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Submitted by Richard B Brown

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Hebrew
Approval Date: 1/23/2022 11:40 AM
Family Surname: Finn + Schneider
Country: Lithuania
Town: Anyksciai
Date of Image: 1946
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This is a photo of my in laws wedding k'tubah from their marriage in Boston circa 1946. We would like a translation of the full Hebrew name for Arlene.

She was buried in Temple Emeth Park in West Roxbury, MA without her Hebrew name engraved on the granite marker which she shares with her late husband Arthur-his Hebrew name was engraved.

We plan to rectify this omission once we are confident we have her Hebrew name correct.

Thank You

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On  Response 
1/23/2022 6:26 PM אברהם בן מרדכי
חיה טויבא בת אברהם יהושע הלוי

Avraham son of Mordechai
Chaya Toba daughter of Avraham Yehoshia the Levite
1/23/2022 10:39 PM The exact transliteration is "Toyba".

A similar name in Hebrew is "Tova" - which means "Good"

A similar name in Yiddish is "Taube" or Toybe" which means "a dove" and I remember reading somewhere that on Ketubot, the wrote the names that ended with "eh" with an "ah".

Because of that extra "y", and the alef at the end, I think she was Toyba, the dove.

Tova = טובה -- ending with ה (Hey) and not with א (Alef)
Toyba = טויבא (this is the way the Hebrew name appears on the Ketuba)
1/27/2022 10:00 PM First, I would go with the pronunciation of Taube, meaning the dove. In Europe, in records and tombstones I have looked at, Tova, meaning "good" would have been rare, and a woman would have been called Gita or something similar, that also means good.

As for those who were named Taube, very often they seemed to have been named "Antonia" or something similar. Here, we see the name Arlene, that also begins with an A, and in a sense, a more American name than Antonia.

Hope that helps.

But if you put in her name, you might also want to add
בת אברהם יהושה הלוי , i.e., daughter of Avraham Yehoshua, the Levite.


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