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Original Map Reference Map

For presentation purposes we have provided the "Original Map" as produced in the Yizkor Book as well as the "Reference Map". The Reference Map is provided as it is easier to read and to identify the locations of the sites indicated in the translation provided. The Reference Map is still missing Site Number 11 as it could not be found on the Original Map. If anyone can locate Site Number 11, plesae please contact the Coordinator at which point we will adjust the Revised Reference Map accordingly.

Map Index
  1. The Large Shul
  2. The Public Bath
  3. Shmuel's Kloyz
  4. Sha'arei Zion and the Talmud Torah
  5. Husaytin Kloyz (prayerhouse)
  6. The New Hall
  7. The Old Gentile Cemetery
  8. Jewish Cemetery
  9. Mill and Electric Station
  10. The Church
  11. Book Store
  12. Telephone Station
  13. Kindergarten
  14. Seminary
  15. Dubrov's School
  16. Charnastrovsky's Cheder School
  17. Garfinkle's Hall
  18. The "Frummer" Shul (Likanyuk) / The Likanyuk Primary School
  19. Loybman Jewish Hospital
  20. Shmuel Druzner's Kloyz (prayerhouse)
  21. Frum [Religious] School (Gorayevsky) / The Gorayevsky Primary School
  22. Gymnazia
  23. A + B wells
  24. Gendarmarie [Police Station]
  25. Post Office
  26. Bank
  27. Premislav Oil Mill
  28. Ackerbaum Oil Mill
  29. Moshe Zamchaver's Shul
  30. Bronstein Pharmacy
Table of Contents

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