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Submitted by Avraham Lapa

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Category: Do you recognize?
Approval Date: 10/7/2013 12:25 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Poland
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This image was made immediately after the war in Poland, the center of the picture see the Rabbi Binyamin Mintz came as a messenger from the land of Israel, to encourage the refugees,
I would like the public's help in identifying the other participants picture

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10/8/2013 4:27 AM Shalom!
I can't help other than identifying Rav Binyomin Mintz whom I believe was from Po'alei Agudat (Agudas) Yisrael.
There are several possibilities for you to pursue:
1. The English language version of HaModia newspaper(and perhaps the Hebrew one as well, but I'm not sure) publishes pictures like this one and asks readers to help with identifications.
2. You could write to Po'alei Agudas Yisrael (in Israel, I suppose, where Binyomin Mintz was active) and ask if they have a copy of this picture with names in their archives.
3. The Leo Beck or YIVO in NYC may also be able to help --- YIVO funded the travel of rabbonim to Europe after the war to help organize the survivors and provide spiritual assistance to those who required it (Talis, tefillin, siddurim, other sforim).
4. Yad Vashem may also have a copy of this picture.
5 There is a Haredi memorial archive in Bne Braq called Ginzach Kiddush Hashem. They too, may be able to help.
I hope this helps,
Dr. Debbie Lifschitz
10/10/2013 2:12 PM Rabbi Mintz is not the central figure in this photo, he is the one on the left side of the photo with the grey hat.

To his left (right side on photo) is someone who im almost sure is seen allot in DP Camp photos post war, named Rabbi (Yoel) Halperin.
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