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List of Martyrs from Dorohoi, Romania


Sex Year of
Place of
ACLIPEI Bercu M 1905 Str.Reg.Ferdinand Dorohoi 219
BLONDER Lebis M 1880 Str. Traian Dorohoi 219
BERCOVICI Idel M 1890 Str. I.C.Bratianu Dorohoi 219
FROCHI   F 1880 Azil Evreiesc Dorohoi 219
ZEINGHER Leiba M 1882 Str. Tautu Dorohoi 219
ROTARU Senlo M   Str. Miron Costin Dorohoi 219
CALMANOVICI Avram M 1890 Str. Stefan Cel Mare Dorohoi 219
ABRAMOVICI Itcu M 1935 Str. Spital Dorohoi 219
FONEA Zindel M 1899 Vf. Cimpului 219
RIZEL (Eli's wife) F 1880   Dorohoi 219
RIZEL Eli M 1865   Dorohoi 219
CEAUSU Sloim M 1910 Azil Evreiesc Dorohoi 219
ZINA Leia F 1885 Str. Muzelor Dorohoi 219
IDELOVICI Calman M 1916   Iasi 219
GROPARU Schmil M 1886 Str. Dorobantilor Dorohoi 219
CROITORU Calman M 1904 Str. Regina Maria Dorohoi 219
MOSCOVICI Meier M 1899 Str. Regina Maria Dorohoi 219
BERCOVICI Emil M 1915 Str. Gr.Ghica Dorohoi 219
CROITORU Rifca F 1880 Str. C.Stroici Dorohoi 220
IOSUB Aron Elie M 1879   Dorohoi 220
CROITORU GOTESMAN Marcu Volf M 1881   Dorohoi 220
DAVIDOVICI Mina F 1900   Dorohoi 220
LEIBOVICI Steina F 1890 Str.Regina Maria Dorohoi 220
BRONSTEIN   M 1915 Reg. 6 Vinatori Dorohoi 220
GELBER Huna M 1914   Iasi 220
HERSCU Ionas M 1846   Dorohoi 220
AIZIC Aizic I. M 1897   Dorohoi 220
KAUFMAN Rosa F 1905 Str. Mare Saveni 220
GHERBIS Iosub M 1860 Str.Tautu Nr.33 Dorohoi 220
GHERBER Iosub M 1874 Azil Evreiesc Dorohoi 220
COHN Ghizela F 1895 Str.Regina Maria Dorohoi 220
CROICI Moise M 1897   Darabani 220
RUDIK Freida F 1933 Str.Regina Maria Dorohoi 220
RUDIK Toni M 1938 Str.Regina Maria Dorohoi 220
RUDIK Moise M 1908 Str.Regina Maria Dorohoi 220
CIAUSU Malca F 1905 Str.Regina Maria Dorohoi 220
GUSAN Marcu M 1922 Str. Tautu Dorohoi 220
ARONOVICI Elias M 1910 Str. Spital Dorohoi 220
MENDELOVICI Herscu M 1865 Str. Miron Costin Dorohoi 220
PETRAR Chana F 1919 Str. Reg. Ferdinand Dorohoi 220
LEIB Sin Itic M 1890 Str. Vintului Dorohoi 220
CHON Simon M 1938 Str. Regina Maria Dorohoi 220


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