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Submitted by Robin Gordon Koerner

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Category: Translation - Yiddish
Approval Date: 10/6/2013 4:09 PM
Family Surname: Blake / Blecher
Country: Poland
Town: Krynki / Krinik
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This postcard was written to my grandfther, David Blake (Dovid Blecher).
Can anyone provide either a full or loose translation of this Yiddish postcard?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Robin Gordon Koerner

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On  Response 
10/7/2013 2:09 PM Hi Robin,

sorry for I only had time today for the Yiddish transliteration. Will come back to you soon...but perhaps, another one will be quicker with the translation.

"fraynd Dovid Bleyk! Ich hob ayer pasel kart eralten.
es tot mir zeyer layd vos mir kenen aykh nit hoben far eynem
fun unzere members fun unzer klob. Un nokh merer tot mir
layd vos ikh ken aykh nit hoben far eynem fun mayne intimne (?)
fraynd.. ikh vil zikh nit griblen in ayer neshome zukhendik di urzakhe
fon ayer vanderung gefil nor visendig az nit keyn matiryele
umshtenden tsvangen aykh tsvangen aykh tsu nehmen dem vander shteken
on (h)andt deyn kum ikh tsum beshlus az
etvas eners shtoyst aykh tsu aza min shrit. Un dos iz
gants natirlikh az eyn aza yunger neshome vi ayere zol
zikh veben aleyne gildene troym. alzo ikh vinsh aykh
erfolg zol ayer veg beshoten vern mit gildene
zonen shtrolen un fun nayer un ziser troym zol veren
aleyne virklikhkayt. alzo farb(l)aybt mir gezund
fun mir ayer bester fraynd velekher vinsht aykh
erfolg /Noten (Natan) Tseyshevske. Ikh gris Polin un
Besi frayndlikh ikh gris ale bekante frayndlikh

Following Russian…..
10/8/2013 7:58 AM Russian text:
Sincerely shaking your hand from the bottom of my heart.
10/8/2013 12:00 PM Friend, David Blake! I received your parcel(1) card. I’m very sorry, that we cannot make you join our club as a member. And, even more, I’m sorry, that I cannot have you (here) as one of my most intimate friends. I won’t dig into your soul to find the causative sense for your wandering (2) But I do know, that no material circumstances forced you--- forced you, to take the hiking stick.Because of this, I think, that something else is driving you to such a step. And, it’s quite natural, that such a young soul like yours shall weave her own golden dreams. So then, I wish you success! Shall your path be shaded by golden rays of the sun, and your sweet dreams shall become just reality! So, stay healthy,from me, your best friend, who wishes you success, Nathan Tseyshevske (=Czyżewski?). I send kind regards to Polin and Besi, I’m sending kind greetings to all friends.

1)I’m not quite sure with the translation. In general, a “pasil(ke)” , is a parcel. And a “kart” is a card. Perhaps there is missing an “and” beween the two words?
2)The word is just “vanderung” (wandering), not “oysvanderung” (emmigration).

10/9/2013 11:28 AM Only my comment.
The text in Jiddish is splendid !!
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