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Submitted by David Louis Locketz

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/19/2022 12:23 PM
Family Surname: Kaufman
Country: Uruguay
Date of Image: December 1941
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The letter was sent to my wife's grandmother, Lotte (nee Kaufman) Rothschild by her aunt and uncle in Montevideo. She was en-route to them but ended up remaining in Montreal.

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On  Response 
1/24/2022 7:20 AM Beloved Lottel!

Although we are without news from you since the middle of October, I write you again because we received a letter from daddy at the end of the week which we again want to reach you as soon as possible. As daddy complains about so scarce and not even direct news from you, we therefore had sent your last letter in its original to Bruno for further distribution. Again and again he asks us for your address and does not realize that we cannot write to him at all, because it would be only pointless and maybe also dangerous for him. This, father's last letter, which I send to you, will assumingly be the last one which arrived here from Europe via airmail as this postal connection has also found its ending, and how and whether the route to Europe will be flown again nobody knows and possibly can barely be estimated(assumed).

(I will continues today or tomorrow. If the picture expires, please post it again, I will stick to it until I have translated all of it.)
1/24/2022 9:08 PM For the time being there is still cable and telephone connection, both very costly matters of which one can only make use in the most urgent case, after all. You can imagine how heavy this lays on our hearts for not even being able to receive signs of lives from our beloved ones, but lamenting does not help here. In exchange I had several news from Franz in the last weeks, the last letter travelled only for 4 weeks. He was quite down in August and was sent into holidays by Kwuzah into the Balfur-Forest, and seems to have recovered (himself) well. He has received all our letters and is informed about everything, and asks to greet all beloved ones. But, after all, he only knows one single thought, how he gets to us one day. Ideally, he wanted to get hired on an American ship, just to get closer to us, but luckily he did not do it then. We plainly (or: just) need to wait for this war to be led into a good ending by the Allies, and I believe this will still take a long time. Unfortunately, we still do no have the final signature for the entry (Einreise = "entry" is meant in the context of travel into a country) of Heinz and Rudi, though I sacrifice several hours each day for this, and it seems very hopeless that the young ones still can make it to this place. But we do not want to leave anything unattempted to save at least the children. May daddy just stay where he is and be not more miserable (or: feeling worse, being in a worse situation) than until now, you need as well be content with that. How is it going with your matter now. I nearly want to believe what you haven't gained until now, you will have to set aside until the end of the war, even though we would have wished it for you so much that you may have reunited with Gerhard yet.

(Will continue later again!)
1/26/2022 7:08 AM From mother I haven't heard anything directly for many weeks by now, only from Otto, that it is going badly with her, and I would wish for her also, that she can stay there, and doesn't need to grasp the walking stick yet, like sadly so many of the old people, as it was not possible for us to get them here until now.-Currently it is quite silent in the practice (= place of a physician, therapist or likewise), but it will come to life again hopefully soon. Klaus is still in the chauffeur position, and he feels well, also his looks changed so little that he is still estimated for appr. 22 years (of age). For today it's enough, please write (us) again soon, and let us know what you are doing and how you are. Stay healthy and be dearly greeted from your aunt.

(The name of the aunt is hidden in the paper wrinkle, I hope you can read it yourself?)

Handwritten part (handwritten parts I always write the original text and then the translation):

Liebe Lotte! Auch von mir noch die herzlichen Grüße. Bleib vor allem gesund! G. s. D. scheint es doch Vater doch leidlich zu gehen, doch entbeh(re) ich Eure Nachrichten. Erhaltet er auch ein Paketchen (Kaffee und ...) ...
August bestätigt, und freuen uns daß es wenigstens in seinem Besitz gelan(gt) ...
Jetzt wird es wol (=wohl) kaum möglich sein, doch werde es versuchen (...)
Anbei Briefe! nochmals viele Grüße auch von Dein Onkel E... (Ernst, Erich?)

Dear Lotte! Also from me dear greetings. Above all, stay healthy! Thank god (= G.s.D.) it seems that it goes fairish with father, but I miss your news. He also got a (small) package (coffee and ...) ...
August confirms (here, there seems to be a prior word missing which would improve the meaning. It may be that something was confirmed for the month August or a person named August confirmed something), and we are happy that it came at least into his possession ...
Now it won't probably be possible, but (I) will try ....
Attached, letters! again many greetings also from your uncle E ....

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