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Submitted by Sergey Kahn

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Category: Translation - Tombstone
Approval Date: 12/2/2020 2:51 PM
Family Surname: KAN KAHN
Country: Poland
Town: Otwock
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I am interested in possible full translation
( Hebrew and Polish texts ).
It looks like something more written than I found at Polish cemetery website.
"family name Kahn
name Abraham Aron \ Avraham Aharon
father name Nachum Hacohen
date of death 4/17/1935
age 79"
Father name is Nachum ( that's ok ) and Hacohen?
I found this Hacohen at pictures of other tombstones.
Maybe something written about occupation or origin?
Please help me to type that Hebrew text here.

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On  Response 
12/2/2020 4:39 PM Here lies a simple and honest man, G-d fearing,

he walked a trustworthy path.


son of Reb Nachum the Cohen, may his memory be a blessing [this refers to the father]


passed away on ___________________ in the year 5695


'Reb' is an honorific; it does not mean rabbi.

"HaCohen" means "the Cohen", that is, he and his father were members of the Priestly tribe, which traces back, son to father, to Aaron, the brother of Moses. There are many Cohanim (that is the plural of Cohen), which is why you have seen "HaCohen" on many gravestones. Often, there is an image at the top of the stone that shows a pair of hands in the position that the priests use when blessing the congregation during synagogue services.

The family name, Kahn, also usually means that the men in this family were Cohanim.

I cannot read the month and date. However, if the secular date of April 17th, 1935, is correct, then the corresponding Hebrew date would be the 14th of Nisan, 5695 (if he died before sunset) or the 15th of Nisan (if he died after sunset). The 14th of Nisan would have been the eve of the holiday of Pesach (Passover), and the 15th would have been the first night of Pesach. The date of death on the tomb might even be stated in terms of the Pesach holiday, but I cannot make it out.

12/2/2020 5:04 PM Hebrew text:

איש תם וישר י"ד
הלך בדרך תמים
אברהם אהרן
ב"ר נחום הכהן ז"ל
נפ' שביעי של פסח תרצ"ה

Here lies
A honest and straightforward man fearful of God
Went in the right way
Avraham Aaron
Son of Nachum the Cohen
Died the seventh day of Passover 5695

Hacohen means that he was a Cohen, from the tribe of priests who served in the holy temple.

The seventh day of Passover is the 21st of Nissan, in 5695 the date was 4/24/1935,(not 4/17).
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