the necessary script to do the transfer — in addition to my usual tweaking requests (i.e., add borders to the maps, etc.)






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