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Bereza Necrology (cont.)

[L - Z]

Surname First Names Where they lived in Bereza Number in Family Remarks
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see Broida, Chaim      
Langer Chaim and wife, and sister of Chaim: Itka and her husband and 2 daughters 3 May St. next to the River 6 Tailor; son Kalman was killed in 1939
Langer Shepsel, wife Teibl, and son Kalman, daughter Devosha and another daughter Tibl 3 May St. next to the River 5 Tailor
Lavershtein Hirshl and wife Tzirl and daughter Shasay across from the Post Office 3 partners with Liskovski -fabric store
Lederman David and wife and wife's mother, daughter Masha, 2 daughters and 2 sons Shasay; lived in Sima Shtuker's home 8 processed sheepskins
Lefin Leizer and wife nickname Lapidot Shernetzel 2 Fruit merchant
Lefin Meir and wife and 2 daughters Shasay next to Zonshein 4 Fruit merchant
Lefin see Pomerantz, Shabtai      
Leibyh from the village of Senevitz and wife and daughter Zeditever 3 Grain merchant
Leizerovitz Itzah, wife Gitl and daughter Reizl Olner 3 Shoemaker
Leizerovitz Shmerl, wife Ester, son Abraham Olner next to Yehuda Tukman 3 Shoemaker
Leizerovitz Yosef, wife Rakhel, son Moshe, daughter Shasay next to Leiba Tukman 4 Shoemaker
Levinzon Naftali and wife Miriam, wife's sister, son Molik, son Vik, and daughter Shasay 7 Grocery store
Levshovski see Niselboim, Binyamin      
Lezerovski Chaim, wife Kheshkeh (born Pomerantz) and son Shasay next Olner 3 Grain merchant
Lezerovski Zosha, wife Gitl, daughter Rebeka Shasay next to Olner 3 Grain merchant
Liberman Chana-Gitl, widow left 1  
Liberman Shepsel, wife Sara born Greivski, son, daughter End of Shasay; lived in Shmuel Goldfein's house 4  
Liberman see Linovski, Itzl      
Liberman see Slatzki, Meir      
Linovski Itzl and wife born Liberman. Genendel Liberman and her husband and son Shernetzel 5 Grain merchant
Lipozhnik see Krupchitzki, Asher      
Lisitzki Borukh, wife Rebeka, son Shepsel, grandmother Dina Subinski 4 Butcher
Lisitzki Moshe Zerach and his family Bluden train station 4 Butcher
Lisitzki see Novik, Moshe      
Lisker see Kaplan, Tzipa      
Lisker Abraham, wife Elka, and wife's sister left 3 sold kerosene
Lisker Alter, wife Elka, daughter Beilatza and her husband Zakariah and daughter Pruzany across from the synagogue 5 worked in the Sid factory
Lisker Chaim and wife and son and daughter Shernetzel St. 4 Grocery store
Lisker Itzah Shernetzel St. 1 Roof maker
Lisker Moshe and wife Sara born Pudorovski and son Shaika, daughter Matleh Beit Chaim 4 worked in the Sid factory
Liskovski Aharon, wife Fruma and daughter Beit Chaim 3 Rags merchant
Liskovski Gedaliah, wife Devosha and child Shkolna next to the Tarbut school 3 Rags merchant
Liskovski Henokh, wife Velah, daughter Keileh, son Moshe, Sara Liskovski and her husband and son Subinski 7 Store for fabric and clothing
Liskovski Khanon, wife and 2 sons and daughter Court yard of the fire station 5 Wagon driver
Liskovski Khona and wife and 5 sons Shasay next to Sima Shtuker 7 Rags merchant
Liskovski Leib and wife and son and daughter lived in Kipen's house which was across from Gershon Neidos 4 Rags merchant
Liskovski Moshe and wife and married daughter and her husband, and son Hertzl and another son Beit Chaim 6 Merchant
Liskovski Moshe-Henokh, wife Zlata and 2 daughters Shkolna next to the school 4 Wagon driver
Liskovski Riva-Gitl and daughter Toibl and her husband Meir and 2 sons and 3 daughters Beit Chaim St.next the School 8 Shoemaker
Liskovski Sarah, widow of Shlomo Shkolna next to the Tarbut School 1  
Lovshovski see Goldberg, Itzah      
Lovshovski Hirshl Velvel and wife Zlata and daughter Chana Tzerkovena 3 Painter
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Feivl and wife and daughter Olner next to Veinshtein 3 Store
Miasevitz see Epelboim, Chana      
Miasnik wife Gitl, daughter of Sholom Broida Pered Stat next to the River 2 Worked in the slaughter house
Mikhlinski Itzak and wife, son Leibl, son Sender, and son Chaim and another son Post Office St. 6 Blacksmith
Mikhlinski Sima (widow) and 4 sons Post Office St. 5 Smithy/forge
Milikovski Shimon and wife and daughter Seltzer 3 Store for animal hides
Milikovski Yakob and daughter Doba and son Motl Olner 3 Store for animal hides
Minkovitz Yekutial and wife Sara and daughter Osnat 3 May St. 3 Melamed (religious subjects teacher)
Minkovski Tzviah (daughter of Aharon Pomerantz) and Child Shasay next to Bridge #1 2  
Miskin Todres, wife, son Leibl, son Chaim Berl, son Shepsel and daughter Tzerkovena 6 Manager of the Bath House
Mkrenski Israel and wife and son Abrahama and son Moshe and daughter Shasay next to the wood mill 5 Flourmill owner
Molodovski Yakob and wife and daughter Malka and another daughter and son Shernetzel 5 Grocery store
Moshkovitz Yakob and wife and son Berl, son Itzah, son Yokhanan, daughter Peltah, daughter Mekhala and her husband and two children Market place 10 Makes tomb stone; beverage store
Movshovitz Eliezer, wife Sara (daughter of Bobka Kagan) Shasay next to fire station 2 Barber
Movshovitz Moshe and wife Chaya and son and daughter Shasay next to fire station 4 Barber
Mozikenski widow (born in Chelm, Poland) and daughter Rebeka and son Itzak Olner; lived in Mlikovski's house 3  
<Return >
Leizer, wife Sara, and 4 daughters and son left across from Shlosberg 7  
Neidos Gershon and wife Ester and daughter Fanya and her husband Across from the "Kadishai" Synagogue 4 Tree merchant
Neidos Shimon and wife Bilah and daughter Elka and son David Across from the "Kadishai" Synagogue 4 Tree merchant
Neiman Eliezer, mother Sheine Yudes, wife Chana and 2 children Shasay next to Leib Tukman 5 Grocery store
Niselboim Binyamin and wife born Levshovski and 3 children Market place next to Neidos 5 stitcher/sewer, animal hides store
Niselboim Shimon and daughter Malka Zeditever 2  
Nostzki Itzak and wife Chaya and daughter Yokheved and another daughter Masha Across from the Post Office building 4 Fish merchant
Nostzki widow of Abraham and 2 daughters Across from the "Kadishai" Synagogue 3  
Novik Moshe and wife Leah (born Lisitzki) and son Subinski; lived in Lisitzki's house 3 stitcher/sewer
Novinski Fishl and wife and 2 sons Shasay across from the Talmud Tora 4 Shoemaker
Nudl Shlomo, wife born Feiglman and daughter Shasay across from Beit Chaim St. 3 Tailor
<Return >
widow of Moshe & son Sanah and another son Shasay across from the Post Office 3  
Orbach Ekhial, his wife Shoshana & daughter & 2 sons Shkolna across from Polnisker 5 Barber
Orshovski see Balgalei      
Orshovski Fruma and her husband and son Across from the public bath house 3  
Orshovski Naftali and wife and son Beit Chaim 3 shoe repair store
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Alta and sister Khashkeh Pruzany St. 2 Seamstresses
Pesetzki Gutel, wife Rebeka Market Place 2 Shoe Store
Pesetzki Moshe Leib (son of Gutl) and wife Ida and 2 daughters Shasay across from Zaltzman 4 Workshop for winter boots
Pesetzki Pesha and her husband Asher (nickname Seiparta) Olner next to Epshtein 2 fixed rubber boots
Pesetzki Sima and her husband Abrahamel (nickname Seiparta) Olner next to Epshtein 2 fixed rubber boots
Peshel Meir and wife and son Itzak and 3 daughters Post Office 6 Chicken merchant
Pezes and wife Chaya and 2 sons and daughter   5  
Pezes Rakhel and son Archik, and another son Yitzik and a daughter Olner; lived in Epshtein's house 4  
Pilechik from the shtetl of Seletz, lived in the ghetto and wife and son Yudel and 2 children 3 May St. 5  
Pilechik Idl, wife Sheina (born Breisha) and 2 daughters Post Office St.; lived in Brisha's home 4 Carpenter from Seletz
Pinchuk Ester (widow of Chaim). 3 daughters: Kheika, Peiah, Feigl Post Office St. 4  
Pinchuk Meir, wife Rebeka (daughter of Rakhel Geler), son Hillel, son Shmuel Olner; lived in Rakhel Geler's home 4 Butcher
Pitkovski Abraham, wife Rakhel (daughter Feivl Kravitz) and daughter Olner; lived in David Pomerantz' house 3 Store
Pitkovski Moshe and wife Rebeka, daughter Sheindl Pruzany St. 3 Wood / Lumber merchant
Piuk Chaim and wife and 2 daughter (the son of Peniah) Beit Chaim; lived with father 4 Sold deli
Piuk Gershon, wife Rokhama and daughter Adel Shasay across from Levinzon 3 Butcher
Piuk Pinya and wife Breina Beit Chaim 2 Deli manufacturer
Plantovski Yosef, wife Khesia and son Hirshl, daugher Mekala Shasay across from Goldfein 4 Carpenter
Pletkovski Abrahamchik and wife Henia Leah and daughter Idel and daughter Reitza Beit Chaim 4 Tailor
Polak see Barkleid, Zelig      
Polak Abraham and wife and 2 daughters Market Place 4 Grain Merchant
Polak and wife, 2 daughters, and daughter and her husband. They once lived in the village Keresnevor. Market Place 6 Restaurant
Polonskerka see Fishman, Velya      
Pomerantz see Yaver, Chaim      
Pomerantz see Yalom, Shimkha      
Pomerantz see Engel, Mushke      
Pomerantz see Ginshpring, Chaim      
Pomerantz see Lezerovski, Chaim      
Pomerantz see Minkovski, Tzviah      
Pomerantz Abraham (widower) and son David Shasay across from Sima Stuker 2 Blacksmith
Pomerantz Abraham and wife and daughter Breina Olner; next to the public bath house 3 Clothing store
Pomerantz Abrahamel and mother and wife and daughter Pered Stat 4 worked in the Sid factory
Pomerantz Aharon and wife and daughter Liba, daughter Musheh, son Meir Shasay next to Bridge #1 5  
Pomerantz Berl (son of Binyamin) and wife and 3 children 3 May St.; lived in parent's home 5 Was supported by father- Binyamin
Pomerantz Berl and wife and 2 daughters Post Office St. 4 Soda Factory
Pomerantz Binyamin (Kheitka's) and wife Chaya (husband was a Khassid) 3 May St. 2 Store in the market place
Pomerantz Chaim, son of Velvel the butcher who went to the USA Shasay across from the Post Office 1 Butcher
Pomerantz David and wife (from the village of Sholin) Olner; across from Veinshtein 2  
Pomerantz Eliezer and wife Chana and son and daughter Post Office St. 4 Soda Factory
Pomerantz Itzl and wife Leika (daughter of Moshe Gershgoren) and son Pered Stat 3 worked in the Sid factory
Pomerantz Khama and wife Yona (Teibl) [daughter of Reznik from Afula, Israel] and daughter Olner; lived in Shmerl Lazerovich's home 3  
Pomerantz Leiby, wife Sara-Feigl, 4 sons: ?Ora, Meir, Itzak, Shimkha; and 2 daughters: Musha, Risha, and 2 grandmothers: Rakhel Pomerantz, Fruma Doidovitz Shasay next to bridge #1 10 Shoemaker
Pomerantz Liba (widow) and 2 children Shasay next to bridge #1 3 Her husband was kill in 1939
Pomerantz Motl, brother Itzah, sister Chana Shemayahu? 3  
Pomerantz Mushke and husband and daughter Shasay next to bridge #1 3 Kiosk
Pomerantz Mutiah and wife Corner of Subinski and the market place 2 Store
Pomerantz Shabtai and wife (born Lefin) and 2 sons and daughter Shernetzel St. 5 Blacksmith
Pomerantz Shepsel, wife Chaya Freida and son Israel and son Binyamin Pered Stat the last house 4 Blacksmith from the village of Sholin
Pomerantz Shmuel Aizik, wife Rasheh Post Office St. 2 Soda Factory
Pomerantz Shmuel, wife Sheina and son Shasay across from the fire station 3 Grocery Store
Pomerantz Sholom (son of Zalman) and wife and son Subinski; lived in father's house 3 foreign currency changer
Pomerantz Sholom and wife and daughter and son Shasay across from the fire station 4 Merchant
Pomerantz Teibl and her sister ( daughters of Mutya) Subinski 2 Shoe Store
Pomerantz Yeshaya and mother and sister and her husband & 2 sons Shasay across from Goldfein 6 Blacksmith
Pomerantz Zalman a widower and daughter and her husband Subinski; next to Lisitzki 3 foreign currency changer
Pomerantz Zelig and wife Liba born Pudorovski and daughter Market Place; lived with father - Mutiah 3  
Pomerantz see Slatzki, son-in-law      
Portnoy Aharon and wife Sara (daughter of Hillel Krolitzki) and 3 sons left; lived in Hillel Krolitzki's home 5 imported merchandise from the city of Brisk
Portnoy Yakob-Leib and daughter Matl and her husband & 2 sons 3 May St. 5 Manufactured oil
Potek see Epshtein, Leibl      
Potok Yehuda, wife Beila, son Israel, son Berl, 3 daughters: Perl, Baska, and Chaya Beginning of Olner St. 7 Shoe Store
Potok Yosef and wife and 2 daughters 3 May St. next to the river 4 Sold fruits
Pribolski and daughter Khamkeh and her husband Leibl and 2 daughters Tzerkovna 5 Nickname Pakterke
Pribolski Mendl, wife Gutke, and son Chaim, son Berl, daughter Devora Post Office St. 5 Tilled the fields in the village of Aronova
Pudorovski Idel and wife Rebeka (born Berenshtein) Beit Chaim; lived with father 2  
Pudorovski Yosef Chaim, wife Keila-Chaya, daughter Meita, son Leib Beit Chaim 4 Metal Worker
Pudorovski see Lisher, Moshe      
Pudorovski see Pomerantz, Zelig      
Pudostroitza Aryeh Leib and wife, daughter Chana Shernetzel St.; lived in Shlomo Bockshtein's house 3 Flour Store
Pudostroitza Itzak and wife Shasay; lived in Begen's home across from Guberman 2 Partner with Sa'adya Resnik
Pudostroitza Meir and wife Rebeka and daughter Golda Shasay next to the wood mill 3 Partner in the flourmill
Pudostroitza Yakob and wife Rozka (born Vlovski) Shasay; lived Chaim Velinski 2 lived with Chaim Velinski
Pudostroitza Yosef and wife Rebeka and son and 2 daughters Market Place next to the Gentile: Likhotzki 5 Store
Putziniski Zelig and wife Bashkeh, son Zalman and another 2 sons Olner next to Abraham Grenberg 5 Was an underground shochet
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see Kobel, Pinya      
Rappaport see Bermna, Leizer      
Reshet see German, Shepsel      
Rezhik see Pomerantz, Khama      
Roterman see Kosovski, Tzimakh      
Rshinski see Blumshtein, Shoika      
Rshinski see Sokolovski, Akiba      
Rshinski see Vlobelski, Leibl      
Sakharov <Return > Rebeka (widow of Israel Leizer from the city of Kosova) and son Leibl Olner; lived in Yehuda Tukman's home 2 Relative (maybe to Yehuda Tuchman)
Samorovitzki see Grenberg, Shmuel      
Sapir and sister from from Blodania who bought Moshe Goldshtein's house Shasay 2 Owner of the Flourmill
Sapir Itzak, wife Glisha born Beizer, and daughter Zeditevah 3 Barber and Musical Instruments
Sapir Nakhman, wife Leah left 2 Barber and Musical Instruments
Sapirshtein Abraham and wife and 2 children Shasay; Across from Leib Tukman 4 Watch maker
Sapirshtein Yehoshua and wife Elka. Son Velvel and another son Shasay; lived with father 4 Watch maker
Seletzki see Ashman, Yakob      
Serlin David and wife Zlatka, son Shlomo, son Hirshl, daughter Gitl Pruzany St. next to the Main (Big) Synagogue 5 Hotel
Shmorovitzki Motl, wife Mushka (daughter of Hirshl Goldberg) and daughter next to the Main (Big) Synagogue 3  
Shpozhnik Abraham, wife Yenta and 2 daughters Beit Chaim 4 brick mason
Shpozhnik Golda, widow of Yakob Eli and mother Olner 2 Abraham's mother
Shpozhnik Moshe and wife ( daughter of Borukh Yakob Kagan) Side street Laizerka across from the Post Office 2 Tailor
Shpozhnik Yosef and wife. Daughter Gitl, son Leika, son Shaul and another daughter Beit Chaim 6 tinsmith
Siminovski see Kagan, Sholom      
Siminovski Hirshl, wife Roza (daughter of Israel Goldberg) Shernetzel St.; lived in Israel Goldberg's house 2 Carpenter
Siminovski Mordechai and wife and son Zalman Shasay next to the Talmud Torah 3  
Siminovski Velvel, wife Reizl, daughter Chaya, daughter Sara, daughter Meita, son Itzak Shasay next to Bridge #2 6  
Siminovski see Tukman, Elimelekh      
Slatzki Efraim and wife and son Mutiah and son Bobka 3 May St. 4 Oil manufacturer
Slatzki Meir, wife Hadasa (daughter of Chana-Gitl Liberman) Market Place; lived with Abraham Abba (father?) 2 stitcher/sewer
Slatzki son-in-law of Motiah Pomerantz, and wife and 2 sons, daughter Liba and another daughter Market Place next to Berman 6 Grinder in the flourmill
Slatzki Yakob, his mother the widow Ikta Shasay next to the Kezremes 2 Fire station Chief
Slodovinik Abraham, wife Itka (born Kaplan) and 2 daughters and son Olner 5 Bakery of Itka Maleikha
Sokolovski Akiba and wife PeItzah (daughter of Folk Rshinski) and 2 sons Broida 4 Fabric store
Solnitz Ekhial, wife Regina and daughter Leah, grandmother Toba Shasay next to Mikal Fridman 4 worked in the Sid factory
Sondek widow, son Yitzik, son Yehuda, son Shimcha, son Yoska and another son Pered Stat 6 Fruit merchant
Soronovski Arnial and wife Doba, daughter Breina, daugter Leah, sister of Doba; Henia   5  
Subinski see Epshtein, Moshe-Eli      
Subinski see Kaplan, Leibl      
Subinski David and wife and son Chaim and son and 4 daughters Pered Stat 8 Wagon owner
Subinski Elimelekh and wife and daughter and son Moshe Shmayahu 4 Horse Merchant
Subinski Hirshl and wife Leah, son Itzl and son Mikal and daughter Reizl   5  
Subinski Meirum, wife Malka (daughter of Moshe Gershgorn and 2 daughters Beit Chaim 4 Shoemaker
Subinski Natan (Noteh) Subinski 1 Soda Store
Subinski Sara Leah, widow Subinski 1  
Subinski Yakob and wife Chaya and son Shmuel   3  
Subinski Zlata, widow Beit Chaim 1  
<Return >
Moshe, wife Zehava and daughter Rakhel corner of Shasay and Tbolitzki 3 Owner of agricultural estate
Tekech Chava and sister Liba; daughters of Yoel the builder Tbolitzki 2 seamstresses
Tekech Eliahu, wife Breina, and daughter Nekha Tbolitzki 3 orderly in the theater
Tekech Israel and wife and 3 daughters Shasay next Dantzig 5 worked in the forest
Tekech Nisen and wife Henia, son Meir, daughter Baska, and daughter Olner 5 worked in the forest
Teper Eliahu, wife Zalta (daughter of Shlomo Veinshtein) and daughter Olner with Veinshtein 3 Zalta was a teacher
Tilman wife, daughter (They lived once at the Bludanya Train Station.) Market place 3 Grocery store
Trop Harav Yosef Chaim, and wife Sara 3 May St. 2 Rabbi
Trop Leibl (son of the rabbi), wife Baska and 2 sons: Shlomo and David, and daughter Rakhel 3 May St. with his father 5 Store
Tros Yehoshua, and wife Nekha and son Eliezer and son Shernetzel 4 Fabric Store
Tukman see Derechinski, Mikal      
Tukman Chaika, Ester Tukman, Elimelekh Tukman Shasay across from Levinzon 3 Elimelech was a barber
Tukman Elimelekh and wife Yenta (born Siminovski) and son Zerakh and daughter Tzerna Shasay next to the Talmud Torah 4 Butcher
Tukman Leib and wife Sarah-Risha Shasay across from Sapirshtein 2 field laborer
Tukman Mekhala, brother Itzak, sister Henia (children of Moshe) Shasay across from the Talmud Torah 3 Harness / Leather
Tukman Saneh, wife Khoma (daughter of Abraham Fridman) next to "Kadishai" Synagogue 2 Butcher
Tukman Sara (wife of Itceh), son Abraham, son Moshe, daughter Cherna 3 May St. in Aba Ditkovitz's home 4 Itzah passed away in Israel
Tukman Yehuda, wife Batya, daughter Mina, daughter Ester, daughter Chana Olner 5  
Tukman Zelig, wife Chaya-Gitl and son Meir, son Asher, daughter Rebeka next to "Kadishai" Synagogue 5 Butcher
Tzirulnik Herzkeh, wife Leah (from the town of Ruzhany) and daughter Market place next to "Kadishai" Synagogue 3 Grocery Store
Tzirulnik Lipa (son of Mordechai) and wife Shasay next to bridge #1; lived with Stuker 2 Grocery Store
Tzirulnik Menasha, wife Riva, son Chaim, son Moshe, 2 daughters Shasay close to bridge #2 6 Blacksmith and Grocery store
Tzirulnik Mendl and wife and daughter (all the Tzirulniks are from the village of Piesk or Fisk) Shasay close to bridge #2 3 Grocery Store
Tzirulnik Mordechai and wife and son Berl Shasay next to bridge #1; lived with Stuker 3 Grocery Store
Tzuker widow of Moshe Beit Chaim; across from the public housing 1 Her husband was a porter
Tzukerman Mekhala (widow) and daughter Chana and her husband Shmuel Yablonski left next to Shlosberg 3  
Tzurolnik Meir Pered Stat 1  
Tzurolnik Zidel and wife and 2 children Pered Stat 4  
<Return >
see Izenshtein, Maks      
<Return >
see Teper, Eliahu      
Veinshtein Sara (daughter of Mikal Fridman) wife of Vaveh and son Shasay in the home of Mikal Fridman 2 Her husband Vaveh is in Canada
Veinshtein Shlomo and wife Chaya Corner of Olner and the Market Place 2 Sold kerosene and benzine
Vender Motl and wife and 3 daughters 3 May St. 5 Grocery store
Vinik see Batlai      
Vinik Beniah and wife and 2 children Shasay close to the Post Office 4 Road contractor
Vinik Israel and wife and 2 sons: Ovadiya and Eliahu with 2 daughters Shasay next to the Talmud Torah 6 Worked in the slaughter house
Vinik Mordechai and wife Tzerena and son Leibl and daughter Chaya Olner 4 Matzah Baker
Vinik Shimon and wife Roza and 2 daughters Pruzany in home of Yakob Rabinovich 4 Soda store
Vinik Yakob and wife Leah born Gerber Shasay next to Gerber 2 Soda Store
Vinik Zalman and wife and son and daughter Shasay next to the Talmud Torah 4 Builder of wooden houses
Vinikor Mordechai, wife Beila, daughter Pesel, daughter Leah and another 3 daughters Tbolitzki next to Berenshtein 7 shoemaker
Visotzki Nekhemiah and wife Ester and daughter Nekhama Olner next to Fisher 3 Store
Vlobelski see Izenshtein, Moshe      
Vlobelski Eliahu and wife Penya and son Shasay in Shamaya Yablonovski's home 3 store for agricultural machinery
Vlobelski Leibl and wife Shoshana born Rshinski and 2 sons Shkolna next to Moshe Berezman 4 store for agricultural machinery
Vlovski see Pudostroitza, Yakob      
Voigodski HaRav Sender, wife Itka and 2 sons Yakob, Yehuda and 2 daughters Shasay across from Guberman 6 Rabbi of the City
Volinski Chaim and wife Mirka, son Abraham and 2 daughters Shasay next to Grenberg 5 Merchant of hay and foder
Volinski Leah (widow), son Henok The Post Office 2 Post Office
Volpovitz Israel and wife and 3 sons: Shebakh, Leibl, Yehoshua, daughter Sara Shasay corner of Broida St. 6 Grocery store
<Return >
Borukh-Laizer and wife and son Moshe and daughter Shasay next to the Post Office 4 upholstery
Yablonovich Moshe (single, not married) son of Shmayahu Shasay across from Vlobelski 1  
Yablonovich Shmayahu and wife Shasay across from Vlobelski 2 Harness / Leather
Yablonski see Tzukerman, Mekhala      
Yalom Eliezer's (from Bludaniya) wife and her sister Yosepha and son Shasay in Chaim Zelig Blakher's home 3 Eliezer was a teacher
Yalom Ester (wife of Abraham in the USA) and 2 daughters and son 3 May St. 4  
Yalom Shimkha, wife Masha (daughter of the butcher Pomerantz) and daughter Shasay in Chaim Pomerantz's home 3  
Yalom Zisel (widow) and son Shmuel and daughter Malka Shasay across from Vinik 3 Store
Yalom see Zakheim, Zelig      
Yaver Chaim and wife Chana (daughter of Shepsel Pomerantz-from the village: Shilin) and son Pered Stat the last house 3 worked in Kalinski's store
Yaver Feivl, wife Hinda, daughter Sara and another daughter Tzviah left; in father's home across from Shlosberg 4  
Yaver Yitzak Mordechai and wife Teibl (daughter of Abraham Grenberg) and daughter left; in father's home across from Shlosberg 3 Worked in the bank
Yeshechevski Motl & wife, son Levik & daughter Ida her husband and son Corner of Olner and market place 6 Cigarette store
Yudelevski Aharon-Eli, wife Hadasa, son Moshe Olner 3 Furniture carpenter
Yudelevski Ekhial Nisel and wife Zeditever 2  
Yudelevski Shlomo Shasay next to Vinik 2 Shochet
Yushrovitz widow of the Rabbi & daughter Shifra Shasay across from Goberman 2  
<Return >
see Bukshtein, Itzl      
Zakheim Chaim, wife Masha and son Tzvi and son Matityahu and daughter Shasay next to Grenberg 5 Hat maker
Zakheim Mordechai and wife and daughter Sonia Corner of Shasay and Shernetzel 3 Tin smith
Zakheim Nisen and wife Liba and son Binyamin Pruzany 3 Vice Mayor
Zakheim widow of Yosef and son Binyamin Shasay next to Levinzon 2 Soda Factory
Zakheim Yakob and wife Hadasa born Feldman Shasay next to Levinzon 2 Soda Factory
Zakheim Yona and wife Pesel, daughter of Hillel Krolitzki Shasay next to Grenberg 2 Steel / Metal Store
Zakheim Zalman and wife and married daughter and 2 daughters Zeditva 5  
Zakheim Zelig, wife Khaya'cheh (daughter of Zisel Yalom) and son Shasay across from Vinik 3 Soda Factory Khayacheh
Zaltzman Yehoshua, wife Tzirl, son Yakob and son Ruben Shasay 4 Grain Merchant
Zarestski Meir, wife Soshana (born Berezman), son Eliahu and daughter Sara Shasay across from Gerber 4 Pharmacy
Zarestski Tuviah and wife Mina (daughter of Gabriel Epshtein) and mother and daughter and son David Shkolna 5 brick mason
Zarestski widow Basha-Rebeka and son Menachem and 2 daughters Market place 4 Store
Zarestski Yehoshua and wife and 5 sons Shasay across from the Post Office 7 tailor
Zarestski Yeshayahu and wife left 2 brick mason
Zevilovitz Yehoshua and wife Hinda and 2 daughters Shasay next to Bridge #2 4 Grocery store
Zhidvitz Moshe and wife and daughter Fruma and son Shmuel and son David and son 3 May St. 6 Grocery store
Zimokhovski Shlomo and wife and son David and son Sender and daughter Henia Post Office 5 Blacksmith
Zimokhovski Yehoshua and wife and daughter Post Office 3 Blacksmith
Zunshein Moshe and mother Chaya and sister Chaya Toiba Shasay across from Zaltzman 3  
Zurukovitz Abraham and brother Shlomo and another brother and the mother Tbolitzki 4 From the Bendet Family

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