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Braslav survivors and their family members in the cemetery of Holon, Israel.
They stand next to the Braslav memorial. They hold a jar of earth
which was taken from the original Jewish cemetery in Braslav

List of gentiles who saved
Jews in the Braslav area

Aniszka, from the Zalesie village.
Arciszewski, Jaszka.
Awdakim, from Krulewska, near Jacielewszyna.
Barecki, Dr.
Bejnarowicz, Viktor, and his family, from the property Talje, in the vicinity of Jod, and the brother of Viktor, Paluk and brother-in-law Strenczewski.
Borin, war prisoner.
Bresko, Wasil, from the village Wiazowicz, and many others whose names have been forgotten.
Chatkewicz, from the Zalesie village.
Czesnowicki, Emila, Jadzia and Alfons from the village Kochaniszek.
Emilianowicz, Dr.
Gasul, Jaszka and his son Tonka, from Zamosz.
Gibowski, Alfons, from the village of Brodzienice.
Grajczonek, from the village of Pasielie.
Grodz, Anton and Mania, from the village of Mikowszczyzna.
Heskie, from the village Bordzienic.
Ivanow, Wasil and his daughter Irina from the village Zacierewia.
Josefa, from the village Podhajcy.
Kaminitzki, from the village Zorawowszczyzne.
Kajtan, from the village Suchobolcy.
Kapusta, Igor, from the village Badraki.
Kasan, from the village Dziaduszki.
Kizlo, Michal and his family, following the recommendation of the Kreslawa priest. The Kizlo family is from the village Szemelki.
from the village Wisialowe.
Kolkcwski, Francis from the Zaborny-Gumny.
Kolkcwski, Vincenty from the Belmont court.
Konachowicz, Zoska, Jurka, Anna, Jadwiga and Jadzia.
Korszak, from the village Puniszcze.
Kosciukewicz, Anton, from the village of Jod.
Kruczkowski, hospital worker.
Kujalowich, Martin, from the village of Jod.
Kurilowicz, from the village Winica.
and Hanusia, from the village of Bisieniec.
Lagun, Albina, Agnieszka and Josef from the village Sizowszczyzna.
Lewsza, Dr.
Lipski, from the village Antonowa.
Markiewicz, Julian.
Matul, Ignaz.
Mickewicz, from Zurawowszczyzne.
Milkewicz, from the village Berkowszczyzna.
Mindowski, director of the Forest Department.
Muraszka, Jan and his family from the village Glinowka.
Olszewska, Hanka.
Orlowski, Josef, from the village Zwirbli.
Pacewicz, Antony.
Petro, the priest from the Belmont Church.
Perchorowicz, from the village Winica.
Pinkewicz, from the village of Jod.
Podoba, Boleslaw.
Podoba, Jan, from the village Jacielewszczyna.
Podoba, Kola, from the village Podoby.
Podoba, Saszka.
Popin, Nikolai.
Priest from the village Prysaroki.
Priest from the village Ikaznia.
Radziewicz, from Zalesie.
Rymkiewicz, Bronislaw, from the village Burzyna.
Sawicki, from the village Gawejkas.
Sewickaja, Josefa, with the help of the local priest from the village Urban.
Siedziukiewicz, Ignacy and Katia.
Siedziukiewica, Michael, Helena, Maniek, Mietek and Wacia.
Sewelewicz, Mikita, from the village Dziaduszki.
Sklaniewica, from the village Pupniszcze.
Skuriat, two brothers from the village Dukiel.
Szakiel, Stanislaw, from the village Kumiesniki.
Szczerbinski Danat, his wife Josefa and his cousin Wladek from the Kamionka village.
Tolstow, from the village near Ikazna.
Trumpel, from the village of Jod.
Trumpel, from the village of Polinowe.
Vanka, from the village Bujowszczyna.
Wasilewski, Aliosza, son of the Braslaw orthodox priest.
Woronow, of the village Zapolosie.
Zakrzewski, from the village Zalesie.
Zypruk, from Ferma.

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