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Submitted by Ralph N Baer

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 6/19/2016 3:39 PM
Family Surname: Baer
Country: Germany
Town: Malsch, LKr Karlsruhe
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The accompanying image was contained in papers belonging to my grandfather, Julius BAER. No doubt it previously belonged to his father, Nathan BAER. I have had it for many years and have asked several people about it. It contains nine lines, most of which seem to consist of two names, one male and one female. I apologize for the fading which has occurred.

The fourth line appears to me to read Mordechai, Shindel. This piqued my interest because the Hebrew name of my 3rd-great-grandfather Marx Nathan BAER (BÄR) was Mordechai, and his wife was named Schönle Moses. The fifth line appears to read Abraham, Brendel. Marx’s only known brother was Abraham Nathan BAER, and he was married to Brendel DREIFUß.

I have puzzled out most of the rest with the help of others but am interested in further interpretations.

Secondly, does anyone have any idea as to what the list represents?

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On  Response 
6/20/2016 2:38 AM Hi,
I'll give this a try although please keep in mind there could be several variations:
Balem?; Tovale? [this line I am least certain of]
Itzik; Rechla
Jacob; Rachel
Mordechai; Sheindle
Abraham; Breindle?
David Hafler; Berla?
Judkle (son of?) Aharon
Kapel Stern
6/20/2016 3:16 AM my version:
1) Dolm; Dorle (maybe Zorle - English pronunciation of z);
2) Iz[chak]; Rechle;
3) Yaakov; Rechl;
4) Mordechai; Scheindl;
5) Avraham; Brendl;
6) David Hoffeld; Bessle;
7) Jeckl bar Aharon;
8) Nossenle (=Nathanle);
9) Koppel Stein;

the list can represent anything: Synagogue place holders, tax payers, contributers to some fund, relatives or heirs etc.;
obviously not all rows show married couples;
6/20/2016 5:07 AM The names are:

Dolek Sorlle
Itzik Rechale
Jaakow Rechel
Mordechai Sheindel
Abraham Brendel
David Hoffeld Bessalle
Jekel son of Aharon
Koppel Stein

We must to read this names as it is written , and not give our suggestion.
6/20/2016 6:05 AM the third reply is accurate, except that for the very first entry which he read "Dolk" I would read Zalk.
6/20/2016 7:54 AM Translation of Hebrew names

שאלם שארלה Shalom-Sarala
איתצ-רעכלה Itzel- Rochale
יעקב-רעיכל yakov-Rachel
מורדכי-שיינדל mordechai-shaindel
אברהם-שענדל Avram-shandl
בנג(?) -האפלה-בעילה bang Aaron- baile
נעתנלה natanle
קאפל-שטרסן lapel- shtrsn (this line does not look like names)
6/21/2016 5:15 AM That first line is a tough one, but the third response is otherwise clearly correct.

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