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Submitted by Leon Roma

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Category: Translation - Polish
Approval Date: 10/2/2013 4:45 PM
Family Surname: Szajnman
Country: Poland
Town: Sochocin
Date of Image: 1846
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I am hoping for a translation of this marriage record for Jankief Hersz Szajnman, in as much detail as possible. Names of witnesses, occupations, maiden names are all of interest.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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On  Response 
11/23/2013 5:57 AM It came to pass in the Town of Sochocin on the second day of February in the year of one thousand eight hundred and forty-six at the hour of five in the afternoon. Appeared personally Orthodox Jew Szmul Liberman, the local mohel, deputizing for the Rabbi of the Town of Plonsk, together with

Orthodox Jew Jankiel Hersz Szeyman, the bachelor twenty years of age, born in the Town of Plonsk to Aron Szayman and Mahla nee Pinskier, his spouse, both of them making a living from dying profession in the Town of Plonsk, still staying with his parents,

and Ruchla Popiolek, the maiden who had already turned eighteen years of age, the daughter of Eliasz and Raszka the daughter of Judka*, the Popioleks, a married couple making a living from baking here in Sochocin, still staying with her parents,

and declared in the presence of witnesses Abram Blindman, a szkolnik sixty-one years of age, and Moszek Poczerniak, a baker sixty years of age, both of them residing here, as well as in the presence of witnesses Mahla Szeynman, the mother of Jankiel Hersz, and Eliasz Popiolek, the father of Ruchla, that the religious marriage had been entered into before him that day by Jankiel Hersz Szaynman and Ruchla Popiolek, following triple proclamation of banns, namely on the sixth, the thirteenth, and the twentieth day of December of last year here in Sochocin and in the Town of Plonsk, and verbal consent to marriage granted by Mechla Szaynman** and Eliasz Popiolek, the mother and the father of the newlyweds, and no marriage impeding had occurred, whereunto the newlyweds declared they had not signed any premarital agreement before a public notary. The actual certificate was read aloud to the appeared and the witnesses and subsequently signed by myself, the Deputy Rabbi Szmul Liberman, Jankiel Hersz Szaynman, Machla Szaynman and Abram Blindman. The other persons appeared did not know how to write.

Niemetowski, the Mayor (signed)

NOTES:*Literally “Raszka z Judkiewiczow”, **The way this surname is spelt here is very different from the spelling used in the introductory section of the document
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