Vurka Memorial Book
(Warka, Poland)

51°47' / 21°12'

Translation of
Vurka; sefer zikaron

Published by the Vurka Society in Israel

Tel Aviv 1976

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Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Vurka; sefer zikaron (Vurka memorial book),
Published by Vurka Society in Israel with the assistance of Vurka Jews
in France, Argentina, England & the US; Tel Aviv 1976 (H,Y 407 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Warka

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Translated by Sara Mages

Hebrew Text
Introduction   265
Warka's “Chasidut Dr. Shlomo Bikel 268
The old Rabbi from Warka   270
Warka's Dynasty Ita Kalish 272
My father – The Rabbi from Otwock [Otvosk] Ita Kalish 276
During the days of the First World War Ita Kalish 281
Annihilation Ita Kalish 283
From the sayings of Rabbi Yitzchak from Warka M. Buber 284
From the sayings of Rabbi Menachem Mendel from Warka M. Buber 287
Warka between the two World Wars Shmaryaho Rosenzweig 291
From Warka to Bnei-Brak [Israel] Avraham Feldman 295
Memories from Warka Rivka Goldstein 302
About the life of one family in Warka Ben-Zion Graf 306
Sabbath in our town S. Rosenzweig 311
I remember…. Meir Yehiel Goldfarb 313
The Drama Club S. Rosenzweig 316
Scenes from my town S. Rosenzweig 318
My Youth Ester Tugentman(Picker) 320
During the days of the Holocaust
The last “Rabbi” in Warka S. Rosenzweig 325
In front of the burning synagogue Leibel Seitman 327
One of the Righteous Among the Nations Zerach Shaar 329
At the edge of the abyss Ester Tugentman(Picker) 347
The first Yom Kippur under the Nazi occupation David son of Zelig Gersht 355
The Ghetto in Warka and its liquidation David son of Zelig Gersht 359
In the Warsaw Ghetto David son of Zelig Gersht 363
Buchenwald- Schlieben*-Flossenbürg**- Schlieben David son of Zelig Gersht 374
The only survivor David son of Zelig Gersht 383
Yitzchak-Yosef Goldfarb of blessed memory Meir Yehiel Goldfarb 386
Dov (Berish) Weisburd of blessed memory S. Rosenzweig 388
Perished in the Holocaust (Photos)   389
* Schlieben was the site of a concentration camp during the Holocaust

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