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Bohemian Familianten Town Index

In 1726, due the order of the Habsburg ruler Charles VI, the number of Jewish families was limited by quota to 8,541 in Bohemia and 5,106 in Moravia.  To enforce this quota (or "numerus clausus"), a so-called "Familianten" order was issued.  According to this order, only the first-born son of each Jewish family was given permission to marry (called a "copulatio consensus").  The permits could also be sold if there were no son to inherit them.  The Familianten order was in force until 1848.  As a result, many Jews who could not obtain marriage permits emigrated from Bohemia and Moravia.  For example, by 1900 almost half of the Jews in Hungary were of Bohemian or Moravian descent.

One other result of the Familianten laws was that the government kept very good records of which families lived in which towns.  The list of Familianten were collected in the Book of Jewish Familianten (also called "Mannschaftsbuecher" in Moravia).  Records were collected in 1799 and in 1811 and updated until about 1830.  Each record comprised the name of county, registration number of the family in the whole land (based on "copulatio consensus"), the registration number of family in the county (set up in 1725), name of the father, his wife, his sons and a few other family details.  These records provide a very good resource for researchers investigating their family histories.  For some families, up to three generations are included.  See an example for Löwy Wölfner from Praschno Aujezd in Western Bohemia.  The Familianten record books for Bohemia can be accessed at the Czech State Archives.   For Moravia, the surviving books are not collected in one place, but are available from the various regional archives, such as in Brno or Olomouc, or in the Czech State Archives or the Jewish Museum in Prague.

Julius Müller, a professional genealogist in Prague, is in the process of compiling a database of all Jewish men listed in the Familianten registers located in the Czech State Archives in Prague.   His website is located at  This page contains an index to the towns in Bohemia for which Familianten records exist.  Click on the highlighted region next to the town name to go to the indices for that region.  If you do not know the Czech name of your ancestral town, try searching the master list with German names at

The Familianten records themselves are not available on microfilm and can only be viewed at the Czech State Archives or Regional Archives where the record books are preserved.  For more information on how to obtain copies or locate other Jewish records in the Czech Republic, see Getting Started With Czech-Jewish Genealogy.  Also see Austria-Czech SIG's GemeindeView project, a web-based encyclopedia of the Jewish communities of Bohemia and Moravia.  Send comments and corrections on this page to Austria-Czech SIG at .

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Adrspach Hradecky Bohemia
Backov Caslavsky Bohemia
Barchov Bydzovsky Bohemia
Barchuvek Bydzovsky Bohemia
Bechyne Taborsky Bohemia
Becov nad Teplou Loketsky Bohemia
Beharov Klatovsky Bohemia
Bela pod Bezdezem Boleslavsky Bohemia
Benatky nad Jizerou Boleslavsky Bohemia
Benesov Berounsky Bohemia
Bernartice Klatovsky Bohemia
Bernartice Plzensky Bohemia
Beroun Berounsky Bohemia
Bestvina Caslavsky Bohemia
Bezdekov Klatovsky Bohemia
Bezdruzice Plzensky Bohemia
Bezno Boleslavsky Bohemia
Bile Policany Bydzovsky Bohemia
Blatna Prachensky Bohemia
Blato Chrudimsky Bohemia
Blinka Kourimsky Bohemia
Blov Zatecky Bohemia
Bohostice Berounsky Bohemia
Bolechovice Berounsky Bohemia
Bor Plzensky Bohemia
Borikovy Klatovsky Bohemia
Borovnice Chrudimsky Bohemia
Bozejov Taborsky Bohemia
Brandlin Budejovice Bohemia
Brandys nad Labem Hradecky Bohemia
Brandys nad Labem Kourimsky Bohemia
Branik Kourimsky Bohemia
Bratranice Prachensky Bohemia
Brezi Prachensky Bohemia
Brezina Taborsky Bohemia
Breznice Prachensky Bohemia
Brezno Boleslavsky Bohemia
Brlozec Loketsky Bohemia
Brnky Kourimsky Bohemia
Brocno Litomericky Bohemia
Brodce Boleslavsky Bohemia
Budislav Taborsky Bohemia
Budov Loketsky Bohemia
Budyne Litomericky Bohemia
Bukova Berounsky Bohemia
Bukovany Prachensky Bohemia
Bustehrad Rakovnicky Bohemia
Bysice Boleslavsky Bohemia
Bystrice nad Uhlavou Klatovsky Bohemia
Cachrov Klatovsky Bohemia
Cakovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Cakovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Castrov Taborsky Bohemia
Cejetice Boleslavsky Bohemia
Cekanice Prachensky Bohemia
Celina Berounsky Bohemia
Ceminy Plzensky Bohemia
Cerekvice nad Bystrici Bydzovsky Bohemia
Cerhenice Kourimsky Bohemia
Cerhenice  Prachensky Bohemia
Cerhonice Prachensky Bohemia
Cermna Bydzovsky Bohemia
Cernetice Prachensky Bohemia
Cernovice Taborsky Bohemia
Cervena Recice Taborsky Bohemia
Cervene Janovice Caslavsky Bohemia
Cervene Pecky Caslavsky Bohemia
Cervene Porici Klatovsky Bohemia
Cerveny Hradek Caslavsky Bohemia
Cerveny Hradek Zatecky Bohemia
Cerveny Hradek Berounsky Bohemia
Cerveny Ujezd Berounsky Bohemia
Ceska Bela Caslavsky Bohemia
Ceska Lipa Litomericky Bohemia
Cesky Brod Kourimsky Bohemia
Cesky Dub Boleslavsky Bohemia
Cesky Sternberk Kourimsky Bohemia
Cestice Prachensky Bohemia
Chanovice Prachensky Bohemia
Chcebuz Litomericky Bohemia
Chlistov Klatovsky Bohemia
Chlum Kourimsky Bohemia
Chlum u Trebone Budejovice Bohemia
Chlumec nad Cidlinou Bydzovsky Bohemia
Chocen Chrudimsky Bohemia
Chodov Loketsky Bohemia
Chodova Plana Plzensky Bohemia
Choltice Chrudimsky Bohemia
Chomutov Zatecky Bohemia
Chotec Rakovnicky Bohemia
Chotesov Plzensky Bohemia
Chotimer Klatovsky Bohemia
Chotoviny Taborsky Bohemia
Chotysany Kourimsky Bohemia
Choustik Taborsky Bohemia
Choustnikovo Hradiste Hradecky Bohemia
Chrancovice Plzensky Bohemia
Chrast Chrudimsky Bohemia
Chudenice Klatovsky Bohemia
Chvaly Kourimsky Bohemia
Chvateruby Kourimsky Bohemia
Chynov Taborsky Bohemia
Chyse Loketsky Bohemia
Chysky Taborsky Bohemia
Cichtice  Prachensky Bohemia
Cim Berounsky Bohemia
Cimelice Prachensky Bohemia
Cirkvice Kourimsky Bohemia
Citoliby Zatecky Bohemia
Citov Rakovnicky Bohemia
Cizkov Taborsky Bohemia
Cizkovice Litomericky Bohemia
Ckyne Prachensky Bohemia
Dalovice Loketsky Bohemia
Damirov Caslavsky Bohemia
Darmysl  Klatovsky Bohemia
Davle Berounsky Bohemia
Defurovy Lazany Prachensky Bohemia
Dejvice Rakovnicky Bohemia
Destenice Boleslavsky Bohemia
Destna Taborsky Bohemia
Dirna Budejovice Bohemia
Dlazkovice Litomericky Bohemia
Dlazov Klatovsky Bohemia
Dlouha Lhota Berounsky Bohemia
Dlouha Ves Prachensky Bohemia
Dobrejovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Dobricany Zatecky Bohemia
Dobris Berounsky Bohemia
Dobruska Hradecky Bohemia
Dolany Klatovsky Bohemia
Dolejsi Krusec Prachensky Bohemia
Dolni Hrachovice Taborsky Bohemia
Dolni Kounice Kourimsky Bohemia
Dolni Kralovice Caslavsky Bohemia
Dolni Lukavice Klatovsky Bohemia
Dolni Teplice Hradecky Bohemia
Domazlice Klatovsky Bohemia
Domousice Zatecky Bohemia
Domousnice Boleslavsky Bohemia
Doubi Loketsky Bohemia
Doudleby nad Orlici Hradecky Bohemia
Dozice Prachensky Bohemia
Drahenice Prachensky Bohemia
Drahobuz Litomericky Bohemia
Drazic Taborsky Bohemia
Drevikov Chrudimsky Bohemia
Drhovice Prachensky Bohemia
Drhovle Prachensky Bohemia
Drslavice Klatovsky Bohemia
Druhlice Berounsky Bohemia
Dub  Prachensky Bohemia
Duchcov Litomericky Bohemia
Dymokury Bydzovsky Bohemia
Elcovice Prachensky Bohemia
Golcuv Jenikov Caslavsky Bohemia
Grafenfield Klatovsky Bohemia
Habry Caslavsky Bohemia
Hartmanice Prachensky Bohemia
Heralec Caslavsky Bohemia
Hermanuv Mestec Chrudimsky Bohemia
Hlavacova Lhota Kourimsky Bohemia
Hlizov Caslavsky Bohemia
Hluboka nad Vltavou Budejovice Bohemia
Hlubos Berounsky Bohemia
Hodkov Caslavsky Bohemia
Hojesin Caslavsky Bohemia
Holovousy Bydzovsky Bohemia
Horany Zatecky Bohemia
Horazdovice Prachensky Bohemia
Horepnik Taborsky Bohemia
Horetice Zatecky Bohemia
Horice Bydzovsky Bohemia
Horineves Hradecky Bohemia
Horka Caslavsky Bohemia
Horni Berkovice Rakovnicky Bohemia
Horni Cerekev Taborsky Bohemia
Horni Kralovice Caslavsky Bohemia
Horovice Berounsky Bohemia
Horsovky Tyn Klatovsky Bohemia
Hostice Prachensky Bohemia
Hostinne Bydzovsky Bohemia
Hostomice Berounsky Bohemia
Hostoun Rakovnicky Bohemia
Hradek Prachensky Bohemia
Hradiste Klatovsky Bohemia
Hradiste Plzensky Bohemia
Hrdly Rakovnicky Bohemia
Hrebecniky Rakovnicky Bohemia
Hresihlavy  Plzensky Bohemia
Hrimezdice Berounsky Bohemia
Hriskov Rakovnicky Bohemia
Hrochuv Tynec Chrudimsky Bohemia
Hruba Skala Boleslavsky Bohemia
Hruby Rohozec Boleslavsky Bohemia
Humpolec Caslavsky Bohemia
Jablonna Berounsky Bohemia
Jablonne v Podjestedi Boleslavsky Bohemia
Jankov Kourimsky Bohemia
Jeleni Dolni Hradecky Bohemia
Jeleni Horni Hradecky Bohemia
Jemniste Kourimsky Bohemia
Jenickova Lhota Taborsky Bohemia
Jerabek Caslavsky Bohemia
Jerice Bydzovsky Bohemia
Jesin Rakovnicky Bohemia
Jetrichovice Berounsky Bohemia
Jevineves Rakovnicky Bohemia
Jicin Bydzovsky Bohemia
Jindice Caslavsky Bohemia
Jindrichovice Klatovsky Bohemia
Jindrichuv Hradec Taborsky Bohemia
Jinonice Rakovnicky Bohemia
Jistebnice Taborsky Bohemia
Kacerov Loketsky Bohemia
Kacov Caslavsky Bohemia
Kamenice nad Lipou Taborsky Bohemia
Kamenna Berounsky Bohemia
Kamenna Lhota Taborsky Bohemia
Kamyk Rakovnicky Bohemia
Kamyk nad Vltavou Berounsky Bohemia
Kanice Klatovsky Bohemia
Kardasova Recice Taborsky Bohemia
Karlstejn Berounsky Bohemia
Kasejovice Prachensky Bohemia
Kbel Caslavsky Bohemia
Kladruby Prachensky Bohemia
Klatovy Klatovsky Bohemia
Klecany Kourimsky Bohemia
Klenova Klatovsky Bohemia
Klokocov Caslavsky Bohemia
Klucke Chvalovice Caslavsky Bohemia
Kluky Caslavsky Bohemia
Knezice Prachensky Bohemia
Kocov Plzensky Bohemia
Kojetice Kourimsky Bohemia
Kokorin Boleslavsky Bohemia
Kolec Rakovnicky Bohemia
Kolesovice Rakovnicky Bohemia
Kolin Kourimsky Bohemia
Kolin Kourimsky Bohemia
Kolinec Klatovsky Bohemia
Kolodeje nad Luznici  Budejovice Bohemia
Komorni Hradek Kourimsky Bohemia
Konarovice Caslavsky Bohemia
Konopiste Berounsky Bohemia
Kopec Klatovsky Bohemia
Kopidlno Bydzovsky Bohemia
Kopisty Zatecky Bohemia
Koren Plzensky Bohemia
Korozluky Zatecky Bohemia
Kosetice Caslavsky Bohemia
Kosmonosy Boleslavsky Bohemia
Kosor Kourimsky Bohemia
Kosova Hora Berounsky Bohemia
Kost Boleslavsky Bohemia
Kostelec nad Cernymi Lesy Kourimsky Bohemia
Kostelec nad Labem Kourimsky Bohemia
Kostelec nad Orlici Hradecky Bohemia
Kostelec u Krizku Kourimsky Bohemia
Kostelni Briza Loketsky Bohemia
Kostomlaty pod Milesovkou Litomericky Bohemia
Kosumberk Chrudimsky Bohemia
Kounice Kourimsky Bohemia
Kourim Kourimsky Bohemia
Kout na Sumave Klatovsky Bohemia
Kovanice Bydzovsky Bohemia
Kozarovice Litomericky Bohemia
Kozlov Loketsky Bohemia
Kozolupy Plzensky Bohemia
Kraselov Prachensky Bohemia
Krasna Lipa Loketsky Bohemia
Krasny Dvur Zatecky Bohemia
Krasov Plzensky Bohemia
Krasovice Plzensky Bohemia
Krchleby Berounsky Bohemia
Kremyz Litomericky Bohemia
Krinec Boleslavsky Bohemia
Krivsoudov Caslavsky Bohemia
Krnsko Boleslavsky Bohemia
Kropacova Vrutice Boleslavsky Bohemia
Krtenice Taborsky Bohemia
Krupa Dolni Caslavsky Bohemia
Krupa Horni Caslavsky Bohemia
Krusovice Rakovnicky Bohemia
Kuks Hradecky Bohemia
Kumbursky Ujezd Bydzovsky Bohemia
Kumbursky Ujezd Bydzovsky Bohemia
Kundratice Prachensky Bohemia
Kunejovice Plzensky Bohemia
Kunratice u Prahy Kourimsky Bohemia
Kuri  Budejovice Bohemia
Kvetinov Caslavsky Bohemia
Kynsperk nad Ohri Loketsky Bohemia
Labut  Plzensky Bohemia
Landstejn Taborsky Bohemia
Lazany Prachensky Bohemia
Lazne Kynzvart Loketsky Bohemia
Lcovice Prachensky Bohemia
Ledec nad Sazavou Caslavsky Bohemia
Lenesice Zatecky Bohemia
Lesna Loketsky Bohemia
Lesna Plzensky Bohemia
Lezky Zatecky Bohemia
Lhotka Plzensky Bohemia
Libcany Hradecky Bohemia
Libceves Litomericky Bohemia
Libechov Litomericky Bohemia
Libejovice Prachensky Bohemia
Liben Kourimsky Bohemia
Libesice Litomericky Bohemia
Libice nad Sazavou Caslavsky Bohemia
Libine Loketsky Bohemia
Libkovice Loketsky Bohemia
Liblice Boleslavsky Bohemia
Liblin Plzensky Bohemia
Libocany Zatecky Bohemia
Libochovice Litomericky Bohemia
Liborice Zatecky Bohemia
Liboun Kourimsky Bohemia
Lipnice nad Sazavou Caslavsky Bohemia
Lipno Plzensky Bohemia
Lisnice Zatecky Bohemia
Listany Zatecky Bohemia
Listany Plzensky Bohemia
Liten Berounsky Bohemia
Litomysl Chrudimsky Bohemia
Litov Loketsky Bohemia
Litvinov Litomericky Bohemia
Lnare Prachensky Bohemia
Lobec Boleslavsky Bohemia
Lochkov Rakovnicky Bohemia
Lochovice Berounsky Bohemia
Lojovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Loket Loketsky Bohemia
Louny Zatecky Bohemia
Lovosice Litomericky Bohemia
Lubenec Loketsky Bohemia
Luby Loketsky Bohemia
Luhov Plzensky Bohemia
Luka Loketsky Bohemia
Lukavec Caslavsky Bohemia
Luzany Klatovsky Bohemia
Luzec Zatecky Bohemia
Macice Prachensky Bohemia
Mala Sitbor Loketsky Bohemia
Mala Skala Boleslavsky Bohemia
Malec Caslavsky Bohemia
Malesice Plzensky Bohemia
Malesov Caslavsky Bohemia
Malinec Klatovsky Bohemia
Malonice Klatovsky Bohemia
Manetin Plzensky Bohemia
Martinice Caslavsky Bohemia
Mastov Zatecky Bohemia
Mecholupy Klatovsky Bohemia
Mecholupy Zatecky Bohemia
Medlesice Chrudimsky Bohemia
Melnik Boleslavsky Bohemia
Menany Berounsky Bohemia
Merklin Klatovsky Bohemia
Mesetice Berounsky Bohemia
Mesice Taborsky Bohemia
Mezilesi Caslavsky Bohemia
Michle Kourimsky Bohemia
Milceves Zatecky Bohemia
Milceves Zatecky Bohemia
Milcice Prachensky Bohemia
Miletice Klatovsky Bohemia
Milevsko Taborsky Bohemia
Milhostice Berounsky Bohemia
Milikov Loketsky Bohemia
Milin Berounsky Bohemia
Mimon Boleslavsky Bohemia
Mirosov Plzensky Bohemia
Mirosov Taborsky Bohemia
Mlada Boleslav Boleslavsky Bohemia
Mlada Vozice Taborsky Bohemia
Mladejov Boleslavsky Bohemia
Mlazovy Klatovsky Bohemia
Mlynce Zatecky Bohemia
Mnichovo Hradiste Boleslavsky Bohemia
Mnisek Berounsky Bohemia
Modletice Kourimsky Bohemia
Molitorov Kourimsky Bohemia
Moravany Caslavsky Bohemia
Morina Berounsky Bohemia
Mory Zatecky Bohemia
Motol Rakovnicky Bohemia
Mradice Zatecky Bohemia
Mseno Boleslavsky Bohemia
Mutenin Klatovsky Bohemia
Myslkovice Taborsky Bohemia
Naceradec Kourimsky Bohemia
Nachod Hradecky Bohemia
Nadejkov Taborsky Bohemia
Nahoruby Berounsky Bohemia
Nahosice  Klatovsky Bohemia
Nahy Ujezdec Plzensky Bohemia
Nalzovice Berounsky Bohemia
Nalzovy Prachensky Bohemia
Nasavrky Chrudimsky Bohemia
Nebuzely Boleslavsky Bohemia
Nedeliste Hradecky Bohemia
Nedrazice Plzensky Bohemia
Nejdek Loketsky Bohemia
Nekmir Plzensky Bohemia
Nelahozevez Rakovnicky Bohemia
Nemcice Prachensky Bohemia
Nemilkov Klatovsky Bohemia
Nepomyls Zatecky Bohemia
Neustupov Taborsky Bohemia
Neznasov Klatovsky Bohemia
Neznasov Prachensky Bohemia
Nimerice Boleslavsky Bohemia
Nosakovsky dvur Berounsky Bohemia
Nova Bystrice Taborsky Bohemia
Nova Vcelnice Taborsky Bohemia
Nova Ves Caslavsky Bohemia
Nove Dvory Caslavsky Bohemia
Nove Mesto nad Metuji Hradecky Bohemia
Nove Sedliste  Plzensky Bohemia
Nove Sedlo Zatecky Bohemia
Nove Straseci Rakovnicky Bohemia
Novy Bernstejn Boleslavsky Bohemia
Novy Bydzov Bydzovsky Bohemia
Novy Cestin Klatovsky Bohemia
Novy Dvur Loketsky Bohemia
Novy Dvur Rakovnicky Bohemia
Novy Hrad Zatecky Bohemia
Novy Knin Berounsky Bohemia
Novy Zamek Litomericky Bohemia
Nusle Kourimsky Bohemia
Obratice Taborsky Bohemia
Obristvi Kourimsky Bohemia
Obytce Klatovsky Bohemia
Odlochovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Ohrazenice Prachensky Bohemia
Okrouhlice Caslavsky Bohemia
Olesna Rakovnicky Bohemia
Onsov Taborsky Bohemia
Oparany Taborsky Bohemia
Opocno Hradecky Bohemia
Orlik Prachensky Bohemia
Osecany Berounsky Bohemia
Osek Prachensky Bohemia
Oselce Prachensky Bohemia
Oselin Plzensky Bohemia
Osov Berounsky Bohemia
Ostredek Kourimsky Bohemia
Ostrov Caslavsky Bohemia
Ostrov Loketsky Bohemia
Osvracin Klatovsky Bohemia
Otin Klatovsky Bohemia
Oustice Berounsky Bohemia
Pacov Taborsky Bohemia
Pakomerice Kourimsky Bohemia
Panenske Brezany Kourimsky Bohemia
Panensky Tynec Rakovnicky Bohemia
Panosi Ujezd Rakovnicky Bohemia
Pardubice Chrudimsky Bohemia
Patek Rakovnicky Bohemia
Pavlov Taborsky Bohemia
Pavlovice Plzensky Bohemia
Peruc Rakovnicky Bohemia
Petrohrad Zatecky Bohemia
Petrovice Berounsky Bohemia
Petrovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Petrovice Taborsky Bohemia
Pisek Prachensky Bohemia
Plachtin Plzensky Bohemia
Plana Berounsky Bohemia
Plana Plzensky Bohemia
Plasy Plzensky Bohemia
Plzen Plzensky Bohemia
Pobezovice Klatovsky Bohemia
Pocernice Dolni Kourimsky Bohemia
Pocernice Horni Kourimsky Bohemia
Podboransky Rohozec Zatecky Bohemia
Podebrady Bydzovsky Bohemia
Podhorany Caslavsky Bohemia
Podhuri Klatovsky Bohemia
Podmokly  Prachensky Bohemia
Pohori Taborsky Bohemia
Polaky Zatecky Bohemia
Polna Caslavsky Bohemia
Popovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Popovice Bydzovsky Bohemia
Posna Taborsky Bohemia
Postoloprty Zatecky Bohemia
Poutnov Plzensky Bohemia
Prachatice Prachensky Bohemia
Praha Praha Bohemia
Prasily Prachensky Bohemia
Praskolesy Berounsky Bohemia
Prasny Ujezd Plzensky Bohemia
Pravonin Caslavsky Bohemia
Prcice Berounsky Bohemia
Precin Prachensky Bohemia
Predbor Kourimsky Bohemia
Predhorov Budejovice Bohemia
Predhradi Chrudimsky Bohemia
Prelouc Chrudimsky Bohemia
Prestanice Prachensky Bohemia
Prestavlky Chrudimsky Bohemia
Prestavlky Hradecky Bohemia
Prestice Klatovsky Bohemia
Pribram Berounsky Bohemia
Privory Boleslavsky Bohemia
Privozec Klatovsky Bohemia
Prosec u Posne Taborsky Bohemia
Prostibor Klatovsky Bohemia
Protivin Prachensky Bohemia
Pruhonice Kourimsky Bohemia
Psovka Boleslavsky Bohemia
Ptenin Klatovsky Bohemia
Pysely Kourimsky Bohemia
Rabstejn nad Strelou Plzensky Bohemia
Radenin Taborsky Bohemia
Radetice Berounsky Bohemia
Radic Berounsky Bohemia
Radim Kourimsky Bohemia
Radnice Plzensky Bohemia
Radonice Klatovsky Bohemia
Radvanov Taborsky Bohemia
Rakovnik Rakovnicky Bohemia
Rasovice Taborsky Bohemia
Rataje nad Sazavou Kourimsky Bohemia
Ratmerice Kourimsky Bohemia
Renkovsky Dvur Berounsky Bohemia
Repin Boleslavsky Bohemia
Rikov Berounsky Bohemia
Rimovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Rochlov Plzensky Bohemia
Rokycany Plzensky Bohemia
Rokytnice v Orlickych Horach Hradecky Bohemia
Ronov Boleslavsky Bohemia
Ronov nad Doubravou Caslavsky Bohemia
Rosice Chrudimsky Bohemia
Rothenhahn Kourimsky Bohemia
Roudnice nad Labem Rakovnicky Bohemia
Roven Boleslavsky Bohemia
Rozdalovice Boleslavsky Bohemia
Rozmberk Budejovice Bohemia
Rozmital Prachensky Bohemia
Roztoky Rakovnicky Bohemia
Roztyly Kourimsky Bohemia
Rtisovice Berounsky Bohemia
Rychnov nad Kneznou Hradecky Bohemia
Sadova Bydzovsky Bohemia
Safranov Rakovnicky Bohemia
Sazava Kourimsky Bohemia
Schwenda Caslavsky Bohemia
Sedlec Caslavsky Bohemia
Semily Boleslavsky Bohemia
Sezemice Litomericky Bohemia
Siroke Trebcice Zatecky Bohemia
Skalice Prachensky Bohemia
Skalka Hradecky Bohemia
Skalna Loketsky Bohemia
Skocidolovice Taborsky Bohemia
Skotonovsky Dvur Berounsky Bohemia
Skrivany Bydzovsky Bohemia
Skrysov Berounsky Bohemia
Skuhrov Boleslavsky Bohemia
Skutec Chrudimsky Bohemia
Skvorec Kourimsky Bohemia
Skvorec Kourimsky Bohemia
Slabce Rakovnicky Bohemia
Slapy Berounsky Bohemia
Slatina Prachensky Bohemia
Slavetin Rakovnicky Bohemia
Slavice Plzensky Bohemia
Slavkovice Prachensky Bohemia
Smichov Rakovnicky Bohemia
Smilkov Berounsky Bohemia
Smirice Hradecky Bohemia
Smolotely Berounsky Bohemia
Smrzovice Klatovsky Bohemia
Smrzovka Boleslavsky Bohemia
Snedovice Litomericky Bohemia
Sobedruhy Litomericky Bohemia
Sokolov Loketsky Bohemia
Soustov Klatovsky Bohemia
Soutice Caslavsky Bohemia
Sovinky Boleslavsky Bohemia
Spalene Porici Plzensky Bohemia
Stadlec Taborsky Bohemia
Stahlavy Plzensky Bohemia
Stare Mitrovice Berounsky Bohemia
Stare Smrkovice Bydzovsky Bohemia
Stary Rybnik Loketsky Bohemia
Statenice Rakovnicky Bohemia
Stechovice Berounsky Bohemia
Stechovice  Prachensky Bohemia
Steken Prachensky Bohemia
Steknik Zatecky Bohemia
Stenovice Plzensky Bohemia
Stirin Kourimsky Bohemia
Stracov Bydzovsky Bohemia
Strakonice Prachensky Bohemia
Strance Zatecky Bohemia
Strancice Kourimsky Bohemia
Stranka Boleslavsky Bohemia
Stranov Boleslavsky Bohemia
Straz nad Nezarkou Budejovice Bohemia
Straz pod Ralskem Boleslavsky Bohemia
Strazovice Prachensky Bohemia
Strezimir Berounsky Bohemia
Stritez Caslavsky Bohemia
Strizkov Kourimsky Bohemia
Strizkov Kourimsky Bohemia
Strkovice Zatecky Bohemia
Struzna Loketsky Bohemia
Studenec Dolni Caslavsky Bohemia
Studenec Horni Caslavsky Bohemia
Studnice Hradecky Bohemia
Suchdol Berounsky Bohemia
Suchomasty Berounsky Bohemia
Sudomerice Taborsky Bohemia
Sudovice Berounsky Bohemia
Sukorady Litomericky Bohemia
Susice Prachensky Bohemia
Sv. Jan pod Skalou Berounsky Bohemia
Svetla nad Sazavou Caslavsky Bohemia
Svijany Boleslavsky Bohemia
Svinare Berounsky Bohemia
Svobodne Hamry Chrudimsky Bohemia
Svojanov Chrudimsky Bohemia
Svojsice Kourimsky Bohemia
Svojsice Kourimsky Bohemia
Svojsin Plzensky Bohemia
Svrabov Taborsky Bohemia
Syrovatka Bydzovsky Bohemia
Tabor Taborsky Bohemia
Tachlovice Rakovnicky Bohemia
Tachov Plzensky Bohemia
Techobuz Taborsky Bohemia
Telec Loketsky Bohemia
Teletin Berounsky Bohemia
Telice Klatovsky Bohemia
Teplice Litomericky Bohemia
Teresov Plzensky Bohemia
Tetenice Klatovsky Bohemia
Tetin Berounsky Bohemia
Tisova Plzensky Bohemia
Tloskov Berounsky Bohemia
Tman Berounsky Bohemia
Tochovice Prachensky Bohemia
Tocnik Berounsky Bohemia
Touzim Loketsky Bohemia
Trebechovice pod Orebem Hradecky Bohemia
Trebel Plzensky Bohemia
Trebivlice Litomericky Bohemia
Trebnice Berounsky Bohemia
Trebon Budejovice Bohemia
Tremosnice Caslavsky Bohemia
Trhove Dusniky Berounsky Bohemia
Trmice Litomericky Bohemia
Trneny Ujezd Rakovnicky Bohemia
Trnova Berounsky Bohemia
Trnova  Plzensky Bohemia
Troja Rakovnicky Bohemia
Trpisty Plzensky Bohemia
Trutnov Hradecky Bohemia
Tucapy Taborsky Bohemia
Tupadly Caslavsky Bohemia
Turnov Boleslavsky Bohemia
Tvorsovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Tvorsovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Tyn nad Vltavou Budejovice Bohemia
Tynec Klatovsky Bohemia
Tyniste Loketsky Bohemia
Uboci Loketsky Bohemia
Udrc  Loketsky Bohemia
Uholicky Rakovnicky Bohemia
Uhrice Berounsky Bohemia
Uhrineves Kourimsky Bohemia
Uhrov Caslavsky Bohemia
Ujezd nad Mzi Plzensky Bohemia
Ujezd u sv. Krize Klatovsky Bohemia
Ujezdec Klatovsky Bohemia
Uliblice Bydzovsky Bohemia
Ulice Plzensky Bohemia
Usobi Caslavsky Bohemia
Valec Loketsky Bohemia
Varvazov Prachensky Bohemia
Vejvanovice Chrudimsky Bohemia
Velhartice Prachensky Bohemia
Velichovky Hradecky Bohemia
Velis Bydzovsky Bohemia
Velke Popovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Velke Vsetaty Boleslavsky Bohemia
Velke Zernoseky Litomericky Bohemia
Velky Ujezd Boleslavsky Bohemia
Velvary Rakovnicky Bohemia
Verusicky Loketsky Bohemia
Veselicko Taborsky Bohemia
Vestec Caslavsky Bohemia
Vestec Kourimsky Bohemia
Vestec Kourimsky Bohemia
Vetrny Jenikov Caslavsky Bohemia
Vez Caslavsky Bohemia
Vidim Boleslavsky Bohemia
Viklantice Caslavsky Bohemia
Vilemov Zatecky Bohemia
Vilemov Caslavsky Bohemia
Vimperk Prachensky Bohemia
Vinor Kourimsky Bohemia
Vintirov Zatecky Bohemia
Vlachovo Brezi Prachensky Bohemia
Vlasecnice Taborsky Bohemia
Vlasim Kourimsky Bohemia
Vlastejovice Caslavsky Bohemia
Vlci Klatovsky Bohemia
Vlkys Plzensky Bohemia
Voda Kourimsky Bohemia
Voderady Kourimsky Bohemia
Vodice Taborsky Bohemia
Vodnany Prachensky Bohemia
Vojkov Berounsky Bohemia
Voksice Bydzovsky Bohemia
Voksice Bydzovsky Bohemia
Volyne Prachensky Bohemia
Volzovy Prachensky Bohemia
Vonoklasy Berounsky Bohemia
Votice Berounsky Bohemia
Vrany Rakovnicky Bohemia
Vrbicany Litomericky Bohemia
Vrbice Caslavsky Bohemia
Vrchotovy Janovice Berounsky Bohemia
Vrdy Caslavsky Bohemia
Vrsovice Kourimsky Bohemia
Vrsovice Litomericky Bohemia
Vsenory Berounsky Bohemia
Vseradice Berounsky Bohemia
Vysehrad Kourimsky Bohemia
Vysetice Kourimsky Bohemia
Vysocany Kourimsky Bohemia
Vysoka Berounsky Bohemia
Vysoka Libyne Rakovnicky Bohemia
Vysoke Myto Chrudimsky Bohemia
Vysoky Chlumec Berounsky Bohemia
Vysoky Ujezd Berounsky Bohemia
Zabehlice Kourimsky Bohemia
Zahradka Berounsky Bohemia
Zakupy Boleslavsky Bohemia
Zaky Caslavsky Bohemia
Zaluzany Prachensky Bohemia
Zalzi Budejovice Bohemia
Zamberk Hradecky Bohemia
Zampach Hradecky Bohemia
Zamrsk Chrudimsky Bohemia
Zasmuky Kourimsky Bohemia
Zbenice Prachensky Bohemia
Zbiroh Berounsky Bohemia
Zbraslav Berounsky Bohemia
Zbraslavice Caslavsky Bohemia
Zbuzany Rakovnicky Bohemia
Zdar Loketsky Bohemia
Zdechovice Chrudimsky Bohemia
Zdikov Prachensky Bohemia
Zduchovice Berounsky Bohemia
Zebrakov Berounsky Bohemia
Zehusice Caslavsky Bohemia
Zelec Taborsky Bohemia
Zelec Zatecky Bohemia
Zeliv Caslavsky Bohemia
Zichovice Prachensky Bohemia
Zikov  Prachensky Bohemia
Zinkovy Klatovsky Bohemia
Zitna Loketsky Bohemia
Zlatniky Kourimsky Bohemia
Zleby Caslavsky Bohemia
Zlonice Rakovnicky Bohemia
Zlutice Loketsky Bohemia
Zruc nad Sazavou Caslavsky Bohemia
Zvestov Kourimsky Bohemia
Zvikovec Plzensky Bohemia
Zvoleneves  Rakovnicky Bohemia

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By E. Randol Schoenberg