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Submitted by Lawrence Haydu

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 1/19/2022 12:32 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Hungary
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Undated letter, part 2 of 3, to my father from his friend from childhood

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On  Response 
1/21/2022 6:17 PM [...] it is my legal opinion that after the suspension of suits against heavy industry, the same thing will clearly happen with suits against the other companies that have been socialized.
But beyond this, at this time we could only actualize your claim via litigation -- even ignoring the danger of suspension -- by asking the savings bank to pay the forint sum awarded to you into a locked account at the Hungarian National Bank in your name. This would be fulfillment, but it would in no way result in effective U.S. dollars. The easiest method of receipt in this case would be if, after payment, one of you came to Hungary during a trip to Europe and took payment from the locked account at the Hungarian National Bank and then spent it here in the country.
Please understand, my dear Béluska! The circumstance that I am a Hungarian citizen and that I am a member of the Hungarian Communist Party does not in the slightest degree limit my free lawyerly activities. Your case is exactly like anyone else's case or legal proceeding. But since it is a basic truth that the case's first judge must be the lawyer, I had to honestly write to you that this is not a good time for actualization of your claim. Be therefore reassured that neither my citizenship nor my party membership will block my free lawyerly activities in any respect or in any way.
If there is an organization in the USA like the one you were hinting at, I agree that you should turn to them for an opinion. If they are well-informed and honest people, they will not be able to do anything else than to confirm my legal opinion.
The peace treaties do contain mandatory ordinances, but in my humble opinion, these ordinances can hardly be applied to the instant case.
I know of concrete cases where American citizen Hungarians, after their family member's probate proceedings, came home to Hungary for receipt of their inheritance, sold it here, spent the money here, outfitted themselves in good and inexpensive Hungarian suits, underthings, and other necessities, and came into actual possession of their inheritance in this way.
This is not just my legal opinion, but also what I truly believe about the case as a friend. I suppose, and in fact, allow me to be convinced, that neither you nor Gyuri believe for even a minute that I would ever allow any sort of political angle to make me behave toward you with anything less than honesty and objectiveness, or that I would ever not have your very best interests in mind.
I feel that our friendship is much too deep to allow us to even contemplate the idea that in the other's trials and tribulations, we wouldn't immediately and honestly offer aid.
Unfortunately, propaganda is the most virulent bacterium among all pathogens, and you are clearly not free of these bacteria there. The difference is only in how the poison affects different people. Allow me to express my most solid conviction when I write to you that it is not the military technician's perfecting of the atomic bomb's destructive capacity and the overgrowth of armament that lead to the well-being of mankind, but planned and productive construction work, which is underway not only here, but among the European countries especially here. Nobody here is puzzling over murderous weapons, military organization, or armament, instead rebuilding more exploded bridges, manufacturing agricultural machines for the peasantry, and building residences for the citizenry. This is not propaganda, but reality. The propaganda is at most the planned realization of this reality to people unable to free themselves of the past's self-serving angles.
I had no expenses of any kind in connection with the declaration of death. To be precise, my expenditures were completely compensated by the gifts that you sent and that I treasured so carefully. I think that this is not a topic of argument between us.

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