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The Yizkor Book of Augustow


The Yizkor book of Augostow contains more than 550 pages. This project's scope was to transliterate, for genealogical purposes the list of photos, a partial survivors' list and the table of contents itself. The latter is partial because some pages were missing from the volume that was used in this project. The printout below includes 278 records, and with the 129 duplicated records (due to name variations), total of 407 records.

How to get a copy of the book?

However a free copy of the index and the Yizkor Book at the Church of Jesus Christ – Latter Day Saints (a.k.a. "Mormons".) The microfilm is available at a nominal rate ($ 3.00 in 1998.) You may use CD-ROM for searching other resources for Lomza, Poland using the LDS Family History Centers (FHC). For the nearest FHC, Call the LDS at

The LDS film number is 1,183,729
Items 1 and 2
The file is also available via Ftp at

About transliterating:

Hebrew print words may vary in pronunciation because of lack of pronunciation-marks (eg. U may become O as in "Cone" or U as in "Queue"). To complicate matters further, letters like W and V, B and V, P and Ph or F, K and Kh – are interchangeable. This is due to the fact that many names were originally transliterated from German or Polish. The Hebrew letter Het was transliterated as CH, the letter Tzadi as TZ. Thus for those names beginning with Het or Tzadi, look under C or T in the soundex order.

Each record is assigned a unique Identification number. When there is an ambiguity, the two versions are presented in the printout. You may resolve that a record is originated by the same Hebrew text by comparing the Id number (i.e., Same id of two entries mean that they are indeed the same record.)

About the indices:

Each record has a source code and a number that follows. The source code is explained below as well as in the legend on the last page of the printout. The number that follows is always a page number in the book.

Note: Three indices are involved in this project:

  1. The table of contents: has names of writers (source is WR), names of subjects (source is SB). If the subject of an article is a person, the entry from the table of contents is duplicated, once for the writer (WR) and once for the subject (SB). However, if the entry in the table of contents has an abstract description, the writer's (WR) name is recorded, and the title is given in the NOTE column.

    Researchers may use the above breakdown of chapters to get a better idea about the content of an individual contribution to the Yizkor Book. Use the page number to verify to exact chapter according to the table above.

  2. List of photos: has names of people and a page number where their photo appear. Some photos that depict places or events are not recorded here. About 60% of the photos involve peoples' names and thus are included with the source being set to PI.

  3. Survivors list (partial): Has names and addresses of some survivors. Only the letters Alef, some of Bet, Kuf,Resh,Shin, and Taf are listed here. In addition the letters Lamed, Mem, Pe, Tzadi, Kuf, Resh and Shin are listed for survivors who do not live in Israel. One note about the format of the address: it always list (as in the original text) the city first, then the street address. The word "ISRAEL" was added to all those entries.

About the order of printout:

The order is by the soundex format. If there is more than one variation on a name, then both variations are included. See above [no. I] for method of verification of two variations on one name.

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