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Submitted by Edward Posnak

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 3/14/2021 1:16 PM
Family Surname: Baron, Muscovitz
Country: USA
Town: Collingdale, PA
Date of Image: 1922
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This is the gravestone of my relative Sara Muscovitz Baron. I'm trying to decipher her Hebrew name. I know that her dad Joe's Hebrew name was Zisha. There is an old (1895) NJ census record showing that Zisha and his wife had a daughter named "Maalca". I'm trying to figure out if Sara and Maalca were the same person. Could the name on this gravestone possibly be "Malcha Sara bat Zisa"? Will post a second photo taken from another angle.

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3/14/2021 2:34 PM Hello Edward,

The only portion of her name that is legible is
???? Sara, Bas/(daughter of) Zisa. The portion of the name that you are expecting to be Malke is NOT legible, and there is not enough there to even estimate an educated guess.

3/14/2021 3:40 PM I'm sorry, but the name Malkah does not appear here. The word in shadow in front of "Sarah" is Maras, which can mean either a married woman or an adult woman.

Here is a full translation:

Here lies

the modest woman

Mrs. SARAH daughter of Reb Zeesa [or, possibly, Zoosa]

She passed away the 18th of Av 5662 [or, possibly, 5682]

May her soul be bound up in the bond of life.

'Reb' is an honorific; it does not mean rabbi.

Some of the letters are a bit difficult to make out with 100% certainty. For example, the second letter in her father's name might be a Yud, which would make the name Zeesa, or a Vav, which would make it Zoosa.

Likewise, the tens digit of the Hebrew year looks like a Samech, representing the number 60, but might be a Fay, representing the number 80.

If the year is 5662: the 18th of Av, 5662, began at sunset on August 20th, 1902, and ended at sunset on the 21st.

If the year is 5682: the 18th of Av, 5682, began at sunset on August 11th, 1922, and ended at sunset on the 12th.

3/15/2021 6:51 AM I agree. It's Ms Sara daughter of Mr Zusa
Ms is Marat in Hebrew, which begins with the same letter as Malka
Zusa is often pronounced Zusha, a not uncommon name

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