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Submitted by Gideon D Intrater

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 10/2/2013 4:53 PM
Family Surname: Intrator
Country: Austria
Town: Vienna
Date of Image: July 4, 1938
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This is one side of a postcard that was sent from Switzerland to Palestine describing the first days after the author escaped from Vienna. Please also refer to the other side of this postcard.

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10/8/2013 11:23 PM 29237
Von Horn weiss ich dass sein Sohn weg ist und letztens habe gehört dass Ariel der Erster weg wäre. Lera ? Irwin sind noch in Wien, Erwin ist ausgebürgen in Polen und hat derzeit keine Papiere. Maschinen ins Ausland mitzunehmen sind wenig Aussichten vorhanden. Diesmal wenig nach der Abreise der Kinder mehr.
Stamp : 4.7.38 Zürich Hauptbahnhof
To Herrn Moritz Intrater , Haifa, Geula 13 Palästina
From Horn I know that his son is away and lately I heard that Ariel Is away. Lera Irwin still are in Vienna, Irwin is expelled from Poland and actually has no papers. To taking machines abroad has few chances. This time little, but more after the departure of the children.
10/8/2013 11:41 PM Omer, thanks a lot for your help.

Could it be that the names Lera Irwin are actually Laser and Froim? These names are for my other great uncles and could be the names that Hirsch Intrator refers to.

The second "Irwin" seem to be "Froim" - do you think so too?

I still have an issue with the first sentence. The word Erster does not seem right. Any other idea what it could be?
10/9/2013 9:14 AM The descenders in this handwriting are very large and often overlap with the next line. In particular, the descender of the "g" in "gehört" overlaps with the word below, which reads "Vater".
"Dass Ariel der Vater weg wäre" could mean that Ariel's father (or maybe Ariel the father) has gone away or disappeared.
I read "Lezer Froim" and "Froim" in the next line. Note that some people write a "z" without a descender if it is pronounced as in English or Polish, whereas the German "z" pronounced /ts/ is written with an descender as in "letztens".
10/9/2013 11:15 AM Indeed, after closer examination :
--line at the left : dass auch der Vater weg wäre = "that also the father IS away"
The conditional "wäre" ,standing for 'is'is used in sentences with there is said that ... or he thought that...
--The names are Laser and Froim are correct as someone else tells. Some Jewish names are unknown to me.
10/10/2013 8:50 AM I agree with "auch"
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