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Submitted by Mauricio Olsztajn

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Category: Tombstone
Approval Date: 8/2/2009
Family Surname:
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Thombstone of Eliakim Gecel Olsztajn, my GGFather

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The stone reads:
Here Lies
An elderly man content in years
He labored in Torah all his days
A charitable and kind man
Pious and G-D fearing, our Teacher
Elyakim Getzel son of Avrohom Menachem,
of blessed memory
He died with a good name at 76 years of age

(I am not certian of the date of death. It appears to be the 5th day of Tishre, 5683 and would correspond to Wednesday September 27, 1922)

Hope this helps!
Prof.Morton M. Esterson
Loyola University Maryland
8/2/2009 Here lies an old man, full of days, engaged in Torah all his days. ... charitable, benevolent, pious, god fearing, ..
Alikim Getzel son of Avraham M'nachem died in good name, 76 years old, 8 (or 4 or 5) Tishri 5683
8/3/2009 PN
an old aged man
dealt in the Torah all his days
dwelt in the shade of tzadikkim (the righteous ones)
acted charitably
the chassid and G-D fearer MO"H
Elyakim Getzl
son of Avraham Menachem Z"L
died in good name aged 76 years
5th Tishry 5683
8/6/2009 Here is buried
an old man. Fulfilled his years
immersed in torah study all of his days
____ with righteous people
gave charity and did good deeds
the chasid Our teacher the Rabbi
Elyakim Getzel
ben Avraham Menachem
died with a good name 76 years old
5 or 8 Tishrei 5683

Reuben Gross
Teaneck, NJ
8/6/2009 Enter your response here and the submitter will be notified automatically.
Here lies (is buried)a man (who was) elderly/great scholar
(who was) old and full/satiated of days, devoted to Torah all of his days,? ?tzadikim (righteous)and who was charitable and benevolent,the reverent Chasid,whod died, Eliakim Gecel, son of Avraham Menachim,of blessed memory,who died with a good name (reputation) who was 76 years of age. Last line not readable, but name be a date the 5th of Tishrei, year not clear.
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