Zabludow Yizkor Book
In Memory of Their Deaths During World War II


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Translation of
Zabludow Yisker- Bukh

Edited by: Shmuel Zesler et al.

Published in Buenos Aires, 1961



Project Coordinator

Edmund U. Cohler


This is a translation from: Zabludow Yisker- Bukh (Zabludowo; in memoriam),
Editors: Sh. Tsesler et al., Buenos Aires, Zabludowo Book Committee, 1961 (Y, 507 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Zabludow (1961)

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Editors and Committee of the Yizkor Book

Translated by: Edmund U. Cohler

Associate Editors:

Shmuel Zesler, Joseph Reznik, Yitzhak Zesler

Editorial Consultant:

Mordechai W. Bernstein


Elihu Gelerstein (Tel Aviv) - Honorary Chairman
Shmuel Zesler - Chairman
Joseph Reznik - Vice Chairman
Yitzhak Zesler - Secretary
Zalman Reznik - Deputy Secretary
Chaim Yachnuk - Treasurer
Abraham Rofe - Deputy Treasurer


David Zabludovsky, Shepsel Breslavsky, Abraham Reznik, Shmuel Sherman, Mosheh Zesler, Chaim Schlesser, Abraham Kashman, Gedaliah Bezruk, Abraham Lapetshei

Sub-Committee in the Land of Israel: Mikhal Lifshitz (ben Benjamin Shraga), Avishi Dolinsky, Shmuel (Molie) Bernstein


Translated by: Edmund U. Cohler

  Introduction 11
Yitzhak Zesler: Memorial. 13
1) The Genesis
Mordechai W. Bernstein: Old Zabludow . 19

1) The Dispute Between Grodno and Tiktin;
2) From the Pinkas of Zabludow;
3) The Sessions of the "Council of the Country of Lithuania" in Zabludow
Jerucham Bachrach: Materials on the History of the Oldest Jewish Settlements in the Bialystok District in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries. 81
Dr. Jakob Shatzki: The Village of Zabludow and its Synagogue. 99
Michal Lifshitz (BEZ): Our Old Zabludow Synagogue. 104
Y.L. Cohen: About the Zabludow Synagogue. 109
Shmuel Zesler: ******(Hebrew). 110
Z. Segalovitch: The Zabludow Synagogue; In the Kinneret. 112
Y. Krepliak: Lost. 113
D.Z.: S. Anski Visits the Zabludow Synagogue. 118
2) Up to World War I
Michal Hakohen Sinai: Memories About Zabludow. 121
Dr Herman Frank: Yakob Krepliak. 128
Yakob Krepliak: My Hometown. 134
Abraham Kotik: How I Succeeded in Yiddish. 137
Alter Ganietzshotzki: Stories of an Era. 144
The Dispute at that Time with the Chevra-Kadisha;
Krazenstein's Manor "Zabludow" and the "Krasne" Forest;
the Zabludow "Burgers";
the "Prizivnikes" of Zabludow.
Rabbi Jochanan Mirsky: The Rabbis of Zabludow 156
Michal Lifshitz (BEZ) The Gaon and Tzadik Reb Yoseles, of blessed memory 158
Michal Lifshitz (BEZ) The Gaon Abraham-Akiva Subotnik 160
Alter Ganietzshotzki The Zabludow Rabbi the Tzadik Reb Yoseles, Others - Rabbis, Judges and Teachers 163
The Judge, reb Shmuel Mazortshik;
Yenkel Naftalis, the Judge;
Itzike the Teacher and his School;
Shlomiliche's Son-in-law,
the Tall Teacher
Y.K. Reb Shmuel Feinstein, the Gemara Teacher of Zabludow 168
Mosheh Binder The Children's Teacher 170
Alter Ganietzshotzki: The Worker's Movement in Zabludow;
the Organization of the "Bund".
Israel Ostrof In My Old Home 180
1) The First Political Casualties in Zabludow;
2) The "Parlement" in Zabludow
Y. Tz-r Folks in Zabludow 184
A. Sh. Hershberg Chaim Zelig Slonimsky 188
Michal Lifshitz (BEZ) Impressions of Our Home 191
Reize Rivahs Kreml;
Chlavne the Prayer Leader;
Reb Heshel Hefner
Zev Efer On My Childhood 197
Jonas Turkov Zesha Sarna (Hershfeld) 200
Lifo Rubin Childhood Years 204
Shmuel Lifshitz Zabludow Jewish Personalities 206
Alter the Barber;
Esther Chaya the "Zogerin"
Elihu Gelerstein Lost Worlds 210
Peretz Shwartz The Zabludow Enlightenment 215
Joseph Zabludovsky Yiddish Theater in Zabludow 218
Mosheh Binder Zabludow Families 220
A. G-n Mohel Geven 224
David Zabludovsky (ben Chaim Tzvi) Zabludow - Its Eternal Stamp on My Heart. 227
Melech Ravitsh Benn 231
Mosheh Zaltzman Reb Mosheh Zelik Petlin 233
Sulke Petlin Tsherof My Father's Great School 234
Y.L. Alter Three Zabludow Portraits 236
Aharon Hersh the Doctor;
Shmuel Leib Zesler, the Violin Virtuoso;
Jerucham Bachrach, the Young Historian
David Zabludovsky My Father, Joseph Zabludovsky, peace be unto him246
Joseph Zabludovsky Songs 250
I Want to Forget a Time Without You;
Why It Happens Only at Evening;
Why the Lovely Summer;
The Jewish Laugh
Mordechai Toby The "Family Zabludove" 254
3) Between the Two World Wars
Sarah Keile Subotnik-Gelerstein How My Father, Rabbi Subotnik, Rescued Zabludow 257
Shmuel Lifshitz In Expectation 259
Alter Gnietshotski The Zabludow River is an Escape 260
Yitzhak Zesler Zabludow Under the German Occupation (1914- 18) 262
Michal Lifshitz (BEZ) War Experiences 266
Mosheh Goniondzky Our Zabludow Library 267
David Zabludovsky Theater, Culture and Entertainment 272
Mosheh Zilberberg About the Zionist Movement in Zabludow 282
Yerak Yetzer An Overview of the Zabludow Workers Movement 286
  About Zabludow Communal Life 294
Zabludow's "Lint the Tzadek";
Splitting Wood for the Winter;
About the Management of the Zabludow Peoples-Bank;
The Y.L. Peretz Library;
a Carters' Cooperative
  Letters, Correspondence and Articles About Important Events in Zabludow 304
Y. Reznik Zabludow in Relief 315
Dr. Asher Babli Zabludow 322
Itshele Selections from Zabludow Folk-lore 324
4) Zabludow People Around the World
  In North America 331
  In Israel 335
  In Australia 338
  In Chile 339
  In Uruguay 341
  In Mexico 342
  In Cuba 342
  In Argentina 343
Elihu Gelerstein Meetings between Zabludowers in America and Israel 352
5) Destruction and Mass Murder
Shmuel Zesler With Full Compassion (Hebrew) 359
Pinie Khorovsky Our Dear Hometown on the Day of Its Gruesome Dying Agony. 362
  Documents on the Destruction of Zabludow 395
Efrim Rubins The Annihilation of Our Beloved Home 400
David Zabludovsky (Dodia) Pictures of Horror, Mass Death and Destruction. 404
Y.L. Alter Mama! Where Are You? Where!?417
David Zabludovsky (son of Chaim Tzvi) Trouble by 418
Nechama Yachnok-Loshitzky My Experiences at the Time of Hitler's War. 420
Ahmuel Bernstein Our Destroyed Zabludow and Its Martyrs 427
Shmuel Zesler A Tale of Horror 435
Reizel Wagman-Bachrach I Have Seen My Destroyed Home 438
Jakob Ragovsky Our Great Tragedy 440
Dr. Abraham Mirsky A Memoriam for my Beloved Father, the Last Zabludow Rabbi, Jochanan Mirsky, of blessed memory, Mother Beile, Sister and Brother. 442
Michal Lifshitz Rabbi Jochanan Lifshitz 446
Dr. Shmuel Zabludovsky Instead of a Tombstone for an Unknown Grave. 448
Abishi Ralinsky I Will Never Forget 450
Michal Lifshitz Zabludow's Last Pinkas 451
  The True Dates for the Bloody Yahrtzeits of our Martyrs 453
Yitzhak Zesler On the Undefined Yahrtzeit Date 455
Y.L. Alter The Martyrs Monument 456
Abraham Zak By the Memorial Tablada 457
Joseph Reznik Memorial and Reminder 459
Abraham Zak As the Reminder May Be 461
Shmuel Zesler Man's Foundation in Dust 462
Memorial First Martyrs 463
  Our Victims 465
Yitzhak Zesler The Urn of Ashes 507
  (A Final Word from the Committee for the Yizkor Book)
Maps and Illustrations
Map of Zabludow and Vicinity by Shalom Wasilevsky 2
The Zabludow Synagogue in Flames drawing by Benn 5
The Historic Zabludow Synagogue ink drawing by Yitzhak Zesler 18
The Zabludow Synagogue illustration by Aharon Gudelman 117
A Funeral Around the Zabludow Synagogue picture by A.Gudelman 146
5 drawings by Benn:
A Worried Jew; Benn's Father,
Shlomah Yakob of blessed memory;
Shmuel Zesler;
A Learned Jew;
an Old Jew.

A Wedding at the Synagogue drawing by A. Gudelman 273
The Kuperstein Wedding by Aryeh Merzer 273
The Unheard Scream drawn by Benn 358
Topographical Map of Zabludow and Places from the Ghettoplan by Yitzhak Zesler 360

Book Reference

by Lois Horowitz

This is the book from which the names were transcribed (UCLA's copy).

The entry below is from their online catalog:

Title: Zabludove, yizkor bukh. Di geshikhte fun der yidisher kehile Zabludove fun ir bereshit biz ir fartilikung durkh di natsishe rotshim. [Redaktsye-kolegye: Shemu'el Tsesler, Yosef Reznik, un Yitshak Tsesler]. Buenos-Ayres, aroysgegebn fun dem Yizkor-Bukh- Komitet tsum tsvantsikstn yortag fun di ershte yidishe korbones fun hurbn-Zabludove ..., 1961.
Description 507 p. illus., facsims., maps, ports. 28 cm.
Notes: Added t. p.: Zubludowo (yizkor-book) in memoriam.
Added t. p. in Spanish.
Subjects: Jews -- Poland -- Zabludow.
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Poland -- Zabludow.
Other entries: Tsesler, Shemu'el, 1904-
Reznik, Joseph.
Chesler, Isaac.
Zubludowo (yizkor-book) in memoriam.

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