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Our Written Grave Stone

Translated by Judie Goldstein

To perpetuate the memory of our annihilated Jewish community we planted trees in the name of those murdered on “Yaar HaKdoshim” [Martyrs' Mount] and built the children's house in Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra. However we still were not satisfied.

We took on a third task to erect for our Jewish hometown a written memorial that would be sent to every Krynker family and individual Jews wherever they were in the world, to their homes.  That is the Yizkor Book that you see before your eyes.

Below is an extract from the “brochure” which was published about three years ago as an indication of the content for the projected “Pinkus Krynki”.

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Table of Contents of “Pinkus Krynki”


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A Memorial Book about the Destruction of Krynik

Krynik in Khurbn” (Holocaust in Krynik)

A memorial book, by Abraham Soifer a Krynker survivor, was published in 1948 by the Krynker Relief Union of Uruguay and Argentina.

The book, 269 pages, printed in Montevideo is illustrated and contains a map of Krynik on which the ghetto limits are drawn.

The author dedicates the opening chapter to “young memories of a dear time in the past,” describing life in the shtetl until the outbreak of the Second World War.  Then he goes on to events in Krynki from the beginning of the war and describes life in the shtetl under the Red Army until the sudden attack by the Germans in June 1941.  Then Soifer describes his flight from home to the East, his joining a Russian partisan group and his perilous return during his mission to Krynki.

Here he first describes what he found, saw and lived through in the ghetto and the destruction of the community.  Soifer further describes his survival with the remnant in the work camp where the Nazis, after forcing out the Jews from Krynik, “employed” slaves to do the work of Hitler's war machine. These were a couple of hundred Jewish tradesmen and from there they were taken on their last journey to Auschwitz.

In the rest of the book A. Soifer tells what happened and the suffering he saw and endured in the “king of demons” destruction in the extermination camps and what he and other Krynkers experienced.  They all displayed valor and were heroic and generously helped to fight these evil men and even took part in the plan to blow up the crematoria.

We have taken excerpts from “Krynik in Khurbn” and put them in our Yizkor Book.


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