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Submitted by Jay Richard Sobel

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 10/2/2013 4:50 PM
Family Surname: Altbaum
Country: Romania
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I am hoping that someone will be able to translate this document for me word from word from Romanian into English.

Thank you,
Jay Sobel
Toronto, CANADA

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On  Response 
10/5/2013 9:11 AM City Hall of Village of Tirgu Frumos (Beautiful Market)
(can’t decipher this second line)
County of Iassi

From the register of birth documents for the year one thousand eight hundred eighty-four …. (I assume this unreadable part talks about the day and time of birth… ending with time due to word “meridian)….. male gender of Jewish religion born the day before yesterday about 6 pm in the house with number three hundred forty-seven on the City Hall Street, Tirgu Frumos Village, the son of Mr. Meer Iosub of age thirty and Mrs. Aristina, age twenty-four, both known people residing in the Village of Belcesti (?), based on the declaration made by the father who presented the child. The first witness … (unreadable due to the tape)
Beautiful (probably referring to the village name) who signed with us this document after being read and after having witnessed the birth itself, Zador/Zodor Berariu, member of Village … and official delegate of the Civil Court
Meer Iosub
Haim … Lupu
Itic Leib Cuperman (sp?)
… nineteen, month of February, year one thousand nine hundred eighteen

Officer of the Civil Court
Signature (possible Grigorescu)

(In the very left at top:)
Son of Mr.
Meer Iosup
10/6/2013 2:31 AM The second line can be read as: Plassa Carligatura

I think the name of the street where the child was born should be kept as "Primariei" street instead of translating it to English and I would prefer to keep the name of the place in Rumanian as " Targul Frumos".

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm
10/6/2013 4:25 AM I can tell you what the document says but there is no point in my view of translating word by word. I tried, but there are missing lines. This is an extract of the Birth Register, or in other words the Birth Certificate. My note: Jewish Gen has phocopies of the original for that year, I suggest to try to get that photo. You have the record number (94) and the year, all you need to do is find the actual page in the register.
The year is 1884 and the exact date of birth was written in a missing line (second from the top). The name of the newborn on the left-hand column and in the text is also not readable, but the father is Meer Iosub.

Other readable details:
The town of birth is Targu Frumos in the County of Iasi. The baby (of "Israelite" religion) was delivered at 347 Primariei St (translated as Town Hall St) (but this was not their place of residence). The parents were Meer, 30 and Aristina 24, Iosub, both merchants, of the Township (Community) of Belesti. The baby was declared by the father who also showed (us) the baby.
(My note: each birth was recorded with a declarent and two witnesses)
(In the text that lists the witnesses there is tape and it's hard to read, but from the following text it turns out that the witnesses are)
Haim sin Lupu and Itzic Leib Cuperman. The declaration was made before Zadar Berariu, the delegate of the Municipality of Targu Frumos in the Office of the Registrar (in Iasi).
The botom part of the document is from February 19, 1918, so it seems that the extract was rissued on that date. It is unclear why the seal is doubled. Final signature unreadable.

Hope this helps
Rafael Manory, PhD
Columbus Ohio
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