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       There were not as many towns with Jewish populations in Austria as there were in Bohemia and Moravia.    Jews were expelled from Austria in the 18th century and at various times before that.  In contrast, Jews were permitted to reside in a limited number of towns in Bohemia and Moravia.  When Austria began permitting Jews to come to Austria around 1800, and especially after 1848, most went to Vienna, although there are a few other communities, such as Hohenems and Eisenstadt, which are worth mentioning.  If you don't see the town you're researching on Austria and have information on it, let us know, and we will add it.

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Towns Included:
  • Laa/Thaya  -  This link takes you to a web site that highlights the research Magdalena Müllner has been doing since 1992.  The articles provide information about the Jewish community of Laa/Thaya whose members were murdered or driven away after the Anschluss (the joining of Nazi Germany and Austria during World War II). 
  • Kittsee - this link takes you to the web pages that describe the Jewish history of the town.  The site is written in German but, even if you don't read German, it is interesting to browse. 
  • Stockerau Cemetery - Data from the gravestones of the Jewish cemetery of Stockerau, a little town some 20 kms northwest of Vienna on the road to Hollabrunn.   Submitted by Wolfgang Stadler

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