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Submitted by Avraham Lapa

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 10/6/2013 4:05 PM
Family Surname: Gewurtz
Country: Czech Republic
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I've posted a vital record for which I need a exactly translation.

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On  Response 
10/10/2013 8:37 AM Bratislava, den [??] XI 934 בכּ
[upside down:] Ww. S. Fischmann
Liebe Frau Zollschan! עמש
Ihre l. Schwester, Frau Mandel, hat
mir erzählt Sie haben ihr geschrie-
ben daß meine Pualus s.l. Sie
besucht hat, daß sie G. l. unberufen
gut aussieht u.s.w. Wir sollen uns
gewiß gegenseitig nur Gute berichten
können Umén!
Nun haben Sie gewiß von der Neuigkeit
gehört daß sich meine l. Leah s. l. zu [??]מ
verlobt hat, und zu Guten nach Erez
Jisrael geht und sich s. G. w. höchstwahr-
scheinlich in Tel awiw zu [??]מ nieder-
lassen wird.
Nun kommt der Zweck meines Schreibens:
Und zwar möchte ich Sie sehr bitten
falls Sie etwas von einem ein-
fachen Zimmer in Ihrer Nähe wissen.
Es wäre mir nämlich sehr daran
gelegen sie in Ihrer Nähe zu wissen.
Sie hätte dadurch Gelegenheit mit
Ihrer l. Schwiegertochter zu verkehren
was ich sehr gerne hätte. Denn ich
setzte voraus daß sie sich so höchst
[left margin]
In der angenehmen Erwartung daß Sie mein
wohlgefällig aufn[eh]men werden, grüße Sie Lieb[?] herzlich

Translation of the whole letter {VM29227 followed by VM29226:

Bratislava, the [??] of Nov. [1]934 בכּ
[upside down:] Widow. S. Fischmann
Der Mrs. Zollschan! עמש
Your dear sister, Mrs. Mandel, has told me that you have written her that my [daughter] Paulus had visited you, and that, G-d be praised, she looks good (G-d protect her), etc. We certainly should be in a position to report only good [things] to each other, Umén!
Now, you have certainly heard the news that my [daughter] Leah got engaged at [??]מ, she will move to Eretz Yisrael and will probably settle in Tel Aviv.
Now to the reason of my letter: I would like to ask you if you know of a simple room in your neighbourhood, because I would appreciate a lot to know her in your vicinity. In this way, she would have the opportunity to associate with your dear daughter-in-law, something that I would like very much, because I suppose that she will thus act like a Jewish daughter.
You know, such a young woman needs another person to exchange thoughts, to get advice etc. My [daughter] Paulus has her kind mother-in-law who stands by her by word and deed, but my Leah has, apart from the Dear Almighty, nobody in the in the wide and unfamiliar world. Therefore, I take the liberty to address you, dear Mrs. Zollschan, and I hope, due to our previous friendship, that you will do your best.
I assume that you are quite busy with your work, and I really cannot ask that you go apartment-hunting yourself, but maybe you could get word through your dear son or through acquaintances. At the moment, I do not know when at [??]מ the khassene will be, and when they will travel. I shall, so G. will, [??] inform you.
Awaiting with pleasure that you will kindly accept my request, [I] greet your loved ones.
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