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Submitted by Smadar Belkind

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 11/9/2014 4:25 PM
Family Surname: Glass, Ekstein
Country: Poland
Town: Pabianice
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I believe this is a translation from Russian into German of Faiga Glass's birth certificate. The quality of the image is poor and very difficult to read. From other documents (death certificate) I know Faiga was born 28 Oct 1904. I would like to understand the following from this record:
1. What exactly is this record.
2. Does it provide information is to where Faiga was born. Was her family from Pabianice? Was she born in Pabianice? Was the birth registered later? 1906?
3. What where her parents names?
4. What are the 1912 and 1913 dates all about?
5. Why is Zurich mentioned?

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On  Response 
11/9/2014 6:18 PM This is not the certificate itself, but rather a translation from Russian. Top line: "Translation from Russian." Yes, she was born in Pabianice. 1906 is when the birth was reported. The item being translated (in 1913) is a later (1912) certificate.

Looks like her parents are Berok GLASS and Raisla EKSTEIN.
11/10/2014 12:39 AM 1) it is an official translation of a birth certificate from Russian into German.
2) Feiga was born in Pabianitz
3) According to the translation, her birth date was 15./28 October 1904 ("Am 15./28. Oktober wurde geboren zu Pabianitz Glass, Feiga, eheliche Tochter des Glass Berok und der Raisla, geb. Ekstein" - Glass Feige, legitimste daughter of Glass Berok and Raisla, ne Ekstein, was born on 15./28. Octoberin Pabianitz). The birth was registered April 6th/19th.
4) Parent's names are Berok Glass and Raisla Ekstein
5) The birth certificate was issued in 1912 and translated in 1913
6) It looks like the official translation and verification ("für die Richtigkeit" - for the accuracy (signature) ) was done in Zürich. Gerhardstrasse is a street in Zürich. The stamp looks like the official stamp of a recognized translator. I can read "E. or A., Russisch-polnisch ... Übersetzer ..." - (Name) Russian-polish ... Translator

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