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Submitted by Johanna B Becker

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Category: Translation - Russian
Approval Date: 12/11/2016 5:22 PM
Family Surname: SCHNEIDER
Date of Image: 1994
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This Russian document appears to be a fax dated either 12 Sept. 1994 or 9 Dec. 1994. My friend Bernice is one of three people whose names appear in English. Her maiden name was SCHNEIDER. The other two names are relatives. I think this may be a letter and we would like to 1) identify to whom it was sent and the address: 2) identify who was sending the letter; 3) what the letter, or document if not a letter, is about; 4) anything that might help trace relatives. I am helping Bernice research her family. The SCHNEIDERS were from Lithuania but there may have been relatives possibly in the Ukraine.

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On  Response 
12/11/2016 9:22 PM [It's from 12th September. It is a fax from Canada from a person who has translated a letter into Russian upon request of one of the owners of a hotel where he was staying; the letter is intender for Russian-speaking persons and is a translation from English. The contents should give you some clues.]

"Dear Hadassah!

We would like to introduce ourselves by means of this letter. We are the daughters of Benjamin Schneider; therefore, your cousins. Nadya Skorokhod was in touch with us after her visit with you. She tells that you have tried to find our father, with whom you had lost contact many years before. Unfortunately, he died in 1983. The letter we wrote you about it at the time must have been lost. We are glad to have found you.

I am Bernice Jasper, resident of Newport, Rhode Island, where Nadya also lives, so we hope to meet her. My husband has sail manufacturing business. Our son is 20 yo and is in the 3rd year of university. He will be studying in France this year as an exchange student. My sister Ether Zimmerman lives in Springfield, MA; in Cape Cod her husband has a resort, which he hires out to vacationers. Ethel has a daughter who lives in Newport, RI, who is a computer engineer and works for an aeronautics company and for the navy. She was married in early July of this year. Some wedding photos are enclosed. Julia, younger sister of our father, lives with her husband in Springfield, MA; Sara, the older sister of our father, died in 1988. The children of Samuel Green, the other brother of our grandmother Toba, live in MA. [Concluding remarks.]

[Very glad to have translated this document back to English, but why would Bernice need this translation, when she is the author of the English original?]

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