How it Happened in Klimovichi
(Klimavichy, Belarus)

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Translation of
В Климовичах было так

Editor: Shmuel Ryvkin



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Shmuel Ryvkin


Our sincere appreciation to Shmuel Ryvkin for permission to
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This is a translation of: В Климовичах было так (How it Happened in Klimovichi),
Editor: Shmuel Ryvkin (Unpublished)


“How It Happened in Klimovichi” is a chronicle of the Holocaust in one shtetl that I wrote in Russian in late 1980s. This is a comprehensive story of Jews of Klimovichi, a Belorussian shtetl where Nazis executed about 1000 Jews over 2 years of occupation. My grandparents and uncles were among the victims. The chronicle is based on tape-recorded and transcribed interviews with two dozen witnesses and survivors. These interviews are presented verbatim, arranged in chronological order and interspersed with my own thoughts to tell a comprehensive story of one shtetl eliminated by Nazis.

The chronicle was recently translated to English by my high school friend Michael Reyz. In the course of work on this translation, we updated a set of photos included in the text, added footnotes and incorporated editorial updates.

This chronicle was published in Russian in “Jewish History and Literature: A Collection of Essays,” Prof. M. S. Zidovetsky (ed.), ZEZAM International Scientific Educational Society, Rehovot, Israel, 1992. The translation has been never published.

Shmuel Ryvkin


How it Happened in Klimovichi
В Климовичах было так


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