In Memorium to the Jewish community of Skole
& Neighbouring Villages Who Perished in the Holocaust

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Translation of
Le-zekher kedoshe Skolah veha-seviva

Publisher: Jewish Committee of Skole in Israel

Published in Israel, 1986




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This is a translation of: Le-zekher kedoshe Skolah veha-seviva
(In memorium to the Jewish community of Skole & neighbouring villages who perished in the Holocaust),
Publisher: Jewish Committee of Skole in Israel, 1986 (H 180 pages)

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In Memorium To The

Jewish Community of Skole
and Neighbouring Villages

Who perished in the Holocaust

Issued by the Jewish Committee of Skole in Israel


May these pages serve as a memorial to the four thousand Jews of Skole and its vicinity,
who were killed with the utmost cruelty, and who left succeeding generations with the Inheritance:


Remember. Do not forget us.


(Memorial Prayer)


We remember you,
Mothers and fathers,
Grandfathers and grandmothers,
Brothers and sisters,
Friends and comrades,
The old and the young,
Jews of our townlet,
Your pure image will rest in our souls,
The evil which has been done unto you by the Nazis

Will be remembered, and never forgotten.



Contents of the Album

The Memorial Album includes photographs we have collected from former inhabitants of Skole
and the immediate surroundings, now residing in Israel; an introduction; articles, etc. in the following sequence:


1) Introduction – Neigebor Zeew
2) Data on Skole before the Holocaust and earlier periods (from Yad Vashem archives) and Beit Hatfusot
3) Memories of a Holocaust survivor from Skole – Manesberg Menachem
4) Introduction to the Diary of Ultcho Wilf – Dan Landman
5) Photographed excerpts of the above-mentioned diary and Hebrew translation
6) Synopsis of the excerpts from the diary (about 100 pages) on the life of the survivors in hiding and in the forest
7) Memories from Skole
8) Photographs (comprising the major part of the album)
9) Memorial pages for additional names and photographs of family members from Skole
List of emigres from Skole and environs in the year that this memorial book album was published 1986


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