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Submitted by Alyssa Ahriel Freeman

Information Picture Question
Category: Sharing Document
Approval Date: 8/19/2018 2:13 PM
Family Surname: Favilyukis
Country: Romania
Town: unknown
Date of Image: 1921
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This is an image of a small part of the immigration form for my great-grandfather and his family when they went through Ellis Island in 1921. The small part you see is the only part I'm interested in. This is from the last two columns of the document where it asks what country and town the immigrant was born in. For my great-grandmother and the children, it says "RUSSIA TIRASPOL" (you can see the first line that says that here - that's the line of my great-grandmother's name). HOWEVER, directly ABOVE that is a word I can't make out completely. Listed at the top (which I cropped) for the first immigrant is the abbreviation "ROUM" for the old-style spelling of Romania. Underneath "ROUM" and going all the way down to where it says "RUSSIA" there are ditto marks ("). Does anyone know what this town might be and where (if) it's in Romania? Thank you!

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8/20/2018 3:10 PM Hello Alyssa,

Just a possible wild guess here.....

Semencxxxa or Semenoxxxa

It is my suggestion that you use the JewishGen Town Finder Database. There are some possibilities for Chotin, one of which is now Khotyn in the Ukraine. It had been part of Romania at some point between WWI and WW2 (around the 1930s).

For the second location, using the "begins with", try searching for "Semen" to see what is offerred. Look through all of the time periods for a possible match....Jo

8/20/2018 7:51 PM Semenowka
8/21/2018 4:23 AM Hi Alyssa, posted portion of the record is not enough. I do not see at this image ROUM at all, and not clear if SEMENOVKA is related to your relative or to other record. I would suggest to cut the whole record horizontly, and post it here.

Yefim Kogan
8/21/2018 7:17 AM Hi Alyssa,
My guess is Solonceni (Orhei region). It is based on a list of places at the end of "Anuarul Socec 1924-1925 of Great Romania". The beginning of the word seems to be So?onc...
Valentin Lupu

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