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Bereza Necrology

Surname First Names Where they lived in Bereza Number in Family Remarks
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Archik & wife & son and daughter market place next to Veinshtein 4  
Aguz Henya (widow), 2 sons Mikal and Chaim Olner 3  
Aharonovitz Ishakar and wife and 2 daughters and mother and sister of Ishakar left 6  
Aksman Aharon and wife Yenta and 2 daughter and mother of Yenta, Reshle's Ester market place 5 dairy store
Aksman Hirshl, wife Reizl 3 May St. 2  
Aksman Sholom and wife Zoneh born Goldshtein and 2 children 3 May St. 4 Shoemaker
Alexandrovski Moshe, his wife Chaya born Goldberg, daughter Ritza & husband & daughter left next to the Khassidic Shtibel 5 medical knowledge
Alprin Ben Tzion wife Miriam, sons Abraham and Menachem Shasay across from Zaltzman 4 tailor
Alprin Erukhmial, wife Etl, daughter Batya & daughter Shasay across from Zaltzman 4 stitcher/sewer
Alprin Mushke widower & son Asher Olner next to Epshtein 2  
Alprin see Galprin      
Altman Meita daughter of Khema, wagon owner Shasay next to fire dept. 1  
Ashman Aharon and wife Shasay, opposite the woodmill 2  
Ashman Sholom and wife Shasay, opposite the woodmill 2 photographer
Ashman Yakob and wife Faya (born Seletzki) and 2 sons and a daughter Shasay next to the "Kezremes" by Seletzki 5 photographer
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Abraham and sister and mother Public housing ? 3 shoemaker (employee)
Baier Chaim and wife and son Tzerkovna 3 tailor
Baier Eliezer, wife Rakhel daughter of Rasheh Tzerkovna 3 tailor
Baier Mendl and wife and 3 daughters and son Shkolna across from the Tarbut School 6 tailor
Baier Yosef, wife Khashkeh, daughter Tzina, daughter Fruma, and son Yosef Aharon Shkolna across from the Tarbut School 5 Carpenter
Balgalei Leibl and wife Rakhel and son (son-in-law of Yakhnah Orshovski) across from the public bath house 3 carpenter
Barkleid Yosef and wife and 2 sons and 2 sisters of Yosef: Peitza and Rachel next to Yehuda Potok 6 Metal worker
Barkleid Zelig, wife Chana (born Polak) and mother of Zelig behind the "Kezremes" next to Hetzigeleneya 3 In charge of the workshop of the bricks
Barnitzki Ester and her husband market place next to Neidos 2  
Batlai Yakob and wife Feitza (daughter of Mordechai Vinik) and daughter Olner with Mordechai Vinik 3  
Beizer Fishl and wife and son Leibl Public housing ? 3 Forest laborer
Beker Pesach and sister PerItzl from Otovetzk Shasay lived with Chaim-Zelig Blyakher 2  
Berezman Moshe and wife Berta and son Sioma and daughter Ida Shasay across from Tbolitzki 4  
Berezman Yehoshu and wife Ester and daughter Leah and son Binyamin left 4  
Berezman see Frankl, Berezman      
Berezman see Zarestski, Meir      
Berkovich Motl and wife Pesel and son Leibl Pruzany St. 3 grain merchant
Berkovich Peishke and wife and daughter Yakhna and son David and another 2 daughters Post Office 6 blacksmith
Berkovich see Kagan, Yosef      
Berlem Motl and wife Ester and daughter Peshka and another daughter Olner in Yehuda Tukman's house 4 Canteen in the market place
Berman Abrahamel Public housing ? 1 shoemaker employee
Berman Leizer son of Malka, brother of Devora Rappaport Shasay across from Grenberg 1 electrician
Berman Meir and sister Devora Shasay across from Grenberg 2 shoemaker employee
Berman Rebeka (widow of Mutiah) and daughter market place 2  
Berman Toiba (widow), son Nachum and wife and daughter Public housing ? 4  
Berman Yeshayahu and wife Miriam and 2 daughters and mother of Miriam Public housing ? 5 worked in the cemetery
Bilchik Chaya-Etl, widow and daughter Chana Shasay next to Zaltzman 2 General Store
Bilchik Eliahu-Yosef and wife Sara Elka and daughter Liba Pruzany St. next to the synagogue 3  
Bilchik Feivl and wife Broka and daughter Shifra Tbolitzki 3  
Bilchik Shleimka and wife Sara born Kolishovski Tbolitzki 2 carpenter
Blum and wife and 2 daughters and son and mother 3 May St. 6 Store
Blumshtein Chana-Musheh from Lineve Shasay in Grenvald house 1  
Blumshtein Shleimka and wife Sheindl and 2 daughters Peshkeh and Chuma 3 May St. next to Mendl Ravitz 4 Store for writing materials
Blumshtein Shoika and wife Sima (daughter of Folk Rshinski) and daughter Shasay in Folk Rshinski's house 3  
Blumshtein see Kaplan, Chava      
Blyakher Chaim-Zelig and wife Shasay next to Subinski 2 tailor
Blyakher Itzak and wife Bluma and son and daughter Shernetzel St. 4 shoemaker
Blyakher Kinka (widow from Kosowa) and daughter Malka left next to Chaim Epshtein 2  
Bovitz widow of Yisaskhar Shasay next to Riterman 1 pharmacy
Braverman Henia (widow of Yankel), son Nisen and grandmother Leah Bluma Shasay across from woodmill 3  
Braverman Meir and wife and son Leibl and Tovah 3 May St. 4 Bakery
Braverman widow of Efraim, son Chaim, son Meir, daughter Tzviah and another daughter Olner next Fisher 5 Harness/Leather
Brazovski (Shamekheh) and daughter Shasay next to Levinzon 2  
Brazovski Henia (widow of Yehuda the teacher) and daughter Hodes left across from Shlosberg 2  
Brazovski Ruben and wife Leah left across from Shlosberg 2 carpenter employee
Breisha Efraim and wife Dovka Vavitz St 2 sold lottery tickets
Breisha Leiba and wife and 2 sons Post Office St. 4 blacksmith
Breisha see Pilechik, Idl      
Brenshtein see Pudorovski, Idel      
Brindel Leibl (Kashe's) and wife Brokha and 3 sons and 2 daughters and mother left 8 barber
Broida Chaim and wife Merl (born Langer) Shasay across from Vlobelski 2  
Broida Israel and wife and 3 daughters and son-in-law Shasay across from Vlobelski 6 Grocery store
Broida Leibl, his wife Rakhel and son Sholom and daughter Bashkeh and her husband Pered Shtat next to the river 5 shoemaker
Broida Mendl & wife and mother. The son of Shlomo (of blessed memory)-Chassid Broida St. 3 Restaurant
Bronshtein Asher and wife Khasha Tbolitzki 2 sewing shop
Bukh'halter Feivl and wife Mushkeh, son Leibl and son and daughter Seltz St. 5 Butcher
Bukh'halter Hirshl, wife Bobl and son Kalman close to "Kadisha" Synagogue 3 Butcher
Bukh'halter Meir and wife Elka and 2 daughters and son Kalman Shernetzel St. 5 Fabric store
Bukh'halter Yosef and wife and son Tuviah, daughter Keila, son Maier, son Itzak Seltz St. 6 Butcher
Bukshtein Alter (widower) Shernetzel St. 1  
Bukshtein Aryeh and wife Yakha and 5 daughters; Plata, Khadka, Sarah'ka, Perleh, Mirl Shasay next to Zaltzman 7 Soda Factory
Bukshtein Asher, wife Henya Broida St. 2  
Bukshtein Chaim (son of Alter) Shernetzel St. 1  
Bukshtein David and wife and son Shema and son Abraham, and 2 sons and daughter Shasay across from Grenberg 7 Butcher
Bukshtein Itzak, wife Hinda (born Galprin), and daughters; Roza, Chinka son Yosef Pered Shtat 5 shoemaker
Bukshtein Itzl and wife (daughter of Yakob Icheh Druker who lives in Mordechai Zakheim's house) Shasay corner of Shernetzel 2 Horse merchant
Bukshtein Pesach and wife and 2 children (son of Shlomo) next to Neidos Gershon 4 Butcher
Bukshtein Pesach, wife Sara (born Chestler), son Moshe and 2 daughters Shasay next to Shtuker Sima 5 Horse merchant
Bukshtein Shlomo and wife next to Neidos Gershon 4 Butcher
Bukshtein Tuviah, wife Sara and 2 daughters (son of Alter) Shernetzel St. 4 Horse merchant
Bukshtein widow of Yehuda and 2 daughters next to Neidos Gershon 3 butcher shop
Bukshtein Zunya, wife Baske and daughter Beilah and son Nota Shasay next to Vlobelski 4 shoemaker
Bukshtein see Goldberg, Israel      
Bukshtein see Kharali, Shaul      
Bukshtein see Kolodny, Israel      
Burgman see Krshinski, the teacher      
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see Bukstein, Peseach, wife Sara      
Chesler see Kobel, Moshe      
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Hirshl and wife and son Yosef, daughter Zelda and another 2 daughters left 6 shoemaker
Dentzig Leiby and wife Mekhala and daughter Leah Shasay next to the "Kezremes" 3 Roof repair
Derchinski Eliahu and wife Sheina (born Dubovski and 2 daughters Olner on top of Veinshtein 4 Carpenter
Derechinski Meilakh and wife Freidl, son Borukh, daughter Feigl and daughter Chaya'ka Olner on top of Veinshtein 5 Fabric store
Derechinski Mikal and wife Devosha, born Tukman Olner on top of Veinshtein 2 Buyer of butter and chickens
Ditkovitz Aharon and wife Shifra and 2 daughters 3 May St. 4 Painter
Ditkovitz Nachum Itzah and wife and daughter Beiltzah 3 May St. 3 Metal worker
Ditkovitz Shmuel and wife Chana (daughter of Berl Kravchik) and son Broida St. in Berl Kravitz' home 3 Painter
Doidovitz see Pomerantz, Leiby      
Dratzinski see Kravitz, Feibl      
Drugotzinski Shaul, and wife Chaya Eshkeh, son Leibl and son Feivl and daughter Sheina and daughter Basheh Olner next to Potok 6 Tranport wagon from Lioishki to Bluden
Druker see Bukshtein, Itzl      
Druker Leiby and wife Rasheh, son Itzak, daughter Peshka and another daughter Olner, lived in Yosha's house 5 Tranport wagon from Lioishki to Bluden
Dubinski Ester (widow), 3 sons: Moshe, Pinchas, and Tzvi , 2 daughters: Fruma and Breina Olner - daughter of Yosha the coach owner 6 store
Dubovski see Derchinski, Eliahu      
Dubovski Abraham and wife Zeditever St. next to Niselboim 2 fish and chicken buyer
Dulgin Nakhman and wife Freida and son Yehuda and son Leibl and daughter Ikta Shasay near bridge #2 5 Blacksmith
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David & 2 daughters, one married and husband across from the "Keserketin" 4 Bakery
Edelshtein Arnial & wife Chaya and daughter next to Post Office 3 Brick factory
Elberg Moshe left next to Shlosberg 1 wooden houses builder
Elberg Yosef & wife Itka and daughter left across from Shlosberg 3 Barber
Elman Aharon Shmuel & wife & handicaped daughter & her husband Shlomo & 2 daughters Shasay next to bridge #1 6 shoemaker
Engel Mushke (daughter of Arkeh Pomerantz) & husband & daughter Chana Shasay next to bridge #1 3 kiosk
Epelboim Chana (Miasevitz), daughter Mariasha, daughter Khumah Shasay Berezman Home 3  
Epelboim Yehuda and wife and son Olner next to Shapira 3  
Epshtein Chaim and wife Reizl, daughter Rebeka, daughter Leah left 4 Shoemaker
Epshtein Feigl and husband and 2 children Shasay by Goldfein near Bridge #2 4 daughter of Shimon from the village of Oo'lian
Epshtein Gavriel and wife Shkolna 2 Glazier
Epshtein Leibl & wife Rakhel born Potek Olner 2 carpenter
Epshtein Moshe-Eli and wife Tzviah (born Subinski)   2 carpenter
Epshtein Shimcha, wife Pola, son Moshe and daughter Shasay next to woodmill 4 Flourmill
Epshtein Shmuel and wife Dina and 3 daughters Shasay next to Vlovski 5 Grocery store
Epshtein Yehoshua & wife daughter of Leah & 3 sons Shasay next to Vlovski 6 Carpenter/
Epshtein Yosef-Shimcha and wife Chana and son Kalman. daughter Leiba Olner 4 Shoemaker
Epshtein Zalman and sister left 2 Carpenter
Epshtein Zalman and wife Shasay next to Vlovski 2 Carpenter
Epshtein see Zarestski, Tuviah      
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see Feigenblut      
Feigenblut Feigenbaum?/David and wife and mother-in-law Freida and daughter Sara, daughter Shoshana and another daughter Shasay across from Levinzon 5 Fabric store
Feiglman Berl and wife and son Kalman left 3 Shames (Synagogue Sextant/Beadle)
Feiglman see Kobrinski, Shimon      
Feingold Sender and wife Lib'kheh and 2 daughters and son Shasay close to the Post Office 5 worked in the Sid factory
Feldman Chaim and daughter Feigl and her husband and son Olner 5 Tailor
Feldman see Zakheim, Yakob      
Finkel widow and married daughter and her husband and son Shasay next to the Post Office 4 Grocery Store
Fisher Itzak. wife Chana Rakhel. daughter Nekhama and another daughter Liba Olner 4  
Fishls Shmuel and wife Shasay; lived in Shlomo the Shochet's home 2 Shochet
Fishman Velya widow and son Leibl and daughter Manya (Polonskerkah) Shkolna next to the Tarbut School 3  
Frankl (Berezman) widow Ora and son Menakhum and another son Shasay across from the fire station 3 Store for writing materials
Frankl Polya and her husband Shasay; lived in Eliezer Neiman's home 2 Polya was a dentist
Frankl Rakhel widow and son David and son Eliahu and daughter Sara and daughter 3 May St. across from Aksman 5  
Fridenberg Mutia and wife (daughter of Chinka Kagan) and 2 sons Shasay; lived with Kagan (who was across from Grenberg) 4  
Fridenberg Shimon (nickname Chipuk )and wife Sara Menukha Shernetzel 2 sold fruit
Fridenberg Yakob and wife Itka and son Leibl and daughter Hinda Shernetzel 4 Tailor
Fridenberg see Kagan, Mendl      
Fridenshtein Binyamin and wife Eta (daughter of Feigl Geler) and daughter Shasay; lived with Geler 3 worked in the forest
Fridenshtein Moshe (son of Yakob-Asher and Rakhel), wife Leah, and son 3 May St. across from Aksman 3  
Fridenshtein Yakob-Asher, wife Rakhel (born Goldberg), son Shimcha, daughter Freidl (Orphan) Shasay; corner of Tbolitzki 4 Lumber merchant
Fridman Abraham and wife and daughter Leah and her husband and daughter of Leah End of Shasay next to Bridge #2 5  
Fridman Alter (his children), daughter Ester, daughter Shprintza, daughter Sulkeh, son Shmuel 3 May St. 4  
Fridman David (Bolshevik) and wife Reizl, daughters: Tzerna, Sheindl, Ester; sons: Shmuel, Shimon, Naftali, Moshe, Abraham; Chaim Aryeh and his wife Feigl and their Berl 3 May St. 14 Builder of wooden houses
Fridman David (son of Yosef Ruben), wife Mekhala and 4 daughters and a son Shatz St. 7  
Fridman Fridl widow and son Pruzany St. across from Bilchik 2 Glazier
Fridman Hirshl, wife Blumkeh (daughter of Modish Galprin) and 2 sons Shasay; lived in Chaya Etl Bilchik's home 4 Fixed bicycles
Fridman Itzah and wife and 2 daughters Market Place across from Serlin 4 Itzah
Fridman Mikal and wife, daughter Itka, daughter Rakhel, and daughter Tzipora Shasay near the Post Office 5 son of Yosef Ruben
Fridman Moshe (son of Yosef) and wife (daughter of Binyamin Kobrin) Market place; lived with Kobrin 2 Blacksmith
Fridman Nakhman and wife, daughter Zlatka, daughter Feigl, daughter Chana, daughter Henia, son Yosef   7  
Fridman Nakhum-Icheh widower and daughter Sheindl Beit Chaim 2 Carpenter
Fridman Sheina Breina and daughter Henia and her husband and 2 daughters Shasay next to bridge #2 5 Brought chickens and fish
Fridman widow of Yosef Ruven and son Sholom and son Hirshl Shatz St. 3  
Fridman Yosef and wife and son Kalman Shasay across from Sima Shtuker 3 Blacksmith
Fridman see Kolishovski, Zusha      
Fridman see Tukman, Saneh      
Fridman see Veinshtein, Sara      
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see Bukshtein, Itzak      
Galprin see Fridman, Hirshl      
Galprin Feivl and wife Keila (born Kravitz) Shasay next to Danchik 2 Lumber merchant
Galprin Israel Tzadok and wife Hodes and daughter Peitza and daughter Mileh Shasay next to Dantzig 4 Lumber merchant
Galprin Isser, wife (nickname Pasheh) Pered Stat 2 Builder of wooden houses
Galprin Modosh and wife Henia and daughter Lubka Across from Yehuda Potok 3 forestry merchant  
Galprin Moshe (nickname Pasha) Pered Stat 1 Builder of wooden houses
Galprin Peitzah (lived in Ben Tzion Alprin's house) Shasay across from Zaltzman 1 Nurse
Galprin Sheina and sister Eta and her husband Pered Stat 3  
Galprin Shmuel and wife Friedka and daughter Leah Pered Stat 3 Builder of wooden houses
Geler see Fridenshtein, Binyamin      
Geler Feigl (widow) Shasay corner of Post Office 1 Partnership in Shoe store
Geler Rakhel (widow of Hillel) Olner 1  
Geler see Greivski, Feivl      
Geler see Pinchuk, Meir      
Gelman Aharon, wife Leah Seltzer 2 Store
Gerber daughter Rakhel and daughter Tzviah, and 2 more daughters in the courtyard of Devora Berkovich 5 shoemaker
Gerber see Vinik, Yakob      
German Alter and wife and son Khanon Shernetzel 3 Grain Buyer
German Alter and wife Gitl and daughter Liba and another daughter Mina Shasay next to Mendl Broida 4 Fabric Store
German Kalman and wife Blumkeh and daughter Miriam and son Yosef Shasay 4 Fixed Bicycles
German Shepsel and wife Ester, daughter of Berl & Tzalka Reshet Shasay next to Levinzon 2 Grain merchant
German see Glezer, Yakob      
German see Karpel, Moshe      
Gershgorn Borukh and mother Malka and wife and son Beit Chaim 4 Kiosk selling sweets
Gershgorn Moshe and wife Shasay across from Gerber 2 Women's tailor
Gershgorn see Pomerantz, Itzl      
Gershgorn see Subinski, Meirum      
Ginshpring Abraham Itzak and wife Shasay across from Levinzon 2 from the village Varmut; Grain Merchant
Ginshpring Chaim and wife Teibl and daughter (lives in Abraham Pomerantz's home) Shasay close to the bridge 3 fruit merchant
Ginshpring Moshe-Shimcha, wife Breina and son Binyamin and daughter Ester and daughter Sara and her husband and son Olner 7 fruit merchant
Ginzburg Nisen and wife and 3 daughters and son Shasay across from Winik 6 Restaurant
Glezer Aharon, wife, daughter Chaya, daughter Doba, another daughter and grandmother market place 6 Store
Glezer Aizik, wife, daughter (nickname Teigakatz) Broida St. 3 Beverage Store
Glezer Eli and wife and son and daughter Broida St. 4 Beverage Store
Glezer Sadya, wife Pesel, and two sons Broida St. 4 Fabric Store
Glezer Yakob and wife Baska (daughter of Alter German), daughter, and mother of Yakob Broida St. 4 Store
Glutzerman (daughter of Nachum Yudel) 2 sons and a daughter 3 May St. 4  
Glutzerman Abraham and wife Beila and her sister, a daughter and 3 sons next to "Kadisha" Synagogue 7 Labor foreman for Vilnik - making roads
Glutzerman Elimelekh and wife Chana, son Shlomo, son Shimcha, daughter Mera and another daughter Seltzer 6 Worked in the flourmill of Makerniski
Goldberg see Alexandrovski, Moshe      
Goldberg see Fridenshtein      
Goldberg Hirshl and wife Rebeka (born Grosman) and 4 sons: Aharaon, Shimshon, Yosef, Moshe left 6 nickname Shtreialach
Goldberg Israel and wife (daughter of Shlomo Bukshtein), daughter Feigl, son Henok and another 3 daughters corner of Shernetzel St. and 3 May St. 7 buyer of flax
Goldberg Itzah (Itzak) (son of Israel and Yenta), and wife Sonia (born Lovshovski), son Mordechai and another son Yakob Tzerkovena 4  
Goldberg Itzah-Hirshl and wife and 2 daughters next to "Kadisha" Synagogue 4 Butcher
Goldberg Leiby (son of Israel and Yenta) and wife and 3 children left next to Burgman 5  
Goldberg Mordechai and wife Sheina, daughter Feigl, daughter Leah, son Shmuel-David Broida St. 5 Butcher
Goldberg Moshe-Aharon, wife Chaya, daughter Leah Olner next to Tukman 3  
Goldberg Pincheh and wife and sister of Pincheh, Gutl, son Yakob, son David, son Chaim, daughter Malka Shasay across from Beit Chaim St. (? Cemetery St.) 7 Pincheh
Goldberg see Shmorovitzki, Motl      
Goldberg see Siminovski, Hirshl      
Goldfein Shmuel Shasay close to the bridge 1 Flourmill owner
Goldshtein see Aksman, Sholom      
Goldshtein Zunya and wife Broida St. 2 tailor
Goldshtein see Sapir, and sister…      
Gordon widow, son Binyamin, daughter and her husband and 2 daughters Shasay next to Ashman 6 from the village Varmut; Grain Merchant
Gorodetzki Nachum and wife and child Shasay with Winik 3 Electrical engineer
Gostovski Moshe and wife, son David and another 3 sons market place 6 Harness/Leather
Greenvald Rasha and daughter Sonia and son Feivl (pharmacy) Shasay across from Beit Chaim St. (?Cemetery St.) 3 pharmacy
Greivski Feivl and wife Chava (daughter of Rakhel Geler) and son Olner with Rakhel Geler 3 worked in Sid (white wash)
Greivski Itzl, Kheshkeh, and another sister Shernetzel 3 worked in Sid (white wash)
Greivski see Liberman, Shepsel      
Grenberg see Yaver, Yitzak      
Grenberg Abraham, wife Rebeka, 3 daughters: Feigl, Mushka, Dova, and son Leibl Olner 6 tailor
Grenberg Shmuel and wife Ester Rakhel (born Samorovitzki) and 2 sons: Aharon and Moshe Shasay across from the "Talmud Torah" 4 Kiosk selling newpapaers
Grosman Goldberg, Hirshl      
Grosman Eliahu (nickname Streialakh) and wife near bridge #2 2 store
Guberman Ekhial and wife and 2 children Shasay in Mikal Fridman's home 4 owner of a warehouse of rags
Guberman Shmuel and wife and daughter and mother Shasay next to fire station 4 owner of a warehouse of rags
Guberman Yosef and wife and son Itzl and son Abrahamel and David Shasay next to fire station 5  
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Ester and daughter Vikhna, daughter Elka, daughter Roza and her husband and daughter Sonia and son Kalman   7 village - Lisotzitz
Halprin Israel and Golda, son Fishl-Leib, daughter Otka, son Abraham   5 village - Nivka
Heidemak Moshe and wife and son Dov and 2 daughters Shasay in Shlomo the Shochet's house 5 store
<Return >
Meirim & daughter and husband Eliahu, and 2 sons market place 5 Beverage store
Izenshtein Akhsah, son of Losia (lawyer) & wife & son market place 4 Fabric store
Izenshtein David, his wife Bele'kheh, son Mendl and daughter Olner next to Fisher 4  
Izenshtein Erakhmial, his wife Rakhel, son Idel and 3 daughters left next to Alexandrovski 6  
Izenshtein Heneniah, his wife Bobl, daughter Neomi; Rebeka daughter of Heneniah and her husband Itzkeh, and 2 sons market place 7 store
Izenshtein Maks, his wife Sarah (born Udelovski) and daughter Zeditevah 3  
Izenshtein Moshe (son-in-law of Vlobelski) & wife Pemitzah, son Binyamin & mother-in-law wife of Vlobelski) Shasay by Vlobelski 4  
<Return >
see Fridenberg, Mutia      
Kagan Avigdor and wife and daughter Chaya and 2 children Shasay across from Shernetzel 5 Glazier
Kagan Bobke and married daughter and her husband and 2 children Biet Chaim 5  
Kagan Borukh-Yakob and wife Chana-Tzviah Shasay across from Guberman 2 Shoemaker
Kagan Chinka and married daughter Chaya and her husband and 2 children Shasay across from Grenberg 5  
Kagan David and wife and daughter Shasay across from Shernetzel 3 Wife was seamstress
Kagan Ekhial-Moshe, wife Chava, daughter Feigl, daughter Beiletza, son Asher, son Menashe Shasay next to Arye Bukshtein 6 tailor
Kagan Israel and wife and daughter Doba and daughter Mekhala 3 May St. 4  
Kagan Mendl, wife Chana (daughter Shimon Fridenberg) and daughter Shernetzel lived with Fridenberg 3 Wagon owner
Kagan Moshe, wife Rasha and son and daughter Biet Chaim 4 Store
Kagan Shema wife Keila and son Betzalel and son Itzik and daughter Itka Shasay next to Feingold 5  
Kagan Sholom and wife Elka born Siminovski and daughter Tzirl'ah   3  
Kagan Yoel Mordechai and wife Ester and 3 daughters: Frida, Sara, Tzirl Shasay next to bridge #2 5 Shoemaker
Kagan Yosef and wife Devora (Berkovich) and son Hillel Shasay across from the wood mill 3  
Kagan Zalman and wife and 2 daughters Shasay across from Guberman 4 stitcher / stitcher/sewer
Kagan see Shpozhnik, Moshe      
Kaganski Berl-Leib and wife, son Yosef, son Abraham, daughter Shoshana and son Shkolna across from the Tarbut School 6 Store in the market place
Kaminitzki David and wife and 2 daughters Shasay across from the Talmud Torah 4 Carpenter
Kaminitzki Khetziah (widow of Yosef who was killed by the Kazremes 1939), daughter Ester, and daughter Yosefa) Olner; lived in Tukman's house 4  
Kaminitzki Shaul, wife Zlata, daughter Broka and daughter Chaya Pruzany St. next to the Synagogue 4 A kiosk in the market place for baked goods
Kaminitzki Shlomo, wife Sara and 2 sons and a daughter lived in the courtyard of the fire station 5 Metal worker/fixed bicycles
Kantor Abraham and brother Berl left 2 hired tailor/journeyman
Kaplan Chava, widow, mother of Leibl and Sheindl Blumshtein 3 May St. 1  
Kaplan Fishl, wife, and daughter, and aunt Chana Maleikhah or from Eleikha Olner 4  
Kaplan from the town of Pruzany and 2 daughters and a son-in-law and son of one of the daughters Shasay next to the Kezremes 5 Grocery store
Kaplan Isser (widower) and daughter Meiteh and another daughter Gitl and husband Chaim Olner 4 Cultivated lands
Kaplan Leibl and wife Etl (daughter of Zlata Subinski) & daughter Olner; lived with Zlata Subinski 3 Music teacher
Kaplan Mordechai, daughter Mekhalah, daughter Reva, son Mendl, son Abrahamel and second wife Freidl and a mutual daughter Tzerkovna corner of left 7 Bakery
Kaplan Moshe, wife Zlatkeh, daughter Toibl, son Abraham, and Yerakhmiel Tzerkovna 5 Bicycle Store
Kaplan Tzipa (daughter of Itzah Lisker) and daughter Toibl and 2 sons Shernetzel; lived with father - Itzah Lisker 4 Her husband Leibl transported merchandise from Branovitz. He was sent to Russia and he died there.
Kaplan Yehoshua, wife Elka (midwife) and daughter Mina and son Volk Post Office St. 4 Yehoshua worked in the bank
Kaplan see Slodovinik, Abraham      
Karpel Moshe and wife Konka (born German) and daughter Rakhel and Tzipora Shasay next to Vavitz 4 Store for Leather / animal hides
Kas Yakob and daughter with her husband and 2 daughters Shatz (sidestreet) 5 Yakob used to grind flour in the flourmill
Kaserski Feigeh (widow) and son Itzah, daughter married to Beinish Vavitz St. 4 Grain merchant
Kaserski Khanon, wife Bashkeh, daughter Leah, daughter Tzipora, son Avigdor Shasay across from the wood mill 5 Grain merchant
Kavah Yakob and wife and daughter and son 3 May St. 4 Upholstery
Kelnitzki Ishakar and wife Chaya and brother of Chaya and daughter and 2 sons Shasay corner of Zediteva 6 Grocery wholesaler
Kharali Shaul, wife Sharakah (daughter of Bukshtein), and daughter Tzerna lived in Khaikin's home on Shernetzel St. 3  
Khareski Eliahu and wife and daughter Sonia (from the village of Nevka) lived in Yehuda Potok's home 3  
Kheikin Nakhman and wife and son Mordechai Corner of Shasay and Shernetzel 3 Grocery store
Khomski Chana (wife of Yosef) and son Meir and daughter Tzipora Market place across from Berman 3  
Khomski Hillel and wife and daughter Kheshkeh and son Pinkhas Seltzer 4 Fruit merchant
Khomski Yehuda and wife and 3 children Seltzer 5 Buyer of grain
Kipen Teibl (widow of Moniya the shoemaker) and son and daughter Shernetzel across from Shlomo Buckshtein's 3  
Kirzhner Moshe, wife Toiba and daughter Mera and daughter Chaya 3 May St. next to the bridge 4 Tailor
Kirzhner Nakhum, wife Bashka and 3 sons and daughter left next to HirshlGoldberg 6 Tailor
Kirzhner Yosef and wife (the blind one) 3 May St. next to the bridge 2  
Kirzhner Yosef and wife and son Yeshaya and daughter 3 May St. next to the bridge 4 Tailor
Kleiman Abraham Itzak, wife Rakhel, 2 daughters: Henia, and Risha, and 4 sons: Shlomo, Sholom, Mairim, Yosef Pruzany St. across from the Synagogue 8 Hat maker
Kleiman Mordechai, wife Risha Pruzany St. across from the Synagogue 2 Wooden house builder
Kleiman Yosef-Aharon, wife Fruma and daughter Freitzka and daughter Risha Shasay; across from the fire station 4 Wooden house builder
Kleiman see Kobrin, Yehoshua      
Kobel Berl, wife Veleh, 4 sons: Yosef, Shayeh, Zundl, Yakob, and daughter Rebeka Shasay; corner of Beit Chaim 7 Blacksmith
Kobel Moshe, wife Beilkah (born Chesler) and son Pruzany St.; in the home of Rutka 3 Fixed bicycles
Kobel Pinya and wife Basha (born Rabinitzki) and son Moshe and son Noakh and daughter Etka Post Office St. 5 Metal worker and blacksmith
Kobrin see Fridman, Moshe      
Kobrin Abraham Yehoshua and wife Tzerkovna 2 Store for metal
Kobrin Binyamin and wife and son Gershon and daughter (from the village of Pishke) Market place next to Niselboim 4 Shoemaker
Kobrin Yehoshua (son of Binyamin) and wife Gitl (born Kleiman) and child Market place next to Niselboim 3 Shoemaker
Kobrinski Shimon, brother Moshe, wife of Shimon (born Feiglman) lived in Glutzerman's home; next to the "Kadishai" synagogue 3 Moshe was a journeyman shoemaker
Kolishovski see Bilchik, Shleinka      
Kolishovski Fishl, wife Reva, son Hertzl Beit Chaim 3 Tailor
Kolishovski Zusha, wife Leah (daughter of Nakhman Fridman) Beit Chaim; lived in father's home -Fishl Klishovski 2 Zusha was a journeyman shoemaker
Kolodner Efraim, wife Gitl, 3 daughters: Nekhama, Ester, Leba, son Shaul Shkolna next to the government public school 6  
Kolodny Israel, wife Sima (daughter of Asher Bukshtein) and son and 2 daughters Broida 5 Horse and fruit merchant
Kosovski (wife, from Blodnia) and daughter Khoma Market Place 2 Grocery Store
Kosovski Tzimakh, wife Teibl (born Roterman) and son and sister of Tzimakh Shasay; lived in the Ruterman's home 4 Grain merchant
Krasik Velvel and wife (daughter of Yosef Krinski) and 2 daughters Subinski next to Kravitz 4 Store
Kravchik see Ditkovitz, Shmuel      
Kravchik Berl and wife (from Shershev) Boida 2 Hat maker
Kravchik Eli and wife (from Shershev) Boida 2 Hat maker
Kravchik Leizer, Perl, daughter Rebeka, daughter Reizl daughter from 1st wife -- From second wife: daughter Miriam, son Israel-Chaim, son Asher Pruzany corner of Shkolna 7 Fish Merchant
Kravelnik Hirshl, wife Liza and son David, daughter Ester, daughter Polya and her husband and son Shasay across from Vinik 7 Lumber merchant
Kravitz see Galprin, Feibl      
Kravitz Feivl, wife Mekhala (daughter of Mikal Dratzinski) and daughters Leah, Sara, Bela Subinski 5 Fabric store
Kravitz Yakob, wife Bluma and daughter Toibl and her husband and son Boida 5 Harness maker
Kravitz see Pitkovski, Abraham      
Krinski see Krasik, Velvel      
Krinski Israel, wife, daughter, son Shasay next to bridge 4 Shoemaker
Krinski Shlomo, wife, 2 sons and 3 daughters Tbolitzki 7 Shoemaker
Krinski Shmuel (Beinishy's) and wife and 2 sons and 3 daughters Shkolna across from the Tarbut School 7 Tailor
Krinski Yosef and wife, and son Shimcha, son Sana and another son Aizak Market place next to the "Kadisha" Synagogue 5 Store for Leather / animal hides
Krolitzki Hillel (widower), daughter Khoma and her husband and daughter Shernetzel 4 Transport merchandise on horse back
Krolitzki Rikl (sister of Hillel), widow, and son Idl 3 May St. 2 Grocery Store
Krolitzki see Portnoy, Aharon      
Krolitzki see Zakheim, Yona      
Kronik Ashke (widow of Zelig), and daughter Ester and daughter Sara Shasay next to Berl Kobel 3  
Krshinski The teacher (who was a son-in-law of Chaim Aryeh Burgman) and wife and daughter left across from the synagogue 3 Teacher
Krupchitzki Asher and wife Bobl (daughter Golda Lipozhnik) and son and daughter Olner next to Yosef Simcha Epshtein 4 Tailor
Kupranski Fruma (widow) and son Shmuel and another son Rafael Beit Chaim 3 Candy store next to the fire station
Kuzhitz Itzak, wife O'nyota, son Betzalel and another daughter Olner; lived in David Pomerantz' house 4  

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