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Gymnasia Teachers

Yosef Magen and Mordechai Reicher

Translated by David Goldman

        The teaching staff of the gymnasia was quite varied. Each one was different than the next in temperament, external appearance, origin, behavior and relationship to the students. Even with the passage of time from the first years of the gymnasia, we shall attempt nevertheless to present some descriptions of the images of some of the teachers as we remember them.

Gymnasia teachers upon the departure from teaching of Mr. Dubrow. Gymnasia teachers upon the departure from teaching of Mr. Dubrow.
1. Gregory Mironescu (Romanian) 2. Vingradov (Math) 3. Alexandra Ivanovna 4. Bakunsky (Physics) 5. Tushinsky-Bahy (“The German”) 6. Bahy (“The Frenchman”) 7. Stayanov (Latin) 8. Kasher (Superintendent) 9. Greenberg (Inspector, History) 10. Gregory Wilensky (Director) 11. Hillel Dubrow 12. Mrs. Wilensky (Clerk) 13. Mrs. Maria Mikhailovna Spiney.


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Departure of Teacher Gandelman. Departure of Teacher Gandelman.
1. Mogolnik 2. David Littman (Chernovitz) 3. David Lerner 4. Zalman Zissman (Belc) 5. ---- 6.----- 7. Yisrael Steiff 8. Yosef Shitz-Magen (Tel Aviv) 9. Rashkovsky 10. Yosef Snitcovsky (Venezuela) 11. Moshe Kupit (New York) 12. Yankel Liebman (USSR) 13. Hillel Dubrow 14. Chaim Horvitz (Haifa) 15. Meshulam Bronstein 16. ------- 17. Esther Gandelman 18. Rosa Teman 19. Mr. Gandelman 20. Breina Parnes (South America) 21. Lyuba Solter 22. Krishkutsky, a student from Rishkan.


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Jewish Teachers

And now about our Jewish teachers. First of all, the assistant director, Solomon Davidovich Greenberg, who taught history and some other subjects, was of average height, thin, relatively young among the teachers, well-dressed with a dark coat in winter and a white one in summer, clean-shaven. A real Odessite.

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The End Of The Gymnasia

And the end of Hebrew education in Yedinitz

Frieda Meital-Kuzminer

        The harsh economic conditions in Yedinitz starting in the 1930s was reflected in the gymnasia. The number of students fell, and in addition the gymnasia encountered the jealousy of the government schools. I remember that right after the start of the academic year in 1936, a so-called government commission headed by an inspector visited the gymnasia. The committee visited every class, and after their departure, the school was closed. As far as I remember, this was right after the holidays. This commission traveled to all the towns in the Khotin district.

The Soviets Arrive

        Let me take this opportunity to briefly describe the state of the Hebrew schools in Yedinitz following the emigration of Hillel Dubrow to Palestine in 1936. First of all, the Talmud Torah public school continued to operate in the Sha'arei Zion synagogue building. The head teacher there was the veteran teacher Baruch Yashchikman. The public school of the veteran teacher, my father, Hirsh Kuzminer who died on the day of the massacre, right after the Romanians returned to town in 1941 (see the section on the Holocaust) also continued to operate, as did Mr. Gurvitz's school.

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Kindergarten in Yedinitiz

Etty Gutman's kindergarten in 1932.
Etty Gutman's kindergarten in 1932.

Standing: Etty Gutman (died in Paris), Devorah Baron-Schwartz (Israel).

Children: Standing, from right to left: Levitas, son of Leib Bard (Israel), Dina, daughter of Yitzchak Borotstein (died in Israel), Steinwartz, son of Itsik-Yonah Vinokur, Dinale Pintchevsky, Sioma Gutman.

Seated, from right to left: Surkis, grandson of Speier, Borog, grandson of Gutman, Yanik Sheindelman (today an officer in the IDF).

On the ground: Boria Roit, daughter of Lerner-Varnotchka, Katz.

        The first kindergarten teacher in town was Zippora Dubrow (daughter of Shmuel Zelig Kaufman). She arrived in town with her husband Hillel Dubrow after graduating the famous Alterman teacher's seminary in Odessa. They organized singing, dancing and playgroups. Zippora died in 1923. Various kindergartens opened after that by graduates of the kindergarten teachers' seminary called Safa Bruria in Chernovitz.

        Etty Gutman, who graduated the seminary, also opened her own kindergarten. She later became attracted to Communism and moved to France. During the war she was in the resistance, was captured and sent to Auschwitz. She survived, returned to Paris after the war, and died in the late 1960s of a severe illness.

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