Book of Kolo;
500 Years of Yiddish Kolo
(Koło, Poland)

52°11' / 18°37'

Translation of
Sefer Kolo; Finfhundert Yor Yiddish Kolo

Edited by M. Halter

Published in Tel Aviv, 1958



Project Coordinator

Leon Zamosc


Emerita Project Coordinator: Judy Wolkovitch


This is a translation from: Sefer Kolo; Finfhundert Yor Yiddish Kolo (Book of Kolo; 500 Years of Yiddish Kolo),
ed. M. Halter, Tel Aviv, Former residents of Koło in Israel and the USA, 1958 (H,Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Kolo

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The certificate – A word to the reader M. 5
The people of the resistance Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum z”l 6
From the near and far past
Some information about the history of the Jews of Koło Dr. Rafael Mahler 8
Koło between two world wars Shlomo Ne'eman (Noyman) 17
Dates in the history of Koło M. Belinsky 28
Privileges and discriminations Michael Vitnovsky-Ravitsch 31
Pictures of Koło in my memory Elyahu Duvdevani 35
The “Achdut” period Fiszl Rauff 54
My town G. Wolkowicz 59
The simple and warmhearted Jews Evel Jarmush 71
Political and social life
The beginnings of the Zionist organizations in our town F. Rauff 80
The “Bund” Movement Hanoch Hirschbein 83
The Bundist Youth movement “Zukunft” A. Hartshik 88
Photographs of Harry Daniels   91
The beginnings of Poalei Zion Mordechai Zalkind 92
The Poalei Zion drama circle A. Haraf 98
Poalei Zion in the 1930's A. L. Koninsky 100
The realization of “Hechalutz” [movement] Members 102
A photograph of “Tzirei Zion” [“Youth of Zion”]   104
The youth movement “Freiheit-Dror” Members 106
“Hanoar Hazioni” [The Zionist Youth] Ezriel Rajchert 109
The National Movement Meir Brand-Urban 112
The Zionist womens' organization WIZO Ruth Reimer 114
The Hassidim in Koło Yosef Fogel 115
How did the kehila [Jewish community] function? S. A. Tchorz 118
The cultural and educational institutions
Documents for summing up of the year 1932 Zvi Nadir 122
The Yavne School Aaron Pashedetzki 129
The “Bikurim” festival [Shavuot] in the Yavne school Rabbi Yaakov Litman-Avtalion  133
The Public (Government) Elementary School Sara Butzker-Neumann 134
My Teacher, Reb Meir Zaltzman Y. Manoch 138
“Melamdim” and “Cheders” Hanoch Hirschbein 142
Photographs from schools   144
Amateur theater H. Hirschbein 145
The economic situation of the Jews of Koło
The economic struggle Sal Meyerson 152
The clothing branch Benjamin Stern 162
The transportation service between cities G. Tsvikalsky 171
The transport cooperatives H. A. Shultz 174
The Jews of Koło from overseas
The Jews of Koło in the U.S. Sal Meyerson 176
The organization of former residents of Koło in London S. D. Wolff 180
The story of a “ma'apil” [clandestine Jewish immigrant] Michael Nelken 183
Wanderings Mendel Oven Himmel 189
The war years in the Soviet Union H. Weiman 200
The Jews of Koło in the Warsaw Ghetto Esther Nashelska-Bendler 202
Great scholars and communal workers
Personalities from my town Avraham Avital 206
The Rabbis from Koło Dr. Aharon Brandt-Orban 212
A decription of Reb Shlomo Pozner G. Wolkowicz 222
The “Tzadik” [righteous] teacher Reb Menachem-Mendel Shubinsky z”l G. W. 224
The Admor Reb Shlomo Rotfeld z”l B. Stern 225
Harbingers of the Second Aliyah B. C. Michali 229
The tribulations of Reb Dov Berish Noyman   234
The Enthusiast (Shlomo Treiber)   238
Enthusaists of Hebrew Culture (Prof M. D. Goldman) A. Duvdevani 240
Moshe David Goldman A. Yarmush 241
Communal acticvists H. H. 242
The Holocaust years
Recollections Tolo Moskal Shultz 248
The destruction of Koło Avraham Haraf 249
The revolt in the Sobibor extermination camp Yehezkiel Mancha 264
Kidnapping of girls Tolo Moskal Shultz 269
In the corridor of the House of Death Shultz 272
In the women's work camps Golda Danielovitch-Kaliski 277
The death of Heitche Stal  G. D. Kaliski     281
Chelmno Michael Podchlewnik 284
The Chelmno extermination camp Andrzej Miszczak 289
With the Jews of Koło in the death camps Yaakov Shultz 295
Small indications of human compassion Chaim Eliezer Shultz 302
Years of grief Regina Koninska 310
In Izbica Lubelska Fiszl Rauff 313
Six years in the Nazi Hell Yitzchak Shultz 319
“Pour out thy wrath” (poem) Katriel son of Zev Szaladowski z”l 321
The “Koil” [Kolo] incident Rabbi Joshua Moshe Ahronson z”l 322
Koło in the year 1945 Esther Nashleska-Bendler 326
The tragedy in Chelmno Yaakov Waldman 330
My old home (poem) A. Brandt-Orban 331
There once was a Jewish voice H. H. 333
Dates of grief A. D. 335
Notice about the burial of bones in the Haifa cemetery   336
The cholera plague in Koło Avraham Gliksman 338
Memories of the stormy years P. Friedland 341
Shot by a Cossack Evel Yarmush 345
Communing with those who were incinerated Dov Avishalom 347
The last “gabbai” [beadle] in the “Beth Midrash” L. B. R. 349
One of the humble A. Porat and L. Abramowicz 351
The activists Malka Motel G. W. 352
In a suburb of Warsaw M. Brandt 353
“Days” and years in Koło Avraham Kempinsky 357
The triangular thread   360
Episodes Pinchas Przedecki 361
He loved the Torah M. Ben-Yitzchak 363
Greetings from afar Leib Szpajzman 367
The fallen of the War of Independence   368
From the Ringelblum archives   372
Announcements   377
Passages from the “Hatsfira” newspaper Avraham Brandt-Orban 379
Pictures by the painter S. A. Schlezinger   380
Pictures by the painter Balbina Nashelska-Rauff   381
Contributions for for the Koło book   381
List of names of former residents of Koło living in Israel   383
The holy and innocent victims during the Holocaust years
List of the Koło martyrs   391
Bereavement notices   400
At the completion of the book   420

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