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a) Rabbis and Yeshiva Leaders (cont.)

Kahana, Shlomo David

Kahana, Shlomo David
The Warsaw town Rabbi

Hanaziv's student. Born in Peguir (Lithuania) in 5626 (1866). His father, Hayim Ben Zion, was son in law of Rabbi Shmuel Zanvill Klappish, who was married to Rabbi Hayim Volozhiner's great Grand daughter. He practiced as the Warsaw Rabbi for forty eight years, and thirteen years as Rabbi of Jerusalem (the Old and the New one). Known as “Father of the abandoned” because of his care for the abandoned wives. Died Kislev, 28th 5714 (5.12.1953) in Jerusalem
Halevi Epstein, Yechiel Michal

Halevi Epstein, Yechiel Michal

Rabbi Itsele's student. Brother in law and father in law of Hanaziv (he married Hanaziv's sister and Hanaziv married Halevi Epstein's daughter Bashe-Mirl- Meir Bar-Ilan's mother). Born in Bobruysk on Shevat 20th, 5589 (1829). He's the Author of the “Aruch Ha'shulchan”. Died in Novoharodok , on Adar B 22nd , 5668 (1908).

Levinson,  Zvi-Hirsh

Levinson, Zvi-Hirsh
Head of the Radin Yeshiva

Hanaziv's student. Born in Volozhin in 5623 (1863). Son in law of the “Hafets Hayim”. Practiced as Head of the Radin Yeshiva. Died in the year 5681 (1921).
Kahana-Shapiro, Avraham Duber

Kahana-Shapiro, Avraham Duber

Hanaziv's student. Born in Kobrin on Yom Kippur, in 5631 (1870). His father, Shlomo Zalmen was Rabbi Hayim Volozhiner's descendant. As student in the Volozhin Yeshiva he was known as the “Kobrin Prodigy”. Was member in the “Netsakh Israel” (Israel's Eternity) movement. The last Rabbi of Kovno. Died in the Slobodka Ghetto on the Sabath, Adar A 22nd , 5703 (29/3/1943).

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