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Yosef Lifshitz z”l
Died on June 12, 1974 of a cardiac arrest after a long illness

Yosef z”l was a member of the “Ha'chalutz Haklali” in the city. After training he made Aliyah to Eretz-Israel and started a family. He was employed by the Haifa municipality.


Yosef Shamoshkowitz z”l

Was born in Nesvizh. He and his brother Refael were orphaned in early childhood. He studied at “Talmud Torah”. Then he joined the Freedom youth movement. He received a Social-Zionist education. He went for training at Kibbutz Shachariah [The Dawn] in Vilnah. He immigrated in the 1930's and joined kibutz Ramat Rachel. After years of membership in the kibutz he moved with his family to Holon, where he was employed in the building industry. He was killed in a car accident.


Aharon Rozovsky z”l


Was born in 1908 in Nesvizh. The son of Fridel and Yoel Rozovsky, studied in the “Cheder” and later in the Russian High School. Was among the first to join “Ha'chalutz Ha'klali”. In 1930 he immigrated to Chile and started a family. He was active in the Jewish community in Chile and in the Zionist movement.


Gavriel Katz z”l


Was born in 1913 in Nesvizh and received traditional Jewish education. Studied in a “Cheder”, in “Tarbut” school and the Polish high school.   He was a member of the “Gordonia” movement and in it he was mostly active. He was a humble and pleasant man and drew respect from everyone.

He arrived in Israel in 1935 as a student in the University. He was member of the Haganah and joined the “Notrim” Brigade. He served in the IDF during the war of independence. The rest of his years he was employed by the ministry of Justice in the Jerusalem.

Gavriel Katz z”l prepared during his life two articles for the book on Nesvizh describing the town, its natural beauty, its streets and alleys.

Written by Avraham Brazine.


Zalman Shifres

Zalman Shifres, the son of R' Chaim Neisvischar,- as he was called in Lachvitch, where he resided after his marriage,- he was educated in Lachvitch.

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During the 1915 war the family moved to Nesvizh. Zalman was then a soldier in the Russian army. In 1918 he was released and when he returned home he joined the Poalie Zion (Workers Of Zion).

Shifres excelled immediately in meetings. He had original and practical ideas. Very soon after he was elected to the committee as a secretary and then he became the chairman. He represented the Poalie Zion (Workers Of Zion) in many city organizations.

About two years before he immigrated to Israel he was a Bible teacher in the Chelnov Hebrew School.

After the Tel Chai incident in Israel, Shifres was the first to originate the idea of an organized group of pioneers for “Aliyah” and his suggestion was accepted by the committee of The Poalie Zion (Workers Of Zion). Zalman Shifres was the first among the names registered to immigrate in 1920.

In all of his 50 years in Israel, and 45 years in Degania A, Shifres was an active participant in realizing his dream the creation of a working Jewish nation based on equality, friendship and mutual support in our freee land, and he was among the defenders of Degania when the Syrians invaded in 1948.

He underwent a great shock when his only son, Daniel, fell defending Degania and for a very long time he could not recover from this terrible event.

Out of anguish and sorrow he wrote several poems that appeared in the collection entitled “In the Tempest on the Day of a Whirlwind” that was dedicated to the fallen of Degania.

Zalman Shifres passed away in Degania A in 1970.


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