Chosen Pages From
The Zabludow Yiskor Book

(Zabludow, Poland)

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Translation of
Zabludow; dapim mi-tokh yisker-bukh

Edited by: Nechama Shmueli-Schmusch Former Residents of Zabludow in Israel

Published in Israel, 1987 (H, 170 pages)



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Tilford Bartman


Our sincere appreciation to Nechama Shmueli-Schmusch
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Zabludow; dapim mi-tokh yisker-bukh Chosen Pages From The Zabludow Yiskor Book,
Editors: Nechama Shmueli-Schmusch, Former Residents of Zabludow in Israel, Israel, 1987 (H, 170 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Zabludow (1987)

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Translated by Sara Mages

From the Beginning to Extinction
Preface to “Chosen Pages from the Zabludow Yizkor Book” (Israel 5746-1986)   11
Introduction from the “Yizkor Book” which was published in Argentina in 5721-1961   13
Yizkor Yitzchak Zesler 15
The Town of Zabludow and its Synagogue (reality and myth)
Sources to the History of the Oldest Settlements in the Vicinity of Bialystok
in the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries
Yerucham Bachrach 16
Sections from Pinkas Kehilat Zabludow   19
Our Ancient Synagogue in Zabludow Michael Lifshitz, 21
The Synagogue in Zabludow [Poem] Z. Segalovitch 21
The Town in the Depth of the Forest Y. Krepliak 24
The Princes' Court in Zabludow and the ” Krasne“ Forest Alter Ganietzshotzki 28
The Dead Praise not the Lord Shmuel Zesler 31
I Remember [Poem] Abraham Zak 32
The Religious and Spiritual Leadership
The Rabbis of Zabludow HaRav R' Yochanan Mirsky, 34
R' Yochanan Mirsky (the last Rabbi of Zabludow) Michael Lifshitz 36
In Memory of my Beloved Father, the last Rabbi of Zabludow,
and in Memory of my Mother Beila, my Sisters and Brother
Dr. Abraham Mirsky (Haifa) 37
A. The Gaon and Tzadik R' Yosele' zt”l   39
B. The Gaon Rabbi, R' Abraham Akivah Subotnik z”l Michael Lifshitz 40
How my Father, HaRav Subotnik, Saved the Town of Zabludow Sara Subotnik-Gladstein 41
The Economic, Social and Cultural Activity
The Buds of the Workers' Movement Alter Ganietzshotzki 43
The Tanners of Zabludow Y.Z.R. 45
The Zionist Movement in Zabludow Moshe Zilberberg (Haifa) 47
Our Library in Zabludow Moshe Gunyondosky 49
Theater, Culture and Leisure Time in Zabludow David Zabludovsky 51
Special Figures
Three Figures from Zabludow:    
  Aharon Hirsh, the Healer   55
  Shmuel Leib Zesler, the Violin Virtuoso   57
  Yerucham Bachrach, the Young Historian Y.L. Atlas 60
Chaim Zelig Slonimski A.S. Hershberg 62
The Shop of Reriza Rivas (Chaim Zelig Slonimski and his first wife) Michael Lifshitz 64
R' Shmuel Feinstein, the Gemara Teacher of Zabludow Y.K. 65
R' Nisan Grinberg, the Children's Teacher Moshe Binder 67
The People of Zabludow
Families in Zabludow Moshe Binder 69
Zabludow as it was Y. Reznik 71
Lost Worlds Eliyahu Gelerstein 76
The Haskalah Movement in Zabludow (figures and photos) Peretz Schwartz 78
Childhood Days (in memory of my father) Lipa Rubin 81
Zabludow - its Eternal Stamp on my Heart David Zabludovsky
(son of Chaim Tzvi, Mexico)
The “Zabludove Family” Mordechai Toby (Schwartz) z”l (Israel) 85
From the Folklore of Zabludow
Zabludow's Residents Alter Ganietzshotzki 86
Army Recruits Alter Ganietzshotzki 88
Interesting Characters in the Town:    
  Alter the Barber   90
  Ester the Preacher Shmuel Lifshitz 92
The Parliament in Zabludow Yisrael Ostroff 94
Chalovna the Cantor Michael Lifshitz 96
The Dispute with “Chevra Kadisha Alter Ganietzshotzki: 98
A True Story Eliyahu ben Moshe-Baruch and
Bluma Zesler (Haifa, 1986)
Longing to my Parents' Home Mina Bar-On, Kibbutz Ma'abarot, 1986  
The Holocaust
El Malei Rachamim S. Zssler 107
Parting, (Separation) Nechama Shmueli-Shmusch, Ramat-Gan, 1986 108
Before the Destruction Eliyahu Ben Moshe-Baruch and
Bluma Zesler (Haifa, 1986)
Our Dear City of Birth and its Convulsive and Terrible Demise Phinia Korovski (New York) 119
  A. The Last Days of the Soviet Regime   119
  B. The German Invasion of Zabludow and the First Jorrible Acts    
  C. The Abuse of the Town's Jews and their Attempt To Flee    
  D. The First Miracle.   123
  E. The Suppression of Zabludow's Jews    
  F. Our Ties with Bialystok    
  G. The Expulsion from Zabludow   127
  H. My Escape from Zabludow and my Wanderings    
  I. The way I entered the Bialystok Ghetto    
  J. The Events in Bialystok During The Actions Days    
  K. The Expulsion from Bialystok   134
  L. The Journey to Majdanek- the Suffering in the Camp   134
  M. In the “Belishin” Camp    
  N. In the Radom Camp    
  O. The big march to Germany    
  P. The Long Walk from Agusbourd to Liberation   140
My Mother, Where are You? [Poem] Y. Atles 143
My Experience from the Days of the War Nechama Yachnok-Loshitzky 144
The Destruction of our Dear Home Ephraim Rubbins 146
Our Big Tragedy Jacob Rogovski 148
Horrors, Death and Destruction - Experiences of a Holocaust Survivor David Zabludovsky 149
Who By Fire [Poem] David Zabludovsky
(son of Chaim Tzvi, Mexico)
Our Ruined Zabludow - and it's Martyrs Shmuel (Muli) Bernstein 159
I Saw my Ruined House Reizel Wagman Bachrach 162
We Will Never Forget Avishai Dolinsky 163
The Last Notebook of Zablodow Michael Lifshitz, Tel Aviv 164
Memorial Dates for Zablodow's Martyrs   165
Man's Foundation in Soil [Poem] Shmuel Zesler 166
Expatriates of Zabludow in Israel   167
In Memory of my Father Shlomo Dolinsky, Bnei' Brak 170


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