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Submitted by Harvey Morris Kabaker

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 5/14/2014 6:14 PM
Family Surname: Majman Maiman Kabakier
Country: Poland
Town: Szczebrzeszyn
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This is an 1864 death record for Ita Majman. What useful details are here? I assume the month and day of death, names and signatures of witnesses. Am hoping for confirmation of her late husband, Mowshe Majman, her age at death 70, father Yankiel Kabakier and mother Meri or Meryam, information I found elsewhere. Mother's maiden name would be great. Thank you.

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5/15/2014 2:53 AM death record: Szczebrzeszyn, oct 3, 1864
witnesses: Herszek Beglaubter 54 y o and Perec Szlukier, 53 y o, same occupations=? (something as school clerk at synagogue = szkolnik), both from Szczebrzeszyn
death: October 1, 1864, Szczebrzeszyn
deceased: Ita Majman, widow, 62 y o, daughter of the spouses Majman, Lejzor and Rasza
5/15/2014 5:15 AM It came to pass in the Town of Szczebrzeszyn on the third day of October in the year of one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four at the hour of two in the afternoon. Appeared personally Orthodox Jews Herszla Beglaubter, fifty-four years of age, and Perec Szlukier, fifty-three years of age, both of them being szkolniks residing here, and jointly declared that Ita Majman, the widow sixty-two years of age, the daughter of Lejzor and Rasza, the Majmans, a married couple, had deceased on the first day of the current month and year at the hour of two in the afternoon. There was ascertainment by eyewitnesses regarding the death of Ita Majman. The actual act was read aloud to the appearers and subsequently signed by the very same along with myself.

Herszko Beglaubter (signed)
Perec Szlukier (signed)
The Responsible for Maintaining the Civil Registration Records, the Mayor (signed)
5/16/2014 4:52 AM Assuming the translation is accurate, there is a good chance that Ita was married to a male relative, which was pretty common at that time. Since the name is not very common, like Levy or Cohen, it is unlikely she happened to marry someone with the same surname. Another possibility, is that she and her husband used the surname of her father. It was not uncommon in Eastern Europe at that time to use your father-in-law's surname. I have even seen cases where the mother-in-law's maiden name was used. There were different reasons why one might do so, especially avoiding the draft. An orphan might adopt his wife's surname, especially if her family was considered prestigious. Name consistency was just not important to the Eastern European Jews, especially in Russia and Poland. No one was interested in helping the authorities keep track of them. Hope this helps.
5/16/2014 9:57 AM This town is in Galicia. There were some Galician rules which only allowed the eldest son in families to marry civilly. So many Jews married only religiously and therefore the woman kept her maiden name on civil documents. Whether that is the case here, I don't know, but it another possibility.
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