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Jews and Christians

The Relationship between Neighbors

by Mordechai Reicher

Translated by David Goldman

The Christians, who totaled around 5-6,000 people, lived in the suburbs of town, on the southern and eastern ends. They were divided into a number of communities: some were Katzaps, who lived on their own street called Katsap Street; nearby were the Gypsies, who lived on their own street, and on the eastern end of town lived a group of people called Moldovians who spoke Ukrainian.

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Picture of Patchatov Street. Memorial book for the Jewish community of Yedintzi [page 52]

On Patchatov Street

One of the few remaining photos of the streets of the town before the War.
From right: the house of Liventshuk;
left: house of Kolker.
Girls: right, Bettika, daughter of Devorah Speier, died in the Holocaust. The other girl is the granddaughter of Simcha Graber, who is also no longer alive.

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Jewish Community Leaders

by Chaim Horowitz

Jewish community leaders according to their position and time of service.

Hersh Weissman


Satsky [probably an abbreviation from Russian]

Yisrael Cooperman



Hersh Weissman


Village Elder

David Schechter


Village Elder

Hersh Weissman

1918 -

Village Elder

Shimon Kaufman



Shmuel Weissman



Baruch Blank



Meir Horowitz


Vice- Primar

Yaakov Greenberg


Vice- Primar

Meir Horowitz


Vice- Primar

Yaakov Greenberg


Vice- Primar

Mottel Blomelstein


Vice- Primar

The last Jewish community council

Lipa Felberg, Chairman
Yosef Speier
Mottel Blomelstein
Itsik-Hersh Tchak
Avraham Axelrod
Zeide Zingman
Yeshayahu Lamatshinsky

Note :

Among the community leaders (beginning in 1923), the following died in the Holocaust: Avraham Saltsman, Mottel Blomelstein, Yosef Speier, Itsik-Hersh Tchak, Avraham Axelrod, Zeide Zingman; Meir Horowitz (father of the author of this article) died in Yedinitz before the war. Lipa Felberg and Yeshayahu Lamatshinsky died in South America; Yaakov Greenberg died in Israel.

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World War I, Revolution and Pogroms

by Eliyahu Naor-Bitchutsky

August 1914. We moved to the new house we built near the church building in the center of town (in Torhovitsa). That same day we finished moving all of our possessions to the new house, and heard people talk about draft call-up notices that had appeared on the streets. In the evening, Alik the Cryer and a drummer announced that all citizens of a certain age group had to appear the next day at the draft registration offices. We, the children, ran after Alik and his drum even without knowing what the news was about. This "children's game" and the drum beats informed the town that World War I had begun. I was 7 years old.

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The Eretz Yisrael Working Block Committee

Picture: The Eretz Yisrael Working Block Committee. Memorial book for the Jewish community of Yedintzi [page 83]

Standing : Avraham Weissman (died in Israel), Mina Dobrov (Tel Aviv), Shimshon Bronstein (died in Israel), Aryeh Bard (died in Israel);
Seated : Hillel Dobrov (died in Israel), Manya and Shalom Kaspi (Herzliya), Bat-sheva Kliger (died in Brichan), Moshe Steinbrotz (died in the USSR).

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