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Submitted by Carole Garbuny Vogel

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 11/20/2013 3:43 PM
Family Surname: Spiegel
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna
Date of Image: ca 1940
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This is a letter from either Johanna Spiegel or her daughter Regina, written to one of Johanna's other children, asking for their assistance in getting out of Nazi Austria. A complete translation of the letter would be appreciated. I am posting this on behalf of Johanna's granddaughter.

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On  Response 
11/21/2013 1:51 AM My beloved (people),(We)have recieved your last letter from end of april, on which ..?.. and Franzi have written additional. Please, that much writing has no use. Please, we do not need any paper any more, only a second ticket for the ship. The (Israelitische) Kultusgemeinde has confirmed us 400 dollar, but that is only enough for one ticket for the ship inclusive the travel by train to the ship. If you have really payed more than the above mentioned 400 Dollar or meanwhile payed another amount extra then send a cable (telegram) immediately. If you have really payed only these 400 dollar you do not need to send a telegram, then we we cannot travel in any case, because it is said that mother or daughter are not allowed to travel separately, if they are still here, but only together. Then of course pay immediately the rest amount, if you have that money, so faster I will be overseas, so faster I can hopefully also pay back the amount of money.But that is not only te matter. If one already has finished something, then so that it has really hands and feet. At this very moment the occasion is favourable for us as one can steam with any booked schip ticket.We have been registered very late and if it would go in order of registration we would have to wait for years. I hope you...?... and don't write always makes me wild, but see that the second shipticket will be payed. ...? changed booking. So please again, when you have payed anothe 400 dollar, confirm it in a letter if both shiptickets are payed! Immediately..
11/22/2013 6:16 AM ... and please don't carry on writing, (asking) how soon we will be able to see you, that drives me crazy.
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