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Submitted by Octave Levenspiel

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 5/14/2014 6:02 PM
Family Surname: Lewenszpil
Country: France
Town: Paris
Date of Image: 1945
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This is the last of the 6 pages of a family letter. Little is known about the family member who wrote it and I am hoping for alot of information! It doesn't seem like this is the last page and I am still looking for more. I received a stack of old family letters so it should be here somewhere. I will upload when/if I find it.

Many thanks!

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1/14/2014 6:05 AM This page has no heading and there is no signature.

In this page he tells what he had to go through while in France.
"They" came looking for him so he ran away to "the other side" of France [he probably means to say he crossed the demarcation line from Vichy France into Free France] but even there he also had to play as "cat and mouse with them" [he probably means that when the nazis crossed into Southern Free France they also started rounding up the Jews].
He says that many a time he was almost caught, but in the end he succeeded in staying alive.
He asks: what is the point of surviving if from his whole family the only ones that remained alive are Khayim Pinkhes with his wife and daughter, Rokhl's youngest daughter and Feyge's daughter?.
He says he is low in spirits and is still waiting to get information about what became of his family that "they" sent away.
He ends: "I can tell that for 99 percent there is absolutely no hope that we will see them again but we still go on waiting and hoping; for what? I don't know. I would very much like to leave this place because everything here disgusts me..."

Hope this has helped you.
5/21/2014 10:53 AM I agree with the above, except I think the last line says: I really want to leave here, everything here is all mixed up.

Secondly, this is certainly not the last page i.e. there is no closing, and no name is signed.
5/22/2014 10:16 AM MJ
Was this letter written by WOLF OR ZALME?
And was it written to Chaim?
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